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  09 April 08  

A few notes of interest to members: Members and non-members may now view all pages of the site. However, all the video download links will appear as inactive until a member has logged in. After logging in, all download links will appear as active and members can click on the links and download the video clips. The login link for members is now at the top of this page (Home). We encourage members to make a habit of coming to this page first to log in, read about what's new and see the latest updates to the site. Members can now download all of our latest updates directly from this page. As we add new sets of clips and completed videos to the site, they'll go onto this page first.


Erotic in NatureAs it happens, we are located in the San Francisco bay area, the same place that the Frameline organization (which produces the International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival) is located. Some months ago I downloaded from their site an mp3 of a panel discussion called "Porn Talk". It included a very interesting and quirky lecture on the history of lesbian porn, particularly in the Bay Area, by Carol Queen. I learned a few things I didn't know, namely that right around the beginning of Fatale Video, there was also a company called Tigress. Some of you may remember the 1985 Tigress release starring Cris Cassidy, Erotic in Nature. Shortly after I listened to this panel, a thread on the LezloveVideo forum was started about Tigress by another connoisseur looking for a copy of Erotic in Nature. Apparently it was being packaged at one point with a less popular release called Hay Fever (possibly the worst title I've ever heard). All my searches turned up "out-of-stock" messages for that title, so if anyone knows where a copy can be located, be sure to let me know and I'll pass along the information!


LezLove Image

Speaking of the LezloveVideo forum, if you've never visited it's definitely worth checking out. From time to time I get emails from people who want to discuss our videos and lesbian porn in general with other like-minded people. I always refer them to this forum, which is full of discussion, both insightful and petty, about paysites, DVD releases, specific performers, trends, old gems, and a host of other topics. You can see some of the comments made about twilightwomen on the forum, by visiting our Comments page.

- Love,


  18 June 08  

Erotic in NatureI'm a series collector. Whether it's books, radio, television, or film, series are appealing because there's an implied promise of something more. Series give you the sense that you're not getting everything up front, that there will be some surprise in store or at least a further development of the plot and characters beyond what is first revealed. This is especially appealing if there are characters in the series that you find attractive or interesting and want to follow. Hopefully in any good series, each installment can stand on its own as enjoyable, as well as maintain an important place in the overall story arc. I often read and watch series out of order (though admittedly I'm one of those people who regularly read the end of the book first). I like taking the pieces of the puzzle and trying to discover on my own how they might fit together as a whole. Others enjoy series in their intended sequence, the next piece of the story being revealed with each successive chapter.

As some of you have noticed, since the site's inception the videos in both the Lesbian Seduction and House of Shame series have been coming somewhat out of order. In the Lesbian Seduction series, Part One was put up on the site along with several much later parts. However, since the end of 2006 we have (with one exception) put up the Lesbian Seduction videos in the correct sequence (Parts Two through Six).

This month, we are pleased to present our newest full-length video, the first movie in the House of ShameErotic in Nature series: House of Shame Part One: Prologue and Introduction. The main purpose of this movie is to set the scene for the HOS series, introducing the characters of Cindy, Mara, Rachel and the house itself. It will also answer some of your questions about how Cindy's and Mara's relationship came about and how the whole thing got started. From now on, we plan put up the videos in the HOS series in their correct sequence. As we do so, we will include the part number of each video in the title, as with the videos in the Lesbian Seduction series. That way, members will have the option of watching the series in order…or not.


A few notes of interest to members: Members and non-members may now view all pages of the site. However, all the video download links will appear as inactive until a member has logged in. After logging in, all download links will appear as active and members can click on the links and download the video clips. The login link for members is now at the top of this page (Home). We encourage members to make a habit of coming to this page first to log in, read about what's new and see the latest updates to the site. Members can now download all of our latest updates directly from this page. As we add new sets of clips and completed videos to the site, they'll go onto this page first.

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  13 August 08  

Robin Joy in Repose As we strive to present the Lesbian Seduction series in its correct order, sometimes even we get temporarily mixed up. When you're dealing with a story arc that spans over 20 full-length videos, it happens. A good example of this is Lazy Afternoon. The version of that movie on the site does not include its originally intended ending. At some point in the future, Div For'e will release the director's cut, which will replace the version on the site. For those like me, who delight in possessing different cuts of the same movie, the treat will be to have the original website version and the director's version.

Ann Ampar and Robin Joy A few weeks ago, Div For'e completed what we thought was the beginning of the next movie in the series - Part Seven. We called it "Stay the Night". Shortly after putting the first couple of clips up on the site, we realized that, in fact, that segment was from several parts later in the story - probably Part Nine. Not wanting to pull the clips off the site, we moved them over to Selected Scenes as a preview of what's to come, calling the set "Stay". In the meantime, we turned our attention to the next movie in the series.

Ann Ampar and Robin Joy For those interested in following the series, or just curious, the story of Anna and Robin is currently in the middle of a pivotal sequence of events. Within a relatively short period of time, their relationship changes and deepens - from the test that begins for Anna in Kings X, through the threesome with Marie in Bonded, followed by a role-playing session where Anna and Robin dig deeper into one another's preferences and needs, and ultimately to the passionate and tender aftermath. These events occur over only a few days at most, but they span at least five movies. (Let no one say that we tried to cram complex psycho-drama into a one and a half hour format.)

Ann Ampar in Repose The result of all this is that next up on the site is the actual Part Seven of the Lesbian Seduction series, a video called Playing Roles. It is the prequel, as it were, to Taking Pictures.

Through all of this, members can be assured that we will always update the site each week with three new video clips that have not been seen before. Even when we re-organize sequences and place them within their final movie form in the series, we will still present three new clips every week. Enjoy!


A few notes of interest to members: Members and non-members may now view all pages of the site. However, all the video download links will appear as inactive until a member has logged in. After logging in, all download links will appear as active and members can click on the links and download the video clips. The login link for members is now at the top of this page (Home). We encourage members to make a habit of coming to this page first to log in, read about what's new and see the latest updates to the site. Members can now download all of our latest updates directly from this page. As we add new sets of clips and completed videos to the site, they'll go onto this page first.

- Love,


  24 December 08  


Happy Anniversary and Happy 2009

The end of 2008 marks the 3-year anniversary of We would like to extend our warmest thanks to those of you who have been with us since the beginning as well as to those of you who have just found us.

We wish each of you a happy holiday season and our high hopes for a New Year in which peace and honesty will prevail.





As we close out the year, I'd like to mention a few things about our most recent updates.


At the beginning of December we finished posting the second movie in the House of Shame series; The Room at the Bottom of the Stairs.




In this movie, Cindy brings Mara much further into her kinky, secret world of debauchery. In an unexpected twist, her daughter Rachel interrupts them. This movie about exhibitionism and masturbation is divided equally among all three, but fans of Rachel are in for a special treat.




Currently being added to the site is Part Ten of the Lesbian Seduction series; Dancing. This movie continues the part of Ann and Robin's story that began with Ann's conflicted seduction in Kings X and followed them through Bonded, Playing Roles and Taking Pictures.





