Links to Our Friends

This is an eclectic group of long-time friends of twilightwomen who run interesting sites
that cover a broad range of topics from vintage pulp book covers to trash film reviews.
  Search My Trash  
  Mike Haberfelner knows film - especially all things trash. He's been studying outside-the-mainstream film for the better part of twenty years and Search My Trash reflects that dedication and insight in a way that few sites achieve. (Re)Search Mike's Trash for an extensive archive of interviews and reviews covering a wide scope of trash/genre film, including twilightwomen movies.  
  Strange Sisters is an online archive of lesbian paperback cover art from the 50's and 60's. This free site has a clean and well-catalogued layout. Some of the covers featured in this impressive collection were an early inspiration for the director of twilightwomen films. Lots of fun, highly recommended. Friends of  

Les Lesbiennes, Ces Fleurs Du Bien is a blog by Milan Roman, French author of the book with the same title. It is a lovingly maintained celebration of lesbian life and love, past, present and future.

Les Lesbiennes Ces Fleurs Du Bien  
On Est Pas Des Anges
Pour nos amis parlant français : On Est Pas Des Anges est un blog coquin et doucement espiègle qui chronique l'Internet pour adultes et vous aidera dans vos choix. Un blog avec un penchant affirmé pour les grands sites établis mais aussi les sites "niches" plein de personnalité. On Est Pas Des Anges fournit aussi un petit guide pour que ceux qui font leurs premiers pas dans l'internet adulte s'y retrouvent... Soyez sûrs de les visiter!
  Housewives at Play  
  For years, erotic artist Rebecca has been giving us a
reason to visit our local comics store. Housewives at
Play is her full-color comic book series depicting the
erotic, sapphic adventures of a group of beautiful,
bored, and often perverse housewives. Her website
brings the entire collection together in one place for
your illustrated lesbian erotica viewing pleasure.
  Friends of has a vast selection of lesbian content, including a terrific vintage section. Their sister site, is a respected retailer of lesbian videos and features a lively discussion forum.

  Friends of is an exhaustive guide to a variety of lesbian erotic websites, and includes informative reviews and samples.  
  Visit Indienudes for an extensive list of erotic and artistic photo and video sites and blogs. It's a good place to find links to erotic work that's somewhat off the beaten path.  


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