The first comments about our videos came from newsgroups.

14 August 05

Congratulations. This has to be the most erotic movie I've seen in years.
- M. (newsgroups)

19 August 05

More please!
- B. (newsgroups)

Thanks for great clip.
- J. (newsgroups)

29 August 05

Great stuff!!! Very sexy. Thanks.
- F. (newsgroups)

As always, a delicious set. Thanks! This is very sexy stuff!
- V.I. (newsgroups)

These are wonderful! Definitely different than I am used to seeing, and IMHO very erotic. I look forward to seeing all the parts. Very Nice!
- V.I. (newsgroups)

2 September 05

Man, this is great stuff!!! Thanks for posting and more, more, more if you please.
- B. (newsgroups)

Thanks for the great post!! What a sexy video! I hope you will post more.
- B. (newsgroups)

Me next!!! I want a massage!!!! Very sexy stuff…Thanks muchly!
- V.I. (newsgroups)

3 September 05

Nice!!!!!!!!!!! Please post all you got, this stuff is great!!!!!!!!!!
- F. (newsgroups)

4 September 05

I am looking forward to seeing the complete set. It's been wonderful so far. Thanks again for your posts. I enjoy them (and obviously others do, as well)! P.S. My vote for the hottest part…when the dom forcibly straddles the sub's face. Very hot, IMHO.
- V.I. (newsgroups)

5 September 05

Thank you for these. These clips are incredibly erotic.
- D. (newsgroups)

Thanks for the update. This is a great posting. I have all of the ones so far and await eagerly for the rest. Thanks!
- B. (newsgroups)

7 September 05

This was one of my favorites! The forceful facesitting happens to be one of my kinks.
- A. (newsgroups)

Please keep uploading these films! This is great stuff. Thanks for all you have posted. I eagerly await more.
- A. (newsgroups)

8 September 05

Great erotica - well received. Just my taste.
- S. (newsgroups)

Top quality post! More please!!! A continuation of this part (or others)?
- G. (newsgroups)

10 September 05

It was very hot. I really enjoyed it!! Nothing hotter than a lez using a straight girl. Thanks!
- N. (newsgroups)

Very, very nice stuff. Thanks for completing the post! I do like straight-ahead "hard" BDSM stuff, but for me, it's the psychological aspect that is most rewarding. Watching the dom/sub interaction slowly unfold between two sexy women in this vignette was incredibly erotic. Great femdom action. Kudos, very nice post indeed. Thanks!
- V.I. (newsgroups)

19 September 05

I can't wait to see more of your posts. This is the hottest stuff in a long time. Can we expect more?
- J. (newsgroups)


At the end of December 2005, the site went live.

16 January 06

Nothing happens.
- B. (newsgroups)

17 January 06

Complete Massage video was great! Do you have anymore?
- M. (newsgroups)

Soon after the launch, the first emails from members started coming in.

18 January 06

There are a few things I would say to you, after spending a very short time on the members' section of the site. First off, the players are delightfully non-porn types, and all of what transpires has a really nice genuineness to it. It's wonderful to see some real eroticism, instead of obviously bored (and weirdly augmented) actors dragging their ways through rather stock "scenes". You're right - a story matters.

Okay now for the criticisms (I won't say 'complaints'. Haven't given you enough time to justify me starting to complain): The Anna series: This is almost painfully erotic, and I guess you've heard that before. I take it back - it IS painfully erotic. You say you have fifteen available. Great. But to have part one end the way it does, and with a "to be continued" flag at the end, and then have what's available be part eight and above…well, that's torturous. I'm betting that I'm not alone in saying that it's the Anna material that drew me to sign up. Please get parts two, three, and so on up soon. I'm dying to see what happens next, not what happens several parts later.

I do wish your files had a somewhat higher resolution. We all have broadband now, and it would be nice to watch these in full screen without them being so fuzzy. Maybe that's about your server(s) or something and I don't know what I'm talking about.

Final quibble: I can understand why you would want to end each file section with the "twilightwomen" logo, if you're going to use them for marketing purposes, but since the individual file sections add up to a continuous whole, must we have the logo at the end of each file on your website? I'm sure I'm not the only member who uses a file joiner to stick the twelve or so files together into a single "story", and it would be nice to not have your logo constantly interrupting the flow. Yes, I imagine that one could use some editing program to cut the logos out of the joined file, but a) that's a pain, for us non-editors out there, and 2) it would be messing with your content, which isn't okay (at least it's not okay with me - I'm an artist, and I've had my work messed with without my permission).

I guess I find myself wondering if you actually have enough content available to justify the price you're setting on memberships but you say you're going to be adding ~ 12 files a month. We'll see how that works out.

All issues aside, you have some really lovely content here. It's hot, it's erotic, and it's very, very honest. That's saying a lot, and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next. Now I just need to have a little talk with myself, 'cause I'm already completely nuts over Anna.
- M. (member)

I have just joined your site and I find it extremely interesting and satisfying. Thank you for all the movies.
- T. (member)

19 January 06

I really feel that you have a unique product but something is missing. The first movie that you posted in the newsgroups was good but after awhile people want more real sexual action. It is not fair to have to wait 20 minutes for something to happen.
- C.K. (member)

22 January 06

Hello, I am from Germany and want to thank you for this really wonderful site. It is one of the best, and I have seen thousands.
- B.G. (member)

25 January 06

Hi. Congratulations for your great job.
- P. (member)

27 January 06

To start, over the course of the past 5 years I have only joined 3 erotic sites and those were usually for a one month period to catch up with what was presented and if happy, I would try again a few months later. I would imagine this is the normal subscription pattern and in order to keep clients month to month you need to have a pretty strong schedule of releases. I really enjoyed the first video, the massage and that made me join. For my taste, none of the other offerings measure up to it. As a man, I find the scenes very slow moving, not enough banter (as women normally do) and for my taste, not erotic. I wish you continued success with your venture.
- C.K. (member)

29 January 06

I like the site, especially Ann Ampar and Robin gets me off in that dom/sub constellation that we see in Lesbian Seduction 1. When will you post part two? Are there more parts with that setting? I like the slowness as well, and that there is no dialogue to turn me off. Just moanings and not exaggerated sounds of pleasure. The only thing I miss is more specific caresses of their genitals. That I miss a lot, it's a little too much softcore as it is right now. I like it a lot that the women are mature and naturally hairy, though.
- J.H. (member)