In Dancing, Ann and Robin have been through enough together that Robin is starting to open up to Ann in new ways. What starts on a light note with Robin dancing for Ann and teasing her, becomes passionate as Robin expresses her desire and love for Ann more openly.



Also recently, we concluded our Lesbian Vampires - Scene One in the Beyond Twilight section. Vampire stories seem to be enjoying some mainstream popularity currently, but we shot our epic Vampire saga some time ago. Part of this saga are many different story threads and sub-plots, love affairs and intrigues among the different characters. Lesbian Vampires - Scene One is one of these.



KhadijahIt begins in a dark, smoky bar where the dangerous flirtation between two women causes tension throughout. When the two leave together, Monique is anxious about what she's gotten herself into but is driven to find out more about the mysterious stranger. Div For'e is currently at work on the next Lesbian Vampire scene and we're looking forward to getting it up on the site.


- Love,


  30 September 09  


2009 seems to have been the year of the sexy vampire drama - and not just for popular mainstream television. We are currently updating the site with our fourth full-length lesbian vampire movie. This movie is part four of Monique's Story, a subplot of our Vampire Odyssey.


Monique has been transformed by her relationship with the mysterious Kathy. After making her first kill and a bloody reunion with her former lover in the previous two movies, Monique has returned to the bar to seduce a new innocent.


I've heard from a number of people lately who share our love for lesbian vampires and erotic psychodrama, as well as for the great Spanish director Jess Franco whose oevre includes sexually-charged cult classics such as The Bare Breasted Countess (Female Vampire) and Vampyros Lesbos.



Franco's films, especially those starring his longtime companion Lina Romay, are at the top of our list of favorites. For those of you who also have a passion for this prolific auteur, Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas is  honoring Franco and Romay with a lifetime achievement award and selected screenings of his work, September 28-30.


I have enjoyed connecting with friends and members of twilightwomen and others who share our interests in lesbian erotica and cult-genre film via MySpace, DailyMotion and Twitter. Please feel free to visit us at any of these sites and say hello. I'd love to hear from you.

My Sapce Daily Motion Twitter


- Love,


  11 November 09  

On 13 October, released their new review of twilightwomen. If you haven't it yet, it can be found here. We especially appreciated that the reviewer, Duke, took the time to readand lookthrough the site to try and understand what it is and is not. We don't mind if someone writingabout the site doesn't love it - we know that it's not for everyone. It is different, however, and it's important to us that reviewers take the care to describe it accurately. And as it happens, TBP ended up giving us a very positive review. My favorite part is where they said we had "personality and originality in spades"!



In the last month, we took a little break from presenting part four of Monique's Story, to bring you a new Selected Scenes set of videos. Oil is a shoot with the popular Gena and Tosha, who get wet and slippery with an oil massage before some enthusiastic lovemaking. This set is a bit of a departure from our norm but I've had a number of requests for more Gena and Tosha and I thought our members would enjoy seeing these two friends and lovers in an extremely uninhibited scene together.



We've since completed posting of Monique's Story Part Four and are now wrapping up the end of Part Five, both part of a lesbian vampire subplot of our Vampire Odyssey. Part Four and Five have so far been a slow and tense journey wherein we meet Emily, a new girl, and Monique seduces her back to the place she shares with Kathy.  Part Five includes an erotic dancing sequence. When Kathy interrupts the two women together, a dark and sexy series of events are set in motion


I'd love to hear what you think about any of our latest updates, or what you'd like to see more of. You can always contact me here.


- Love,


  30 December 09  

Happy 4th Anniversary, everyone! As the year draws to a close, we celebrate four years of online. The site has grown to include 30 full-length movies as well as over 18 hours of video from Selected Scenes. Both the Lesbian Seduction and House of Shame series are taking shape and it has been a pleasure to hear about your favorites among the characters. I have heard from several people with questions about forthcoming movies. I'm happy to tell you that there are many more movies still to come in both series. The House of Shame series, in particular, is just getting started. You'll be seeing much more of Ann, Robin, Cindy, Mara, Katja and Rachel, as well as many new faces.

At the end of November, published a review of twilightwomen. I was pleased to see that most of the review was devoted to describing how is different from the usual fare.


This also did not escape the notice of a new member, writer R. Black. I have been the happy recipient of several emails from him recently, sharing select pieces he has written inspired by twilightwomen. These can all be found on our Comments page but I'm including here a brief passage from a recent letter that touches on an important quality of our movies.

Pornography always hurries; viewers internalize the conventions of the form, and they expect the action to get explicit post haste. They further expect that intensity will build in terms of progressive boldness, defined by the things performers do for (or against) one another with hands or mouths or naughty bits or toys.

Div For’e violates those conventions by allowing his actors to act on whim, to do the kinds of things at the sort of pace that inspired lovers might do and use behind closed doors, not for cameras.

Viewers might become frustrated by actors who kiss one another for 10 minutes in arelatively chaste manner, or make love by sucking toes and masturbating. The tension and the power in this work is in the sensing that at least one of the actors may be comparably frustrated by the limits of the exchange. The drama is clearly in the delay, both for the actors and the voyeurs.

- R. Black


Finally, we would like to extend our warmest thanks to those of you who have been with us since the beginning as well as to those of you who have just found us. We wish each of you a happy holiday season and our high hopes for a New Year in which peace and honesty will prevail.



- Love,


  7 March 10  

From time to time, a solo show can be a seductive interlude in the sexual repertoire. We kicked off the new year with a two-part look at exhibitionism and voyeurism in Cindy's House of Shame. In Cindy's Video Girls Part One and Part Two, a succession of new girls pass through the House of Shame and Cindy enlists Mara in seducing and filming them. blog

In Part One, Cindy & Mara become increasingly aroused by the performance of Toni and Jill as the new girls tease and touch themselves on camera. Later, a nervous Marissa is drawn into a kissing threesome before she pulls away and masturbates for them as well. Part Two introduces Terri. At first shy and demure, Terri eventually puts on an explosively sexy show for the cameras.


Through the process of filming the exhibitions together, Cindy draws Mara even further into her perverse world, setting the stage for more intimate explorations together. This month, we provided a preview of their future debauchery in a Selected Scenes called "Wet". blog

We're currently working on the next movie in the Lesbian Seduction Series, but those hungering for a glimpse of Ann and Robin in the meantime might enjoy "Hunger". This is a short scene from one of our forthcoming Beyond Twilight movies, featuring Ann and Robin in different roles, along with a new face.


As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions, comments or suggestions, here. I always enjoy hearing from you.



- Love,


  17 April 10  

Spring is in the air and I am delighted to tell you that our update last week kicked off the next installment in the Lesbian Seduction series. Those who have been anticipating the continuation of Ann and Robin's story will finally be rewarded with Part Twelve: Slow Burn.