31 January 06

I am a new member and really like the site!
- F. (member)

I love your website. I am a fan of real women in real situations. I found you through the massage video online. One comment I would have as a member - you should have an updates link so that we can see which storylines are updated and when. This would be convenient. Personally, my fantasies revolve around BDSM both in a straight scene and girl-to-girl. Robin is a sexy dome as is Cindy. I would love to see more of that kind of real play and erotica. Keep up the fantastic work!
- N.L. (member)

9 February 06

Thanks for posting this great video. Great stuff.
- F. (newsgroups)

16 February 06

Have to say the content of site is excellent.
- J. (member)

17 February 06

I joined yesterday after finding a clip posted on Usenet. Your material is absolutely incredible - especially the current House of Shame title. In general, I would say that yours is the best I have ever seen - the most real, passionate, and erotic. I do love clothed sex and the H of S early clips are wonderful. Trib is great. Your competition has endless toys and licking - not very real (according to my female partner). Keep up the good work. I look forward to updates.
- C.B. (member)

A couple of months after the launch, blogged about the site.

19 February 06

One of the nice things about doing a site like this is I sometimes come across sites that live up to my expectations. One such site is twilightwomen, a site I found while perusing Guba last night. Someone posted some video clips from twilightwomen, probably without permission. But I have to say these were some of the hottest, most erotic and authentic lesbian video clips I've ever seen. The women were beautiful but in a normal way, like women you would actually know and maybe even date if you were lucky. The action was honest and authentic, with ample time given to the build up and seduction. The sex acts were less explicit than typical porno but far more erotic because the women didn't seem to be acting, their emotions seemed authentic.

Intrigued by what I saw I visited the site, and was pleased to see that all of this was no accident, it was by design. I'll let them explain it:

The content of this site was designed for the connoisseur of erotica. …From the very beginning our projects tried to focus on two ideas that we would like to see come back into erotica that seem to us almost completely non-existent in current fare, no matter how well done otherwise. One is character development, the slow evolution from one state of mind to another that is believable and real. The second is the depiction of sexual activity of whatever nature as worrisome behavior that is conflicted, full of guilt and shame. In a word, drama. We have tried to inject this drama into our films.

Read that second point again. Unlike so many other sites that try to project sex as guilt free and wonderful, twilightwomen actually states that they want to portray it as full of guilt in order to express drama. Think about that for a minute…rather than the bogus sexual fantasies promulgated by the typical San Fernando Valley porn they are presenting erotic films that are more honest and deal with the conflicted emotions of the protagonists, something that is ultimately far more erotic and satisfying because it rings true.

It's not often that I can give a site my highest endorsement but twilightwomen is one of the select few that is worth the monthly charge. Check it out today.

20 February 06

Wow! I think this is great! So far I have little to complain about. The women are gorgeous, the pairings are fabulous. I think the Robin Joy and Anna episodes are very sexy, as was Cindy and Tosha. That's about all I've been able to watch so far. There is a need to have a little more continuity between clips in some cases, like the 2nd and 3rd clip of the Cindy and Tosha series. Would also like to see more of those two. Please keep up the wonderful work.
- R. (member)

Not long after that, a thread was started about on the Lezlove Video forum.

Very erotic. I've enjoyed what I've seen so far. I like the naturalness of the women and Robin Joy in Lesbian Seduction looks familiar. Thanks for the tip.
- Q. ( Forum)

21 February 06

I like your movies and I am very new to this site. Your scene with the seduction of Katja sucks. The reason is that K looks as if someone is holding a gun to her head. She looks like she's in pain, and it doesn't look very enticing to watch. Please find someone else, more happy, someone who looks like they actually like themselves.
- F.B. (member)

Right now there are long clips of unfinished productions as I understand it. There is very little verbal dialogue and a lot of focus on the sensuous aspect of lovemaking. Lots of stroking, finger sucking, caressing, yearning looks. The kissing is exceptional. Some oral in a few clips, and a fair amount of tribadism, along with some digital stimulation. It's not for everyone, but it sure is hot to me. The women are really into it. There is no silicone, and they are unshaven. These aren't the glam girls with tons of makeup. I can't really compare it to anything out there except maybe a cross between some of Bob's Videos best and Abby Winters. Video quality is good, but not crystal clear like AW's. What really strikes me here is that the women are beautifully natural in their appearance and expression of love or eroticism. That comes across the screen very sensuously. Hope that helps to explain.
- Q. ( Forum)

2 March 06

I never saw such a beautiful site, full of sensibility and esthetism…Congratulations.
- P. (member)

4 March 06

I've been a member here for a couple of weeks now so thought it was time I made some comments about what I've seen so far. First off the performers. What a refreshing change - real women at last!! I could go on with numerous lines about how gorgeous the performers here are, but I don't need too :). Instead I'll just say how lucky I think you guys are to have some really lovely performers, enthusiastic and well erm…gorgeous.

Now on to the movies. I take my hat off to you for doing something fresh and new - different to all the rest. So far I've only looked hard at the Lesbian Seduction series and one or two Selected Scenes. I think the Lesbian Seduction series will turn out to be my favorite area, but there are one or two little annoyances here. So far, all of the movies I've seen in this series seem very shy. I think this was intended - but as a viewer it's leaving me without any closure. I don't think there is any need to go OTT explicit - that would probably spoil it. But I do think you need to show just a little bit more. For example, the most erotic scene I've seen so far was with Ann and Robin, Ann was rubbing her groin against Robin's head - very erotic but I think it would have been better if she had rubbed against her forehead and/or cheek - or even over her face. (That doesn't have to be over her mouth - that's what makes it so erotic.)

I'm also a believer in Cause and Effect. You film the cause really, really well (one woman turning another woman on) but in this series so far I haven't seen any visual effect (what a woman looks like after she has been turned on, ie: wet). I guess this is a tricky thing to do - how do you show this without looking like everyone else doing the same thing. Perhaps something like - if the person doing the turning on is using her finger/s then show us her fingers as they get wet. Maybe use a very closeup viewpoint would make a different kind of shot?

Speaking of closeups, these are very, very erotic to see - you have done this with some of the kissing scenes and it really does make a difference.

Anyways, my congrats again on doing a great job so far. I haven't been satisfied with anything else I've seen on the web so far so I guess that means you are stuck with me being a member for a while yet.:)
- B. (member)

I love the Lesbian Seduction series. Are there anymore of those yet to come on the site? The two performers have such awesome chemistry, I wonder if they were real life lovers.
- G.H. (member)

13 March 06

This is one of the hottest videos I have ever seen, very erotic. Girl on right has marvelous tits. I wish the kissing could go on for hours! Thanks!
- J.C. (member)

19 March 06

The clothed make out scenes are the best I have seen! How about some public make out clips? Keep up the good work. I am a new member and will tell others about your site.
- C. (member)

20 March 06

Your site is excellent and the content is amazing.
- P. (member)

24 March 06

Excellent video. Love the LS series. I hope you have more!!
- J.C. (member)

26 March 06

This is the best erotic video EVER. I would like to exchange responses with others who enjoy this.
- M. (member)

29 March 06

Yours is a great site. I like the scenes of the girls masturbating themselves or each other. Any scene of them getting off is great! Keep it coming or should I say cuming!
- J.R. (member)

1 April 06

I really like your site, which I think is one of the best available.
- M. (member)

10 April 06

I joined your site a couple of days ago having followed a link here from Abby Winters. I'm very impressed and look forward to seeing what you do with the place. My first download was the "bed" sequence (because I have a particular weakness for 3 and 4 partner situations). If that's an example of your off cuts I'm sure I'll be happy with the rest of your output.
- S.M. (member)

11 April 06

I've looked around and not found any sites that compare to your specialty niche of seduction coupled with soft domination. Outstanding job! I look forward to coming events here. My question is: Can I get any of your work on dvd? Scenes, themes, work that's not on the site, etc. Your name it, I will probably be interested if it's this type of theme. Also, as far as suggestions for future work, I would love it if the seduction themes included more minor resistance from the one being seduced. Thanks for offering this type of film for those who enjoy bringing the mind into the action (instead of the mindless wham-bam of most other sites).
- S.S. (member)

30 April 06

I sincerely commend you on putting together such an honest and cutting edge site. And I thank you for sharing it with us.
- T.M. (member)

In April of 2006, discussed a twilightwomen clip on her spanking blog.

Aunty is not normally a fan of spanking scenes that include sexual interaction between the players. That's because, for Aunty, the act of spanking is disciplinary, and dramatic, and when all this descends into copulation -- well, let's just say it ruins the whole atmosphere. But there are always exceptions and this clip is one of them.

Aunty has really never seen porn this erotic, passionate and sensual before -- just look at the expression on the face of the spankee every time her bottom is slapped. She reacts with such genuine, lustful appreciation of the spankings, that Aunty has to conclude she is truly enjoying the experience. And that's certainly not something one sees in 'adult' movies everyday!

4 May 06

It was a pleasure to communicate with you. It's really the best and most personal experience I have had with problems on any site. Most are impersonal if they get back to you at all. I'm glad I found your site and am having fun exploring and downloading great videos.
- C.G. (member)

5 May 06

Great stuff - More of A&R in the Dungeon please!
- V.K. (newsgroups)

18 May 06

Our first "official" review from a review site came from a new and short-lived site, Slutty Lesbian Reviewers.

Bringing you exclusive lesbian erotica that is different than you've found anywhere else. You'll find real women here, not trussed up models, and the action is real. There are lots of video clips here and if you love amateurs and love lesbians as much as we do (of course, we're slutty lesbians!!), you're going to really like Twilight Women.

Shortly after that, Porn Reports reviewed the site.

25 May 06

Our first impression of this site was that it was very similar in approach to Cinema Erotique. What we mean by that is: independent feature film-making with an artistic edge, definitely setting itself up as something different than, even aesthetically and philosophically opposed to, mainstream porn, and using natural-looking, woman-next-door type models instead of the usual glamour girls. Not surprisingly, both sites also come with manifestoes. Twilight Women's tells us that their goal is to focus on character development and conflicted sexuality (i.e., shame and submission, within a lesbian context). "In a word, drama."

Well, we are all for more drama in our porn around here, so this really appealed to us. Unfortunately, the site only partially lived up to its own billing.

The content is all video. There are no picture galleries or even vidcaps aside from the handful of thumbnails that come with each scene. The video all comes from a line of movies directed by "Div Fore," a name we've never heard of (and Googling didn't help). The updates that are being added (and they seem to be coming every few days) are scenes taken from these movies. Note however that a "scene" can run upwards of an hour in length. There were two main features being sampled when we visited: Lesbian Seduction (four scenes) and House of Shame (two scenes). There were also 12 "selected scenes" that hadn't been incorporated into any larger sequence yet. The total running time for this collection was 12 hours. Upcoming features included a 1950s-style movie and something to do with vampires.

What kind of movies are these? Not your usual girl-girl stuff. For one thing, the action is very slooooooooow moving. Expect a lot of build-up, and then a lot of rubbing and hugging and kissing rather than non-stop pussy-eating and strap-on fucking. You can call it psychological power trading, but we just found it romantic. We figure the slow build-up is where most of the "drama" is supposed to be coming from, though it's hard to tell because there's so little talking going on. Seriously, it's like some of these girls think they're in a library. We found this really frustrating, and weird. There are little written descriptions of what's supposed to be happening, but there were plenty of times we couldn't figure these out at all. Or even who the different characters were. This makes character development kind of hard. There's just not enough context presented for what's happening. Was that part cut out? Or was it ever in? It's hard to tell.

That's not to say it doesn't work. There are some really great couplings here. At the top of the list of the stuff we saw was a scene between Alexi and Zille (who can also be seen at Now there's a couple with real chemistry! However, other scenes had us scratching our heads, starting off slow and not really going anywhere.

As for the production, it's . . . different. For all the credited professionalism (the opening credits for the different scenes run over a minute), it has an oddly amateur look. We suspect that was what they were aiming for. Focus sometimes comes and goes. The lighting can be atmospheric (like the darkness in a sauna scene), but can also be glaring or too dark. Sound is rough. At least there's no music, but occasionally you have simple incidental background noises magnified to the point where they sound like major distortion. And the colors all seem kind of washed out.