We've very much enjoyed presenting various Beyond Twilight scenes recently, including the first movie in a new Les Vampires thread: Karen's Story. Still, there is something special about returning to the story that has captured the attention of so many and, in a way, defined twilightwomen. It's been a long time since I recapped the Lesbian Seduction series, so here is a look back. blog

The series opens with Part One - Massage. The timid and nervous Ann meets Robin for the first time when she come to Robin's house for a massage. The intimate contact is immediately arousing and quickly becomes much more than Ann bargained for. We continue to hear from people all over the world about this intense, rough and extremely erotic series debut.


At the end of Massage, Ann implores Robin for "more". In Parts Two and Three - The Dungeon and its sequel, The Dungeon Part Two, Robin obliges. She allows Ann into the house dungeon for erotic bondage, whipping and sensual contact. Robin's tests only seem to arouse Ann further and her endurance earns her the reward of further intimacy in Part Four - the conclusion of the Dungeon trilogy. At the beginning of Part Four, Robin uses Ann roughly before consenting to a slow and sensual exploration of one another's bodies, culminating in frenzied climax. By the end of their time in the Dungeon, a deeper bond has been established.

Part Five - Kings X re-establishes their roles through another test - this time with another woman. Robin meets Ann in a bar and lures her into the bathroom to witness her perverse sexual conquest of Marie. Ann is deeply aroused but full of trepidation as she allows herself to be driven off with the two women. After a furtive "parking" scene outdoors, Robin drives Ann back to the house.

Part Six - Bonded picks up after their arrival back at the house. Marie is there as well and Robin demands that the two women service one another as they endure some light discipline.  Their ordeal together brings Ann more securely into the bond with Robin and pushes her sexual boundaries once again.


When we see them again, Ann and Robin are engaged in a long, two-part further exploration of their preferences and desires. In Part Seven - Playing Roles, Robin teases Ann and denies her until Ann reaches a frenzy of lust and release. In Part Eight - Taking Pictures, Ann shows off her exhibitionism as she performs for Robin's camera.

Part Nine - Love & Kisses shows a sensual, erotic evening together of partially clothed sex, as well a glimpse of Robin's deepening infatuation with Ann.

Robin loosens up in Part Ten - Dancing, when she initiates a playful evening of dancing and stripping for Ann's amusement, ending in completely nude entanglement on the couch.


The very popular Lazy Afternoon, which features the infamous scene in which Robin allows Ann to get off in a completely unique way, will become Part Eleven after Div For'e completes the correct ending (more about that here).

Slow Burn, Part Twelve, is the movie that follows Lazy Afternoon and features some of the most epic, Ann and Robin deep kissing we've seen from the series.


A few word about other completed movies in the series: Sauna and Whip, which we have previously labeled as Parts Fourteen and Fifteen, will likely be re-numbered later this year as we continue to expand the series. As I've mentioned before, when we began the series, we thought it would be a bit shorter than it has become. Sauna and Whip, both with Monique, come very close to the end of the series.

And then there is the lovely Bruised Bottom - the Ann Ampar solo video, especially beloved by retro pin-up fans. Bruised Bottom shows Ann teasing and masturbating for the camera in that beguiling way that only she can. We will also sort out where it belongs in the series at a later date.


While other women occasionally come and go in the series, the heart of the continuing story is surely Ann Ampar and Robin Joy and their palpable chemistry. They are both fascinating, intelligent, gorgeous women who pull us all into their on-screen world of lesbian lust and debauchery. If you haven't yet, you can visit them on MySpace at: and



- Love,


  13 July 10  

We have been wonderfully busy here at twilightwomen; getting ready for some exciting improvements to the site and blazing through post-production on some long-anticipated new videos.


This month we're putting up the next installment in the House of Shame series: Part Seven - While the Cat's Away. Parts One through Six provided a solid introduction to Cindy, Mara, Rachel and Tiffany - the central characters in that series. Part Seven opens a new chapter with Cindy, the mistress of the house and her daughter, Rachel temporarily out of the picture. Cindy has taken Rachel to vacation in France to celebrate her graduation, leaving Mara and Tiffany to tend to the house. Left behind by their mistresses, desire grows between the two slaves. blog blog

Prior to that movie, Div For'e completed a project I've talked about several times before: Lesbian Seduction Part Eleven - Lazy Afternoon. One of our earliest movies now has a new, 45-minute beginning, up on the site here. We'll have the familiar rest of the movie up shortly. The new beginning features Ann and Robin in a bit of a role-play, including some rare dialog between the two. We're pleased to finally sort out this well-loved feature and place it into the series in the correct order. blog blog

Following Lazy Afternoon, of course is Part Twelve - Slow Burn. That movie is now up on the site in its entirety. blog blog

I have loved hearing from some of our new members and I hope you'll continue to write to me whenever you have questions, concerns, suggestions - or just want to say hi.



- Love,


  4 October 10  

We are wishing you all well out there. It's autumn now in the San Francisco Bay Area (which means that it's really summer, finally). Mostly, I'm thinking of this as the season of Depraved Desires because with the release of Part Fifteen of the Lesbian Seduction series, a whole new season of debauchery is underway for our flagship series. If it has escaped your attention, this also means that Parts One through Fifteen of the series are now fully in order. blog blog

Depraved Desires is actually part one of two (we think) movies that begin the unfolding of a more extreme and ravenously lustful period of Ann and Robin's relationship. It's up on the site now in its entirety and it's been a very fun movie for us to complete. Ann Ampar is at her seductive best, begging Robin Joy to pull out all the stops, and the result is a punishing physical exchange reminiscent of the intensity of Massage. Part Two of Depraved Desires will be coming up shortly and will continue this extended dominant/submissive themed encounter. blog blog

We're also working behind the scenes here to get the House of Shame series in similar order (I'll have more to say about that in future blogs) and also to provide members with more options for downloading full-length movies - something we've had numerous requests for. blog blog

Finally, I am delighted to tell you about Seduction and Hopeless Resistance - a fan blog. A rapidly-growing repository for TW facts, reviews, interview reprints and images (many, many images) - this place is twilightwomen heaven (after this site, of course)! The two posts introducing all of the TW performers alone is worth a visit, in my opinion. Go check it out and tell 'em what you think. blog blog


- Love,


  16 December 10  

On this, the eve of our fifth anniversary, I am delighted to announce a new and eagerly anticipated feature of With the site update on 5 January 2011, we will begin releasing larger size, single-file downloads of all of our completed movies. Starting with House of Shame Part One - Prologue & Introduction, each of our full-length, completed movies will be re-encoded at their native resolution of 640 X 480, with higher-quality compression, as one large file. This means that for those of you with the interest, hard drive space, and the connection speed to handle a larger download, you'll now have access to the movies in the form of one large file rather than many, smaller files. blog blog

Members will still have the option of downloading the movies (as well as all Selected Scenes and Beyond Twilight features) in the smaller-size, multi-file formats. We realize that for some people this option just works better. But we are also eager to accommodate the desires of members with faster connection speeds and the desire to watch the complete movies in one, uninterrupted file. Both options; the older small-format files, as well as the new large-format file, will be available on the download page for each complete movie (though again, we will be releasing the large-format video downloads, one at a time). blog blog

A typical hour-and-a-half long movie, at this resolution (twice what the files are currently available at), will be approximately 1.2 GB in size. The new file formats will be AVI, which is an older, great container format that can be played using a variety of video players on both Mac and Windows systems. We'll also be adding a new section to our Support page to help answer any questions about playing these videos. Though it is not the only video player that will handle the AVI format, we highly recommend the VLC Media Player from VideoLan, a free, open-source, cross-platform multimedia player. blog blog

Of course, as always, I encourage you to contact me with any questions, concerns or suggestions you have about the site. You may use the contact form or email directly to: info (at) twilightwomen (dot) com. When you email us, please remember to add this address to your list of approved senders and/or be sure to check your Spam/Junk mail folders for our reply. I answer every email we receive personally. blog blog

With that, on behalf of all of us here, I would like to extend our warmest thanks to those of you who have been with us since the beginning as well as to those of you who have just found us. We wish each of you a happy holiday season and our high hopes for a New Year in which peace and honesty will prevail.



- Love,


  28 February 11  

Busy month!  As promised, we rolled out the new full-movie download option last month with House of Shame Part One - Prologue & Introduction. In case you missed it, twilightwomen is releasing larger-size, higher-quality versions of each of our completed movies, one at a time. More information is here. blog blog

This month we continued the release with House of Shame Part Two - The Room at the Bottom of the Stairs. This provocative movie has an exhibitionism and voyeurism theme and cuts back and forth between Cindy, Mara and Rachel.  I've always considered this a must-see for Rachel fans - her uninhibited performance really stands out toward the end of the movie. If you'd like to learn more about this title, the Seduction and Hopeless Resistance blog recently put out an epic two-part post about it, here and here. blog blog

Next we'll be releasing House of Shame Part Three - The Reflection in Cindy's Mirror. Lesbian Seduction fans - don't despair - full-length versions of the Ann and Robin movies are on their way as well. blog blog

In other news, we're on Facebook! Please stop by and say hello to me or Div For'e and check out the fan page (be sure to "Like" it while you're there). You can post photos and comments, ask questions, and contribute to discussions about your favorite TW performers or movies. This page is an opportunity for you to connect with us as well as other TW fans. I hope to see you there.


Finally, I'd like to reiterate a few points about getting in touch with us. As always, I encourage you to contact me with any questions, concerns or suggestions you have about the site. I answer every email we receive personally without exception. You may use the contact form or email directly to: info (at) twilightwomen (dot) com. When you email us, please remember to add this address to your list of approved senders and be sure to check your Spam/Junk mail folders if you do not receive our reply. Don't be a stranger!



- Love,


  16 April 11  


First, thanks to all of you who've stopped by to say hello to us on Facebook. We've enjoyed being over there and hearing from you. We'll continue to update our pages with the latest site news and to give you some glimpses of what we're working on. If you're interested, please don't hesitate to visit me, Div For'e, or the twilightwomen page. blog blog

We continued the release of our full-movie updates in March with House of Shame Part 3 – The Reflection in Cindy's Mirror. This month, we're very pleased to offer the full-movie download of Lesbian Seduction Part 1 – Massage. This title is special to us and, we know, to many of you. It tells the story of how Ann and Robin meet and begin their relationship, when Ann comes to see Robin for a massage, gets way more than she bargained for, and then comes back for more. Since the Lesbian Seduction series is now 17 parts long – and counting, it seems an apt time to take a look back at how it all started. blog blog

You'll also see, this month, some changes reflected in the Beyond Twilight section. Our catalog of lesbian vampire movies has grown and we're restructuring that section a bit to make it more clear which videos are complete, full-length features and how they fit together as a continuing story. Not to worry – our popular Fifties Beat Movie scene will remain in the Beyond Twilight section as well, and we look forward to adding to it at some point. blog blog

In coming months, we'll be adding to, cleaning up, and generally improving our Support page. Currently, it's a great first-stop if you find that you have any technical questions regarding downloading or playing the videos. (Of course, you are always welcome to contact me with any questions as well.) Please be sure to let me know if you have any suggestions or requests for things you'd like to see on the Support page. And as always, thank you for your support!



- Love,


  1 September 11  


First, thank you all for your patience in the last couple of days as we completed some major, behind-the-scenes hardware and software upgrades. We're very pleased and we expect these changes to result in improved site performance for everyone. As always, we appreciate your support. blog blog

I also want to remind you about one of our newest content features. Each month of 2011 we have added to the site a higher-quality, larger-size, full-length download of one of our completed movies. Each of these 1 GB downloads is a chance to see one of our completed movies in a new, higher-quality format, in one large file rather than many smaller files. These downloads have been color corrected and encoded with better compression. So far, we've been adding these full-movie downloads in order from both the Lesbian Seduction and House of Shame series. blog blog

There are currently eight of these available:

House of Shame Part One - Prologue & Introduction

House of Shame Part Two - The Room at the Bottom of the Stairs

House of Shame Part Three - The Reflection in Cindy's Mirror

Lesbian Seduction Part One - Massage

Lesbian Seduction Part Two - The Dungeon

Lesbian Seduction Part Three - The Dungeon Part Two

Lesbian Seduction Part Four - The Dungeon Part Three

And this month's addition, one of my personal favorites:

Lesbian Seduction Part Five - Kings X blog blog

Also this month, we added the long-awaited completion to Karen's Story Part One, a new storyline in our Les Vampires series. This slow, sensual lesbian vampire movie introduces Karen and also features Ann Ampar and Robin Joy in a rare appearance outside their roles in the Lesbian Seduction series.

We're already gearing up for more improvements to the site and a new month of great updates. I can tell you this: fans of Cathryn, Tiffany and Mara are in for a treat.