Video quality is weird too. There's no choice in formats. Everything is mpeg. A high bit-rate, but for some reason formatted for a small screen size (320x240). At least you can take it up to fullscreen without a lot of distortion.

Like any site that's trying to do something different, this is a hard one to give a grade to. Basically, if you want to see professionally produced, original movies of amateur, natural women and authentic "dykes" making out, then it could be for you. But: (1) it's expensive (Cinema Erotique is still only charging $10 for its erotic experimentation); (2) the presentation is just average; and (3) at least for us, it didn't really deliver on most of its promise of "drama." We're sure there are people out there who will like it a lot more than we did. And people who will like it a lot less. This ain't Sapphic Erotica, Lesbo Machine, or We Live Together. Just know what you're getting into.

27 May 06

Congratulations. This is very, very good.
- J.C. (member)

On the first day of June 2006, Jane's Guide completed their review of the site.

1 June 06

Yum. Yum. YUM. If you enjoy truly sexy lesbian erotica (featuring actual lesbians that have sex in a way that women have sex with each other when movie cameras are not rolling), then I think you'll really love this place. They are interested in making movies that include character development, drama, and a certain kind of tension and shame that is often lacking in films today. Now, while I'm very sex positive...I have to say that there is something particularly sweet when something feels taboo. They manage to capture that mystical "something" that somehow makes all of the action seem more desperate and seductive than a simple blatant hardcore film that you could see anywhere else. They refer to it as "seduction and hopeless resistance"...that is what they try to put across, and that is what they manage to actually do. All the content here is lesbian, exclusive, and original. Full length movies are told in a series of smaller (around 5-10 minute long) movie clips. You get a minimum of 12 new movie clips a month, and access to a really hot archive of content. Have I managed to impress upon you how special this stuff is? Good! -Vamp

2 June 06

You have a most intriguing site and are obviously aiming it for a discerning clientele interested in very erotic FF stories, realistically depicted. We found your site from a nice review in Jane's, after what had been a somewhat frustrating search. really does stand miles above the jungle of Les material out there, most of which is very unrealistic, poorly crafted trash. It's about time someone created a quality site for us!
- K.

12 June 06

I first got a whiff of twilightwomen on GUBA with the massage series. Finally you have established the website. This is the real thing! Great stuff! And you know it too, don't you. Keep it up, this beats them all! I don't care for jpegs, your mpegs are it! Forgot to mention it: The Visit II is my favorite!
- K. K. (member)

19 June 06

I joined for a month. It was well worth it imho. The women are natural and there is a lot of sensuality. Very erotic. Some mild domination.
- Q. ( Forum)

22 June 06

Congratulations for your site and for the great videos.
- C. (member)

23 June 06

Excellent stuff! More please!
- V.K. (newsgroups)

26 June 06

What a great and exciting new site. I cannot think of another site with such brilliant content.
- S.D. (member)

Please post more. These were great but I need the end of them and more!
- D.J. (newsgroups)

5 July 06

I wish your site offered streaming content as it appears to be a really sexy and sensual concept. Oh well. Thanks again for your help.
- B. (member)

6 July 06

Just a suggestion re: navigation of your website. It would be very helpful to members to incorporate some method by which members can identify which clips they have previously downloaded. Some people, for various reasons, may not be able to keep all previously downloaded clips. And therefore do not have a reference as to which ones they have seen. This will be of special use to those who visit the site infrequently, or to those who may only be able to afford membership on an intermittent basis.
- C.S. (member)

7 July 06

My subscription ends in the next day or so, but I will return again later in the year. Many thanks for the great content, keep going and good luck for the future. Could I suggest some clips based on seduction. Many thanks, take care.
- S. (member)

9 July 06

This is absolutely beautiful and erotic.
- M. (member)

25 July 06

Just wanted to let you know that, after a few months of "lurking" and asking you questions about the site, I finally joined last week. I had a few mishaps with trying to download at first, but it seems to be working now. The content I have seen so far is absolutely fantastic - unlike anything else that is out there. Thanks for making such "unconventional" web erotica available!
- J. L. (member)

28 July 06

More of the Ann and Monique with glasses please? This is great stuff.
- F. (newsgroups)

7 August 06

An excellent and very different site. Loved the grainy reality of it all and as you say, DRAMA. The performers are doing it more for themselves than the viewer, or so it seems. Could you extend this format to a wider femdom arena? Or a general theme of powerful women in authority? That's an area where too much fake posturing and playacting takes place in the porno space.
- M. L. (member)

A few months later, Monica's Reviews posted a review of the site.

8 August 06

Today on Monica’s I will be reviewing the lesbian erotica website Twilight Women. This website specializes in erotic lesbian movies and contains women you will not find elsewhere in the adult industry and the sexual adventures of these women as they explore each other’s sexuality. A quote from their site:

This is a world of guilty pleasure, of lust and shame, temptation and desire, submissive women who need control.

This website is very basic in design with links to the different themed areas like lesbian seduction, house of shame, selected scenes and fifties beat movie. These areas contain over 140 different video clips available here in MPG format equaling over 15 hours worth of videos. The videos are between 30 minutes to an hour and half in length, with each being broken down into numerous clips. These movies are all beautifully done and show real emotion with these women as they explore their sexuality with each other. The videos all have a great sound and video quality and are very enjoyable to watch.

In conclusion, this websites content was very good, and the original themes and way they filmed things was nice, but I feel they are lacking for content for their members for the price. Give them some time and with their weekly updates they will increase that amount.

On the Wldfire scale of 1 to 5, I rate this site a 3.7 for its uniqueness and very original content.