- Love,


  23 December 11  


As always at this time of year, we'd like to extend our thanks to all of you for your support. It's been an exciting year for us as we've expanded the scope of the content on the site and we hope, as a result, for you too. Each month this year we've added a large-format, full-length movie download to the site. The first three titles in the House of Shame series and the first nine titles in the Lesbian Seduction series are all now available as single-file downloads in AVI format at 640 X 480. blog blog

In addition, each of our major content sections has expanded this year. In the Lesbian Seduction series, we released Depraved Desires Part Two, The Bedroom and The Bedroom Part Two. As our friend Steve mentioned in his TW fan blog, Seduction and Hopeless Resistance, these titles fall into what could be thought of the “depraved period” in the Ann and Robin cycle. Another way of saying it is that titles 15-18 exhibit an increase in the intensity of the sub/dom aspect of their relationship as well as their sexual appetite for one another. The Bedroom and The Bedroom Part Two have been particularly popular and I encourage you to read more about them, here. blog blog

In the House of Shame series, we released Cindy's Bed and Cathryn's Dance. Tiffany finally achieved her seduction of Mara in Cindy's Bed and I think it's safe to say that we've never seen Mara look more beautiful or overwhelmed. I'll admit to those of you keeping track that we've gone out of order again in this series. Div For'e has skipped ahead with Cathryn's Dance and it's two sequels (coming early next year) to a later point in Mara and Tiffany's forbidden relationship – a point where Cathryn has entered the picture. Prior to Cathryn's Dance, we hadn't released a Cathryn movie since 2006 and since we've had numerous requests to see her back, I was excited to get this one out. As I promised, fans of Cathryn are in for a treat and we'll see a lot more of her in 2012. blog blog

I've also heard a lot this year from fans of Emily, who has featured prominently in the last several releases from our Les Vampires series. Monique's Story Parts Six and Seven came out this year and both feature extremely intense lesbian vampire threesome scenes. Emily has catalyzed the relationship between Monique and Kathy and, in some ways, dominated the story of late. Little did viewers know, when we met Emily back in 2009, that she would play such an important role in Monique's Story. Mike Haberfelner, trash cinema historian and author of the Search My Trash website, recently wrote about Monique's first encounter with Emily, here. blog blog

We'll continue to be busy between now and the new year, readying new releases for the site and generally improving things around here. Looking back at the year, one of the things I'm most pleased about happened largely behind the scenes. We made some major hardware and software upgrades that have resulted in improved site performance and will make future upgrades smoother. I really appreciate your patience and support and kind words this year. I love hearing from you when you notice changes and improvements and when you write with requests and suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you even more in the new year.

So, Happy Anniversary (six years of this month) and Happy 2012! As always, we wish you a happy holiday season and our highest hopes for a new year in which peace and honesty will prevail.



- Love,




  28 April 12  


I promised at the beginning of this year that we'd see more of Cathryn and so we have. In fact, not since the the The Visit and The Visit Part Two have we seen so much of Cathryn and we are delighted to bring her back since so many of you have asked for more of her. blog blog

What even long-time fans of Cathryn probably didn't know is that she is an accomplished and beautiful belly dancer. We were delighted that she was interested in incorporating her talents into a story idea for the House of Shame series. blog blog

The premise for Cathryn's Dance and its sequel, After the Dance, starts with a basic love triangle. Two women are both vying for the attention of a third. Yet just who is trying to seduce whom is never entirely certain. What is certain, however, is Cathryn's tireless, seductive grace and yes - stamina in putting on a show for the other two women, both during her dance and later, in bed. blog blog

When Mara and Tiffany become so distracted by lust and desire for each other that they all but forget about Cathryn…the plot, as they say, thickens. I can tell you that with these two movies, Mara and Tiffany are just getting started on a sexual bender that will continue for some time yet, only increasing in intensity.. blog blog blog blog

In other news, members who prefer to download the completed movies in one full-length download, should note that the first seven movies in the House of Shame series and the first nine movies in the Lesbian Seduction series are available as full-length AVI files. From the respective series index pages, please click on that movie title to be taken to the download page for that movie, where you will see the option to download the movie in one large file (or if you prefer, in multiple, smaller files). blog blog

For previous site news, or just to read more about our movies and what we've been up to, please click the "Archive" link at the bottom of this blog. For more images of latest updates and various other amusements, come visit myself, Div For'e, Ann Ampar and Robin Joy on Facebook. We love to hear from you and as always, appreciate your support.



- Love,


  26 September 12  

Those of you out there who are lovers or fans of genre film may have taken special note at the end of last year, when I mentioned here that trash cinema historian, Michael Haberfelner had written about some of our movies on his website, Search My Trash. In fact, Mike has reviewed no less than 34 of our movies to date. He has also conducted an interview with the director of all twilightwomen movies, Div For'e. For anyone who's been curious about the man behind the movies, this interview is a rare opportunity to learn a bit more about the ideas behind twilightwomen movies and the interests and motivations of the director.

SMT Image 2

A big shout out and thank you to Mike Haberfelner for putting together such a great interview and for his tireless efforts reviewing our catalog. Search My Trash is an actual haven for curious and die-hard genre film lovers alike. Mike has a staggering archive of film reviews and interviews with directors and actors. Not only that, but he has the breadth and depth of knowledge and the chops to make this archive a pleasure to read through. You guys, believe me when I tell you that there is a lot of silly, shallow and just plain bad writing about trash cinema (and of course, film in general) out there. Search My Trash is a major contribution of smart, discerning and fun-to-read criticism by someone with a true passion for the subject. Not only that, but Mike is also a screenwriter, having penned the screenplay for the forthcoming film, Killer Conversation.

SMT Image 1

So go visit Search My Trash, fall down the rabbit hole of reading reviews of some of the best films you've never heard of and when you surface for air sometime in November, meet me back here because I'll have some things to tell you about. Some links to get you started:

Mike's interview with Div For'e

Index of Mike's reviews of twilightwomen movies


Mike's FAQ, where he answers questions like "Who is this site for?" and
"Why are you doing this anyway?"

Mike's reviews of Jess Franco films

Mike's reviews of Jean Rollin films

Mike's reviews of Joe Sarno films



- Love,


  20 December 12  

The end of the year is upon us once again. I hope you all got a chance to visit Search My Trash and read Michael Haberfelner's interview with the director of twilightwomen movies, Div For'e. And I hope you also browsed through Mike's reviews of our catalog of movies, and that perhaps they reminded you of an old, or new, favorite.

2012 has seen the expansion of the Tiffany and Mara storyline in the House of Shame series, with just a little lesbian vampire foursome thrown in for good measure. At the end of last year I promised you that we'd see a lot more of Cathryn following her sensual belly dance performance in Cathryn's Dance. The love triangle between her, Mara and Tiffany continued in After the Dance and then further lesbian drama arose in Empty House, wherein Mara and Tiffany were so caught up in their lust for one another that Cathryn was all but edged out. blog blog
   blog blog

Currently being released is the movie, Absent Mistress. This movie directly follows Sunbathing, and in it we see a new, more dominant side of the scorned Cathryn. The love/lust triangle continues and I hope you'll enjoy seeing more of this threesome. Longtime viewers might be interested to know that Absent Mistress will include the final edit of the scene formerly previewed in Selected Scenes as "Shower". blog blog
   blog blog

We also released a long-anticipated two-part set of lesbian vampire movies; The Feed and The Feed Part Two. Div For'e has been working on these for some time and they are a bit unusual. For one thing, they are not part of the Monique's Story or Karen's Story line of Les Vampires movies. They feature Ann Ampar and Robin Joy in different roles as well as Christine and Jennifer, rounding out a bloody, lusty foursome. In addition, there are a couple of other mysterious characters at the periphery of the action and the ending of The Feed Part Two hints at dramatic events off-camera. blog blog

In other news, we'd like for our friends and fans to know about a couple of new places to find us around the internet.  We have a new twilightwomen Facebook community page. I post very regular news and images there about our latest updates and what we're working on / currently obsessed with. Please stop by and say hello, or simply enjoy the eye candy.



We're also on tumblr!  For those of you who love still images and wish we featured more of them on the site, this is a great place for you to visit us. Every day I post at least one 640 X 480 still image from one of our movies there. It's been a really fun way for me to share more images from the movies with friends and fans. For those who have the collector-temperament (as I do), let me suggest that you hurry on over there and start working on your collection. And as always, please say hello if you feel so inclined.  I always love to hear from you.

Finally, on behalf of all of us here, I would like to extend our warmest thanks to those of you who have been with us since the beginning as well as to those of you who have just found us. We wish each of you a happy holiday season and our high hopes for a New Year in which peace and honesty will prevail.  Happy 2013!




- Love,


  2 February 13  

I'm very pleased to tell you about a change to the site that is effective immediately. Beginning with our newest movie, Descent, from the House of Shame series, all new video clips will be available in their native resolution of 640 X 480. We will continue to release new movies and scenes in MPEG format first, in 5-15 minute segments but instead of half size (320 X 240) , they will now be released at the full resolution. As full-length movies are completed, they will then also become available in the single-file AVI format, also at 640 X 480. blog blog

Eventually, we will go back and encode all previous MPEG clips at the larger size as well but that will happen slowly, over time. For now, the bottom line is that all new videos released to the site will be at this larger size, both MPEG and AVI alike. Also, to better reflect this change, new download pages will look a bit different, with larger size preview images from the movies. blog blog

I occasionally receive requests to list all of the movies that are available as full-length, single-file AVI downloads in one place, for easy access. This a feature that we will likely integrate into a new design of the site, and I appreciate the suggestions and requests. Until then, here is a list of all titles now available in this format:

Lesbian Seduction series:

LS Part One - Massage

LS Part Two - The Dungeon

LS Part Three - The Dungeon Part 2

LS Part Four - The Dungeon Part 3

LS Part Five - Kings X

LS Part Six - Bonded

LS Part Seven - Playing Roles

LS Part Eight - Taking Pictures

LS Part Nine - Love and Kisses

LS Part Ten - Dancing

LS Part Twelve - Slow Burn blog blog

House of Shame series:

HOS Part One - Prologue & Introdution

HOS Part Two - The Room at the Bottom of the Stairs

HOS Part Three - The Reflection in Cindy's Mirror

HOS Part Four - Rachel's Slave

HOS Part Five - Cindy's Video Girls

HOS Part Six - Cindy's Video Girls Part 2

HOS Part Seven - Reclaiming Mara

HOS Part Eight - Reclaiming Mara Part 2

HOS Part Nine - While the Cat's Away

HOS Part Ten - Cindy's Bed

HOS - The Visit

HOS - The Visit Part 2

HOS - Girlfriends

HOS - Sunbathing blog blog

I hope this list proves useful. If there are any particular features or changes that you would like to see on the site, please consider dropping me a line in the next month or so. We are evaluating some changes and updates and would love to hear your feedback. You can use the mail form or simply email me at info (at) twilightwomen (dot) com.



Don't forget to visit us as well on Facebook or Tumblr.



- Love,


  30 October 13  

A warm hello to all our friends and supporters, new and old. I hope this finds you all well and prospering and enjoying all of our 2013 updates. This year has seen a few changes and updates to the site and we’re not finished yet!

First, as mentioned previously, all new video updates to the site will be in 640 X 480, regardless of the file format.

twilightwomen blog-left image twilightwomen blog-right image

Additionally, starting with our newest movie, Night Pickup, all video updates will be in MP4 format , encoded with H.264 rather than the old MPEG format. This will not affect your ability to play the videos on any of your current, favorite players including Quicktime, Windows Media and VLC. We do, however, strongly recommend the versatile, cross-platform, open-source VLC player, available as a free download from

As always, if you have any questions at all or require technical support, please do not hesitate to write to us at: info (at) twilightwomen (dot) com


Also, I am very pleased to announce the launch of our new affiliate marketing program, twilightwomen Affiliates: Partners in Seduction!

twilightwomen Affiliates Banner

twilightwomen Affiliates now has its own site, a robust starter set of promotional tools and our full support. twilightwomen Affiliates is a CCBill affiliate program so affiliate partners may have full confidence in on-time revenue payouts and sales tracking. The new affiliate site explains all the details of the program and if you are an adult webmaster or think you might be interested in promoting on your site, I encourage you to visit twilightwomen Affiliates today. We would love to work with you. Again, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

Finally, to all our fans who have requested more, more, more Ann and Robin – I am happy to report that there are several Ann and Robin projects in the works and you will be seeing more of them on the site soon.

twilightwomen affiliates Bedroom banner

Thank you to all of you who have written with questions, comments and suggestions. I always enjoy hearing from you.



- Love,


  8 January 14  

Happy 2014, everyone! The end of December marked the eighth anniversary of and we had much to celebrate. We continue to expand and improve and last year saw numerous updates and improvements, both behind the scenes and on the site.

Our four most recently released titles last year – and all movies released from now on – are available in their native 640 X 480 resolution, regardless of file type. Currently, these titles include: Descent and End of A Long Day in the House of Shame series, Night Pickup in the Les Vampires series, and Boots in the Lesbian Seduction series.

twilightwomen twilightwomen twilightwomen

We were very pleased with the response from our fans to all these titles last year. Descent and its sequel, End of A Long Day were an erotic free-for-all with Cathryn, Mara and Tiffany that marked the end of not just a long day, but a long series of movies with these three. For more than five movies, the tension in this lust triangle has been growing as Cathryn circled the Mara and Tiffany pair, trying to seduce her way in. In these last two movies, she finally gets her way and we’re reminded of the superhuman stamina that she displayed in The Visit and The Visit Part Two. By the end of End of A Long Day, all three are completely spent in each other’s arms.

twilightwomen twilightwomen twilightwomen

I’d like to point out that this is truly what sets twilightwomen apart. Five movies for Cathryn to finally seduce her way into the Mara and Tiffany relationship? Unheard of. To feel and watch Cathryn’s increasing arousal and frustration at not being able to get between these two, even as we watch Mara and Tiffany engage in no-holds-barred explicit sex, movie after movie…. Well, obviously this just makes the culmination of all Cathryn’s plotting and longing that much more explosive when it finally results in a perverse threesome that moves from the living room to the bathroom to the bedroom. For those looking for explicit lesbian sex, we’ve got it in spades, but it is the great perk of the long series, full-length movie format that we are able to crank the sexual tension up as high as it will go before it happens.

twilightwomen twilightwomen twilightwomen

Speaking of tension, we had a lot of fun releasing Night Pickup, the newest movie in the Les Vampires series. Night Pickup is not part of either Monique’s Story or Karen’s Story, but rather shows a new vampire, Carmella and her calculated seduction of the lovely, erstwhile innocent, Angel. This movie is a signature Div For’e title, full of gorgeous shots that linger on the body language of the two performers as the seduction unfolds. This intensely erotic gem did not escape the notice of renowned Jess Franco historian, Robert Monell, who wrote about the movie before we’d even finished releasing it on his Cinemadrome forum – a great compliment indeed.

twilightwomen twilightwomen twilightwomen

Though we haven’t finished releasing it yet, I must also mention the wildly enthusiastic response we’ve received for the return of Ann Ampar in the complete version of Boots, with Hannah. I know that many of our long-time fans have been waiting for Div For’e to complete this movie. I’m glad to report that the entire thing should be up on the site soon. And, for those of you who have patiently read all the way to the end here, an inside tip: we have more Ann and Robin currently in post production and they are hotter than ever. Here’s to 2014!