9 August 06

As a writer I really like your fresh approach to these films - choice of actors/models, the camera angles, the pacing which allows mood to develop, the absence of dialogue (is that to ensure that the movies can be sold anywhere?), the sexual tension described in the eye contacts and tentative contact. The often wordless narrative reminds me of a silent movie. As I said, this approach would work very well with the wider femdom/women in authority arena which is dominated (excuse the pun) by models in silly PVC costumes going through very predictable sets of routines. I really like the slow build approach as in your Bar sequences - the suggestive gazes, the frustration of not being a participant, the role of the voyeur. All these would I think be a very fresh approach to the medium.
- M. (member)

I happen to think that lesbian sex and/or real lovemaking are the most beautiful, erotic and stimulating types of videos ever created. The fact that I am convinced that the orgasms are real adds to my excitement. My greatest fantasy is to be in the same room and watch a session like the ones your company offers!
- C. (member)

11 August 06

I recently came across one of your videos and accidentally opened it up. I must say I was so totally SHOCKED at what I saw. It was soooo disturbing to watch I couldn't believe what I saw. Your video wasn't like anything else my friend had on his computer before. I can't tell you of the emotions it has aroused in me since then. I am so totally shocked, embarrassed, insulted and turned on by your video!! I couldn't believe it but yes I'm embarrassed to admit it your videos are so erotic and intoxicating.
- R.

12 August 06

Oh, J. thinks that it quite nice.
- J. (newsgroups)

14 August 06

As a first time subscriber, here are my comments. Having trawled through many lesbian sites, this is easily the best site so far. All that's missing is more content and possibly movies in one piece rather than broken up, into pieces. Possibly streaming options. My own preference content wise would be to have more dialogue, lots more seduction scenes where the more mature woman seduces the younger inexperienced one. Everyday scenarios. First time encounters. Prefer fingers and tongues to toys. Enjoy lots of kissing. Possibly slightly more hardcore (like the sleep over scenes). I enjoy the hunt/chase/seduction as much as the final scenes. Keep up the good work.
- G. (member)

22 August 06

Just joined your site and I just wanted to tell you how much I love your work. And the girls are amazing! -Katja is a personal favorite. Glad I joined - all the best.
- V. (member)

2 September 06

Ok, very nice site btw. Only critic: some movies are a little too dark and the resolution could be higher. Actors are great. Storylines are great.
- J. (member)

Apparently, we have "charm".

4 September 06

As for twilightwomen, I know what you mean by charm. Some of the women are very sexy to me, in an offbeat, kind of abstract way. The direction, agreed, is very lacking. The women, though, intrigued me. Particularly the video where the very pretty dark haired lady submitted to a "special" massage from the dominant woman she came to visit. Quite erotic I thought. It's a matter of taste.
- Q. ( Forum)

O is alive and well and lives at

11 September 06

I've been so unexpectedly touched by something that it would be unfair for me not to share it with whomever you are. I remember the first erotic book I read when I was about 12 or 13. It was The Story of O and to this day I still remember O. I am not a promoter of porn and like millions of other people had it hidden on my computer and then early this week something totally unexpected happened. I ran across your site and I joined for 1 month. (I'll be back and I'm going to bring some friends.) I started checking stuff out, I went to Lesbian Seduction series and started reading and when I got to the statement that it was softcore I quickly stopped and said nope I want hardcore. Well a couple of hours later and because I had paid for it I started downloading Part One of Anna's Lesbian Seduction. Then the realization and the reason I felt it necessary to take the time to email you. The real truth is I realized that what or should I say who I've been looking for since I was about 12 is O and guess what, I found out where she lives, she lives with you in the twilightzone, I mean at twilightwomen. It was a total shock to me. Never has any hardcore porn had such an erotic effect on me. I say good job to you whoever you are. You've got the touch, you know how to make fantasy seem real and then you added some class. I think you're going to give the porn industry a run for their money if you can just keep going for a couple of more years until more people like myself that are looking for their O discover that she lives with you at PS: My plan is to keep your stuff on 2 separate data CDs. I want to keep one in the car in case the house burns down. One last thought, maybe you could put a sign on your site that reads: O IS ALIVE AND WELL AND LIVES AT TWILIGHTWOMEN.COM.
- M. (member)

12 September 06

I just subscribed today. I love your work but the videos download so slow. I think you may need a more powerful server or something? Beautiful women. Love it.
- C. (member)

20 September 06

Great site, just love it, the women are very sexy. Would love to see women standing barefoot while kissing. My favorite is Ann. Keep up the great work!!
- S. (member)

I really like where you are going on this site. I really like the ladies. It is great to see mature women instead of porno babes. I especially like Ann. She is unbelievably sexy. I have 2 recommendations. 1 is for more dialogue. I mean these ladies can talk. This will definitely help the drama part you are going for. 2nd is more graphic sex especially oral. I mean let's face it, this IS porn. Just my thoughts.
- B. (member)

21 September 06

Since "The Visit" is one of my favorites, are you going to continue it?
- K. (member)

24 September 06

Just love the site!! Would love to see a scene with Ann and Monique together, perhaps on a business trip, or soccer moms visiting each other during the day. Keep it up.
- S. (member)

19 October 06

I've been a regular since near the beginning, and I absolutely love how natural these women are. My favorite (unfortunately) is "Dresses" - absolutely intense lovemaking. I say 'unfortunately' because it doesn't look like these 3 clips are part of an overall larger planned video. Cindy and Tosha are obviously so into each other. If there aren't any more in this series planned, how about just getting these two to make some other shorts? My other favorite is "Sleepover", and I was so grateful to see that set get expanded. Another obviously in love (and lust) couple. Keep going! Thanks.
- M. (member)

24 October 06

Congratulations on your site. The images and the clips are just so good, aesthetically. Erotic, compelling exciting, I can't have enough. Higher resolutions are truly justified. Some of Robin and Ann's (Ann's seduction) work is absolutely consuming, they are gorgeous, natural and I'm sure genuine, genuine passion and desire. I have seen nothing like this before on the web. Please, please let us know when the DVDs will be released. Also be sure they are available in PAL formats. Again, congratulations , such beautiful images, so sensitively done.
- J.S. (member)

25 October 06

I have rejoined for a 30 day, non-recurring membership yesterday and found some of the new material, particularly Anna and Heather, very erotic. The tenderness, kissing, caressing is electric, and I really like the 50's look. Made me remember the first time my hands strayed up one of those skirts to the warm valley above the nylon tops, stroking my way across the nylons until my hand reached the soft thighs just above, and the scent. Yeow! Keep up the good work. A continued admirer.
- R. (member)

28 October 06

I find your approach to lesbian sex to be innovative and very exciting... As for myself I would like to see a little more lips on labia and some dialogue even if its very soft especially in the dom/sub roles to enhance the sex... Great work and very refreshing. Thanks.
- R. (member)

30 October 06

I like your site, and love the content, exquisitely erotic, but never obscene. What I think I’ll do is let my current membership naturally expire, and look forward to a few months time, when I’ll renew it again… Just a thought, but as a future enhancement, would you consider having zipped versions of your files as download alternatives? That might help reduce the bandwidth consumption. Thanks again.
- E.T. (member)

November 06

Towards the end of our first year, listed on their site.