I’ll be back here soon to tell you more about some new features of the site. As always, our warmest thanks to those of you who have been with us since the very beginning and to those of you who have just found us. We appreciate your support very much and we wish each of you peace and prosperity in the new year.



- Love,


  30 May 14  

I can’t imagine a site with more loyal fans than we are fortunate enough to have. For over eight years, we have consistently received wildly enthusiastic support and encouragement from all corners of the globe, the like of which we could never have anticipated. I have been the recipient of brief but adamant notes of praise as well as lengthy treatises on what makes twilightwomen movies so unique. What has been an even more unexpected surprise, however, are the pieces of fan art – creations inspired by our movies or performers - that have made their way to us. From poetry to portraits to 3-D renders, fans have chosen to share their twilightwomen-inspired work with us. Some pieces are sublime and some are downright hilarious, but we are always flattered and delighted to see these creations and we thought it would be fun to feature some of them here from time to time.

A number of years ago, Catherine Nichols, an artist on the east coast, sent us this painting she did of the performer, Cathryn from our House of Shame series. We think she did a wonderful job of capturing not just the likeness but also the personality and tone that Cathryn conveys in many of her movies.

twilightwomen painting twilightwomen painting
twilightwomen twilightwomen twilightwomen

Another performer whose visage inspired a work of art is the luminous Ann Ampar, whose eyes are the subject of this piece by writer, R. Black.

To Ann Ampar

My eyes don’t deceive me and neither do yours
in their grace and their grasp of a tone
that is ancient and new and unfailingly true
in the ways that you make yourself known

in the manner in which you reach out to a lover
and speak of the love that you need
while you speak not a word it is noted and heard
you possess a spectacular reed

Silences fill with the language of spirits
that always have stories to tell
your eyes reveal every nuance you feel
you communicate wonderfully well

Your playfulness charms me disarms me and takes me
right where you intended to go
I wish I could write with the same kind of light
you are blessed with the talent to show

You are naked in many more ways than the obvious
cameras hung in your face
while you give and you share with abandon and care
with an honesty grounded in grace

I revel in all you are willing to show
you are more than unselfish and brave
as you come and you call and you soar and you fall
you are captor in guise of a slave

The windows that open to let out your soul
are pellucidly lovely and wise
thus I marvel and melt at the wonder I felt
at the stories you tell with your eyes


A completely different style of art that we’ve received is 3-D renders, like these by Derek999, inspired by Ann and Robin in the Lesbian Seduction series.

twilightwomen twilightwomen twilightwomen

A longtime, loyal fan of the site has given us some great laughs by sending a series of homemade, twilightwomen-inspired graphics that poke gentle fun at some of the props in our movies like the following.

twilightwomen twilightwomen
twilightwomen twilightwomen

I may never recover from the disgruntled cat mistaken for the bear rug. Do we have the best fans ever, or what? Of course, we love to hear from all of our members and fans, whether or not they include fan art in their correspondence. Let us hear from you anytime by using the contact form, here.


In closing, if you are an adult webmaster or think you might be interested in promoting on your website, please don’t hesitate to check out our affiliate program:

twilightwomen affiliates banner

We have made some changes and updates to the program and greatly expanded the available set of promotional tools. We would love to work with you to put together custom promo content for your high-quality traffic. Visit twilightwomen Affiliates, sign up and become our partner in seduction!



- Love,


  19 November 14  

Since 2006 (almost as long as has existed) filmmaker and cult cinema historian Robert Monell has been writing regularly at his blog, I’m In A Jess Franco State of Mind, his site dedicated to discussion of Franco’s films as well as other arthouse and genre film. Widely recognized as a leading authority on Franco and his film career, Monell is a prolific writer, critic and archivist and an invaluable asset to the international community of cult and genre film lovers.

Robert Monell on

Director of twilightwomen films, Div For’e has cited Franco as a major influence and we have been readers of Monell’s Franco blog from its earliest days. Long-time twilightwomen fans may recall last year when Monell took notice of our release of Night Pickup with a brief write-up on his Cinemadrome forum. We were, needless to say, thrilled.

He wrote:

“Recently discovered the work of director Div For e' who contributes erotic shorts, series and features to Div is a real artist in that he filters eroticism through his own personal sensibility, which engages the imagination through imagery, suggestion, sound and an almost minimalistic mise en scene.

It's an impressionistic approach to eroticism rather than a literal one. And it's actually erotic. By that I mean it engages it activiates the erotic imagination. What I found erotic about it (and what turns one person on is always subjective) is the public location, a laundromat, and how the silent play of glances achieves an intimacy in that space. Just the whir of the machines heard. There's an invisible, animal magnetism to those furtive glances which is very erotic.

His work recalls the vintage erotica of Joe Sarno (cf SIN IN THE SUBURBS) and Doris Wishman (BAD GIRLS GO TO HELL), two of my own personal favorite erotic filmmakers.

His new in process work for his LES VAMPIRES series involves a silent seduction which occurs in a laundromat. The loaded glances, the way the women are dressed, the neutral colors, the public setting, the furtive artistry here is rather amazing. More on this series in the future.”

twilightwomen painting twilightwomen painting

More came this fall with a review of The Feed and its sequel The Feed Part Two. In the review on Cinemadrome, Monell writes:

“Mysterious, elegant and erotic are just a few of the words which come to mind when describing Div For'e's ongoing LES VAMPIRES cycle. The Feed, Part One and Two, adds up to over two hours of the kind of sensuous, primal, bloody delirium which is rarely found in contemporary mainstream horror or erotica. They represent the vampire genre infused with the kind of erotic elements which have always been a part of it, going all the way back to 19th Century horror literature such as THE VAMPYRE (1819), Bram Stoker's DRACULA and the lesbian vampire tale by Sheridan Le Fanu, CARMILLA, the last was made into several notable films, the best of which may be Roger Vadim's rarely seen BLOOD AND ROSES (1960). In The Feed, Div For'e unearths those buried elements and makes them explicit, the text instead of the subtext.

twilightwomen twilightwomen

Seeming to take a cue from a cinema lineage which begins with Dreyer's VAMPYR (1932), and continues with Universal's 1936 DRACULA'S DAUGHTER, the vampire films from Hammer Films of the 1950s through the 1970s (THE VAMPIRE LOVERS) and the continental vampires of Jess Franco (FEMALE VAMPIRE) and Jean Rollin (REQUIEM FOR A VAMPIRE) Div For'e presents his female blood drinkers as figures in a near silent movie, concentrating on an other worldly atmosphere and raw bloodlust rather than conventional plot and realistic characters. The blood orgy takes place without music, in hushed tones within a stone dungeon. The result is hypnotic, singular and erotic in a way I really appreciate, in that it doesn't depend on graphic sex, nudity or hardcore imagery to capture the viewers attention. There is nudity, lingering sexual encounters between the four characters and it all ends with the female vampires naked, drenched in blood and seemingly satisfied to have taken part in a strange, unknowable ritual.