This is a highly original and profoundly erotic website that contains feature length videos of women making love to each other. A full review is on its way!

2 November 06

Join There are some amazing strapon scenes in clips on that site that will blow you away. Yes, missionary.
- Q. ( Forum)

4 November 06

Your offerings are well received. I realize that it is all fantasy, but Anna and Robin in particular are consumate actresses. The relationship they portray is remarkably realistic and believable. The Dungeon segments are riveting. I look forward to all of your offerings but those two strike a real chord with me.
- M. (member)

You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but personally I find twilightwomen to have some extremely erotic scenes, attractive, natural women, who appear to me at least to be genuinely into women. Also, I like the dynamics between the women even though the dialog is extremely limited. Body language says it all. The women are hot for each other. And they are real women, not the std. porn star look. I like GFF as well. More explicit, and an attempt at a plot of some kind. Most of the women in GFF are in the biz so to speak. Nothing wrong with that, but twilight is unique in that way much the same as abby winters, which I also find in many cases to be very erotic. It's amateur genre in the true sense, unlike GFF, and I think not a bad bargain. There's also the sub/dom element @ TW, which plays out well. Robin and Anna have a hot strapon scene or two, and there's a couple others. I'll compile a list for you.
- Q. ( Forum)

12 November 06

Your material is so painfully subtle. I love it!
- C. (newsgroups)

21 November 06

Definitely different, the content is very real! Great work. You deliver what you state. It would be great if you guys did custom video requests :) I have one that I would like to see (about 30 minutes in length). If you do, or would consider, let me know. Thanks.
- D. (member)

25 November 06

Just wanted to let you know that I will not be renewing my membership, expiring today, but that this is not because of dissatisfaction but rather to financial constraints. I will be back some time in the New Year. Most of your offerings are very well done and appealing to me. While I am aware that the participants are, like the professionals, actresses, (to use a politically incorrect appelation) they are very convincing and their portrayal of enthusiasm for sexual activities, most appealing when slightly understated, is very exciting and somehow satisfying to this male's dreams.
- M. (member)

28 November 06

I have seen one of your videos, and it is the most erotic film I have ever seen! I am so glad you exist. I wish there were more quality porn. Most of what I have seen seems like it was made by and for the kind of people who like to paint flames on the side of their car and watch professional wrestling on TV. No subtlety. The scene I saw of yours was subtle and SO arousing! Thank you.
- D.

29 November 06

Thank you, and keep up the excellent posts.
- G. (newsgroups)

Not everyone was crazy about the site.

4 December 06

I want a refund or a cancelled confirmation not to rebill, this fkkin site sukks you can't even jack off I need to take drugs to get hard looking at this shitty outdated terrible content what a fukin joke this ripoff site is, I'd rather jackoff looking at billboard laying in the grass, I can't believe your fking people with this site.
- R.Z. (member)

13 December 06

The films are very moving and beautiful. It is wonderful to see women who can give themselves up to pleasing themselves and their lovers in a completely natural way. It is also reassuring that they are not obviously made up or dressed in an extravagant fashion, but on the contrary appear to be ordinarily attractive women at ease with their way of life.
- J. (member)

Almost a year after we started, we were mentioned on the Pink Sofa Forums.

14 December 06

G'day, Go to for some really good girl on girl action! You've got to pay for it but at least it's worth it-not a long manicured nail in sight! Enjoy!
- B. (Pink Sofa Forums)

21 December 06

I was thinking to myself that that site of yours had rather restored my "faith" in the fact that the erotic can sometimes be beautiful and powerful and moving - which is so rare on the net, where it is usually either sarcastic or boring beyond belief!!
- D. (member)


1 January 07

Thanks for the quick reply, particularly on New Years. I just figured out the problem. Sorry to have caused you the extra work, but I love your site. Very classy. In fact, I'd seen a clip on another site and followed it back because it stood out in professionalism and quality. Thanks.
- J. (member)

11 January 07

Great!! The best scene I have ever seen. Any more of this?
- G. (newsgroups)

12 January 07

Yuuuumm : ))) I WILL enjoy this!!
- L. (newsgroups)

Holy SHIT! More like this PLEASE! WOW!
- M. (newsgroups)

15 January 07

Your website is amazing! I really appreciate the long, slow way that you develop the foreplay in your movies. Sometimes it gets spine-tingling. Cathryn and Tiffany are amazing together; they have incredible chemistry. And Ann! I've never seen anyone as intensely erotic as her. She's a force of nature, a national treasure, a ---- Well, I'm sure I don' have to tell you!
- T. (member)

20 January 07

Many thanks for allowing me to use the site; I have enjoyed what I have downloaded thus far. I am going away during February and will not be renewing my membership until March. Your content is of the highest I’ve seen on many web sites, so please keep up the good work. I have plenty left to download, so I’m sure my membership will last for a few months. Kindest regards.
- S. (member)

27 January 07

Hot Damn! Three paper towels, my highest rating. Thanks for a great vid.
- R. (newsgroups)

The HOTTEST post I have ever seen here!!!! Damned near burned out my CRT. Thanks and more please!!
- D. (newsgroups)

28 January 07

I love the look of what your site has to offer! Delicious! I was wondering what the costs are and if the Movies are compatible with Macintosh/ Quicktime. Also are the movies downloadable or are they only streaming? I am working on my 'collection' and have to know! Big love on you all sisterz! (do you make any films in the UK? I might be interested in a supporting role?)
- S.

Kisses are good.

12 February 07

Bravo bravo bravo. You are doing a terrific job; you are definitely the sexiest and more erotic site I ever was member with. I like the gentleness of the movies you publish, their romance, their force, their passion, the long and passionate kisses, the caresses, and even the small SM part of them. The technical side is less convincing (colours...), but if this is the price to pay for all the rest, I pay it with pleasure. Please continue the good job you are doing, and let us have more and more updates !
A big kiss to you all !
- E. (member)

17 February 07

I have gotten a couple of your posts in the last short while and I have to say I think they are wonderful! Slow, sensuous, erotic and seductive sex vids seem to be extremely rare in this day and age.
- D. (newsgroups)

19 February 07

This site ROCKS! Finally, someone is getting it RIGHT! It's about chemistry and eroticism and you guys have it in SPADES! Thank You for sharing and keep up the most excellent work. Now please excuse me while I take another shower.
- S.S. (member)

28 February 07

Just a little feedback: my favorite scenes so far have been
(1) the house of shame (no shame as far as I'm concerned!),
(2) the three-way sauna scene (the expressions on Monique's face in the early scenes are priceless),
(3) the scene where Ann has an intimate relationship with Robin's hair (I didn't think it was possible until she did it -- beautiful), and
(4) the 50s beat scene (I'm not sure why I loved it, but I did. I guess it is because Ann is the most passionate and enthusiastic kisser I have ever seen) Thanks.
- T. (member)

3 March 07

These are absolutely fantastic. I'd never seen anything as hot as this material before.
- Y. (newsgroups)

7 March 07

There was one other favorite that I didn't mention in the last email: The Shower series. That was very well done, and I liked the dynamics among the women. The shower scene itself was particularly sweet.
- T. (member)

8 March 07

This is my third membership to your site but it will probably be my last. I have been disappointed that the last three weeks have all been on the same series and pretty slow on action. You have a very erotic site but it seems to be going the wrong way !! Thank You.
- D. (member)

11 March 07

Thank you very much for these delightful episodes.
- A. (newsgroups)

17 March 07

The psychological treatment of sexual desire you depict is very absorbing and makes up for a relatively low graphic quality (Lesbian Seduction parts 1,14, and 15 are the best sex films of any kind I have ever seen – I’m old and have seen a lot). And your actors are adult women, not girls, or women made up to look like girls. I’ve become quite a fan and can’t wait to see what you do next.
- M. S. (member)

18 March 07

I am absolutely in love with Anna Ampar, every inch of her. She has the most beautiful eyes and skin, and an extraordinarily intelligent face. One of her male fans.
- M. (member)

19 March 07

Thank you very much for the very quick reply.  Actually, I love you all.  One of the things I really enjoy is kissing, soft kissing on the face and ears.  I find it extremely sexy.  I guess I'm a weird guy but I get tired of all the meaningless pounding away that I see on most porn sites.  Also, the disrespect for women that I see is a complete turnoff.  So thank you for your site. Best wishes.
- M. (member)

20 March 07

I have seen the video clips and they are very good. I just have one suggestion: I would like to see more missionary style tribadism in your videos. By adding more tribadism, your videos will be much more exciting and titillating! Keep up the good work!
- F. B. (member)

Ann Ampar has very loyal fans.

26 March 07

Ann's solo video has unbalanced my body chemistry.
- A. (member)

3 April 07

Really enjoy your site. Wish all the others would take a lesson from you in providing true erotica instead of hard core porn. I can't get enough of what you do - Make more faster and you'll get more of my money:)
- C. (member)

9 April 07

Just joined your site and was referred here by another member who is also a member of LLV where I have been for five years or so. Your efforts to bring good erotica to us who enjoy it especially lesbian are nicely done. I have pretty much enjoyed being here in the two days as a member. I agree with you 100% about not using the Hollywood model types which are not realistic nor enjoyable. Common everyday women who are truly beautiful in their own special way are the best. The only constructive criticism I would even utter is to ask for more trib (full body contact). That to me is the very best between two women as they have the capability to present it properly and sensually the way it is meant to be. It is also the most sought after by many viewers. You just can't get it very much anywhere and definitely not with the Hollywood groups. Right now the only one doing it is GirlFriend Films and they have an AA1 rating but lately they are sliding someone else needs to be the best and I certainly believe you people are more than capable of the top dog rating. Thank you for allowing me to speak and I wish you every success.
- C. (member)

10 April 07

I have just discovered your site. Kudos for doing something that has not been done in the film industry. You actually have an idea of what erotic is!!. I believe that "the massage" and seduction are two great erotic short films. I feel you have 2 of the best actresses ever in Anna and also Katja. Katja has a natural ability and look of being seduced with some resistance and finally giving in. Put more of a story line around the seduction and it would be great also. Maybe you could even make the massage 2 with Katja coming to robin or Anna takes on Katja. I don't know if you take suggestions, but at least I have encouraged to you continue on films that are erotic and not just plain old porno. Porno just deals with mechanics, they are cheap and easy to make, but has not eroticism to them. Keep up the good work and don't get bogged down in the porno mechanics syndrome with no erotic to it. Seduction with resistance, rough sex such as the massage in other types of story lines, will be a sure winner for a long time. You are supplying a need that no one making films have grasped. Please continue to grow and make them more erotic, please don't just go to plain old mechanics with no storyline or eroticism. Thanks
- D. S. (member)

14 April 07

Thank you for your email and the enclosed instructions. From these I have solved the issue with right clicking and saving the target. Apologies for being so dumb on computers. Very impressed with 1st couple of clips I have watched. Kindest Regards.
- R. (member)

From time to time, other threads on the Lezlove Video forum mention the site.

5 May 07

Real lesbians, their females & pace are not to all tastes. But some like 'em. Tell me if you want more.
- M. ( Forum)

6 May 07

More, more please. I love the real thing.
- D. ( Forum)

Like true lesbianettes, they look like they're really enjoying it!
- M. ( Forum)

8 May 07

Nice. Looked a bit ballet'ish in the beginning. Seems the girls prefer the floor before the bed. But do they ever smile, or show some good chemistry?
- P. ( Forum)

Twilight Women has some good stuff. Just not for everyone. Robin Joy and Anna's series of videos are quite sensuous and erotic, but not necessarily as hard core as some would like. The women are more natural, and there is definitely chemistry between Robin and Anna. I just think they need to update more frequently. :)
- N. ( Forum)

24 May 07

Thanks again for not forgetting about me.. I love the quiet subtlety of these clips…erotica at its best!!! Post any others of this kind…
- A. (newsgroups)

28 May 07

Please post more! Very erotic!
- I. (newsgroups)

1 June 07

As a new member just wanted to tell you we are impressed with your site. As close to real Lesbian love as one can expect. You blow everything else away by comparison.
- H. K. (member)

We're just not for everybody. And maybe that's a good thing.