There are only a few lines of dialogue in the over two hours of vampire ecstasy but none is really needed. The emotions of lust, longing and anticipation are communicated through body movements and the way the observing camera becomes an invisible, but probing participant in the action.”

twilightwomen twilightwomen

This kind of acknowledgement is deeply gratifying and we are very appreciative of Monell’s careful viewing of the films, his thoughtful review, and his kind words.

To read the entire review, please visit Cinemadrome.

Click here to download and watch Night Pickup, here for The Feed and here for The Feed Part Two.



- Love,


  24 December 14  

Happy Anniversary and Happy 2015.

The end of 2014 marks nine years since we launched

Robert Monell on

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to those of you who have been with us since the beginning as well as to those of you who have just found us.

We wish each of you a happy holiday season and our high hopes for a New Year in
which peace and honesty will prevail.



- Love,


  24 December 14  

Friends and fans, I have some exciting news to share. Our friend, Michael Haberfelner, the writer and trash cinema historian behind the website (re)Search my Trash has reason to celebrate and so do we. The darkly comedic thriller that he wrote the screenplay for, A KILLER CONVERSATION, is out and available now on DVD!

Robert Monell on

Mike wrote the screenplay years ago, liked it, showed it to some friends, and then shelved it. Fast forward about 20 years to an interview he did with British horror film actress, Melanie Denholme, who mentioned that she’d begun producing smaller features and was on the lookout for scripts that could be shot quickly and on a low-budget. A lightbulb went off and Mike located the script, spiffed it up and passed it on to Denholme who loved it and immediately set the production into motion. A dedicated director and cast, a whirlwind 3-day shoot and some serious intention on the parts of the writer and producer and, voila – a film emerges! Anyone who has ever performed the labor of love and will that it takes to see a film from concept to finished product knows just what a triumph this is.

But what is the film about, you ask? In the interest of not giving too much away, I’ll quote straight from the film’s website:

Having accidentally invited an armed burglar (played by Rudy Barrow) into his house who is quick to tie him up; Karl (Ryan Hunter) has to come to terms with the fact that his days might be numbered. But he hasn't completely run out of options yet. Presently, his best bet is Pauline (Melanie Denholme), his ex who just popped by to make up. But there are a few problems - mainly Pauline is a stuck-up bitch more interested in finding a tennis partner than helping the man she once loved, and Karl isn't one to forgive her past mistakes; many of which he is finding out about right now. And what's the burglar doing while Pauline and Karl hash things out? Oh, he's a polite and patient man - but he's got a gun, and he intends to use it. Will they be able to overcome the burglar, and how might a certain sex tape put everything in jeopardy?

killer conversation

A strangely intimate, dialog-heavy piece, this is a story that shouldn’t be funny but is thanks to the script. The film rewards the viewer with the sense that there is more to the story than what rests on the surface. Already garnering great reviews, A KILLER CONVERSATION is a long-awaited gem. We couldn’t be happier for our friend and long-time twilightwomen supporter, Mike Haberfelner. Well done, Mike!

Find out more about the movie and watch the trailers here.

Read guest reviews of A Killer Conversation with links to interviews with the cast and director on Mike’s site, (re)Search my Trash.

Buy your very own copy of the movie here.

And, last but not least, don’t forget to support the trash, erotic and indie filmmakers in your life!



- Love,


  20 May 15  


So, anyone noticed anything new and improved around here?


Rachel Gena


Over the years, one of our most requested site features has been an easy way to see all of our movies and scenes listed by performer. So today I’m very pleased to announce our new Performers index. All 29 twilightwomen performers are listed on this page and each image is a link to that individual performer’s page. On the individual performer’s pages are all of the movies and scenes featuring that performer, along with some great new images.


Rachel Rachel
Rachel Rachel
Rachel Rachel
Rachel Rachel


Please enjoy browsing through these new Performer pages and let us know what you think.


And if you missed it – the full-length movie download of The Bedroom Part 2 is finally available!



- Love,


  23 December 15  

In the last ten years, we have released over 53 full-length movies onto the site – movies of which we are extremely proud. As our fans have long understood, twilightwomen movies are different, utterly unlike anything else out there. The strong artistic vision of Div For'e, the director of all our movies, is responsible for the creation of our three major series, each of which portrays the drama of seduction and hopeless resistance in a unique way. From the desperate longing of Ann Ampar to Cindy's forbidding gaze to Kathy's insatiable sapphic bloodlust, Div For'e's twilightwomen movies have seduced countless viewers into our erotic world of lesbian desire and conflict. In the coming months, we will take a more in-depth look back at the movies that comprise these three series so far.

Lesbian Seduction series
lv-1 lv-2 lv-3 lv-4 LV-1
House of Shame series
lv-1 lv-2 lv-3 lv-4 LV-1
Les Vampires series
lv-1 lv-2 lv-3 lv-4 LV-1

I'd like to personally invite you to share your comments and reviews of favorite twilightwomen titles. Please email them to me via our mail form or by writing to info (at) twilightwomen (dot) com. We look forward to featuring them anonymously here and on our Comments page.



- Love,


  21 December 16  

As 2016 draws to a close, we would like to extend our warmest thanks to the many members, fans and friends who have enthusiastically shown their support for since we launched the site eleven years ago.

50s beat movie on

This past year has been a time of change for us and I am very excited to tell you all about one of the projects that we have been focused on. At long last, we are readying DVDs of our movies for sale – starting with our popular Lesbian Seduction series with Ann Ampar and Robin Joy. The first release date is still some months away but it is within sight. This is something many of you have written to me about over the years and I know you will share my excitement.

dungeon on

When the movies are ready for individual sale, I will be contacting those of you who have asked me to let you know by email. If you have not previously asked me to add you to my contact list for DVD sales, please feel free to email me anytime, either directly or through the contact form and I will put you on the list. We will also make the annuncement via the site, so please check this blog for updates.

ann ampar and robin joy

As always, we love to hear from you so please get in touch anytime with questions or comments. Until then, we wish you a happy twilightwomen anniversary and a happy holiday season. And now, more than ever, our highest hopes for a new year in which peace and honesty will prevail.



- Love,