24 June 07

I have seen many lesbian porn sites. This is the worst i have seen yet. I would truly appreciate a full refund of my $ 30.00 ( usa ) and all taxs. Most of what you had advertised on another site " abbywinters " is not yet even available. I am dissappointed the even recomenaded you being i enjoy there site very much. Perhasp in the future when you have all of what you promise on-line and ready fro viewing, I would again appreciated my money back !
- R. Z. (member)

I have seen many lesbian web sites in the past, and I have to say yours is the worst I have seen so far. I would apprcitaed a full refund on this account. I found this site through abbywinters and i must say i am disspointed in them to recomend this worthless site. All of what they promised is not even on the site yet. Perhaps in the future I will reconsider, but for now expect a full refund.
- R. Z. (member)

27 June 07

Congratulations on a wonderful, sensual lesbian sex site. You truly capture the raw love making between beautiful sexy women. I believe your site is the best I have ever seen and look forward to your new movie scenes. You depict raw hard sex among gorgeous women who are true lesbians. I would like to see more public sex like in the BAR scenes. Thank you.
- T. A. (member)

16 July 07

Thank you so much  and all the best to you (and to TLW staff). Greetings from Rome, Italy...  :-)
- G. (member)

23 July 07

Like the content. Would like to see seduction and surrender of housewives. Keep up the good work.
- B. (member)

5 August 07

Great series… Please post more! Thanks!
- I. (newsgroups)

4 August 07

I'm very pleased with your site. It's very erotic, but I miss one thing. Ann and Robin are my favorite models, but I surely would like some hardcore scenes with them too. Otherwise, just keep up the good work :-) Best regards.
- T. J. (member)

28 August 07

Yes, very erotic. Nice, slow burn, with something of a seduction feel to it. How much more is there of this movie -- do they "go all the way"? I've been thinking about a membership to TW, but I'm on the fence.
- A. ( Forum)

31 August 07

Thank you for the great clips. Do you have more of them?
- R. ( Forum)

This clips is really erotic…please post more of these…
- C. ( Forum)

2 September 07

The nice thing about TW is it's an alternative from all that mainstream oral. But much of it is non-nude, or they spend most of the filming during build up and undressing (like Abby Winters) and there's finally some sex in the end.
- P. ( Forum)

19 September 07

I assume you're asking about movies that are commercially available on DVD, but for my money the movies in twilightwomen's Lesbian Seduction series have some of the most compelling storylines around. The series starts out with a video called Anna's Lesbian Seduction - Part One. In it, timid Anna is introduced to Robin, her masseuse, who quickly becomes her mistress, for lack of a better term (more like her dream come true/worst nightmare). The series develops their relationship, which makes for my favorite lesbian erotica so far. Until they start selling DVDs, though, I've had to join the site and download the movie clip by clip. But it's worth it. This is one instance where a good story line does not lessen the intensity of the sex.
- B. ( Forum)

20 September 07

I haven't been a member there in quite some time, but I agree with in regards to Twilight Women. Robin is quite the dominant, and Anna's non-verbal acting skills are exceptional. I also liked the retro vids. My only complaint was that it wasn't updated with new material often enough.
- N. ( Forum)

24 September 07

I was wondering if you're going to have any more movies with Cathryn and Tiffany, they have good chemistry.
- C. (member)

25 September 07

I know what you mean. I can't get enough either.
- B. ( Forum)

Not being funny, I really don't know about paysites but I saw a clip that came off TwilightWomen and after looking at the site I am thinking of joining my first paysite.
- N.Y. ( Forum)

30 September 07

Hey thanks for replying. I do have a suggestion…if you have Cathryn and Tiffany in another film, don't put them in a 3some or 4some, they work fine on their own.
- C. (member)

1 October 07

I have been a member for some time now . It's very good. I like it.
- J. ( Forum)

4 October 07

Hello, I really enjoyed the files available here. Unfortunately I cannot afford to keep paying monthly payments. I hope to be able to join again later to get the newer files. Keep on Rollin :P
- D. L. (member)

6 October 07

I have returned to your site after a long time to find that you have added such lovely scenes. Ann and Robin are the best combination. Keep the good work going.
- T. (member)

8 October 07

Hi, Thanks for responding so quickly. By the way, from the little content I did download, I think you have a good, quality product. This will probably be one of the few sites that I renew my membership with.
- D. (member)

15 October 07

Thank you for your note. I am enjoying the videos very much.
- T. (member)

Towards the end of our second year - We win some. We lose some.

12 November 07

- C.R. (member)

Very dissatisfied. Only visited your site once during my subscription period. You aggressively and obviously keep from showing women' posteriors. As such you deny one third of the allure of a woman. You should disclose this. It ruins the satisfaction alluded to but denied in your site. No men or eclectics can get the satisfaction desired in your otherwise desirable site.
- C.R. (member)

19 November 07

Thanks for your helpful and informative response. I quickly discovered my error when I followed the directions listed on your website. The videos play fine in WMP when I right click on the file and "Save As" like the Help section told me. I am very pleased with the content. I just wonder how I never found your site before. (I finally did from a banner ad on LezLove.) It must have been buried beneath all the trashy, porno sites Twilight Women is definitely not. But like most websites, the quality ones usually rise to the top!! Thank you for showing women in loving, passionate situations without all the smut.
- B. (member)

29 November 07

We really enjoy most of the videos. We would love to see a hardcore love-making scene between Robin and Monique. Keep up the great work!
- M. & K. (members)

11 December 07

Hello, For 2 years I am a member (with interruptions). The content is phantastic!! Best regards.
- G. (member)

14 December 07

Wow, I just re-joined after almost four months off, hoping to see some nice new material. Unfortunately, I don't see anything except long, boring videos of Anna and Robin. Hint to Twilight Women - no one wants to see Anna and Robin staring at each other. Give us more of the other girls, especially Tiffany. I am disappointed.
- C. (member)


11 January 08

I liked very much your site but I thing that you performe very little sex scenes. See one woman caress the other is beautiful but they have finish making sex. See for exemple in ann ampar robin joy in the first part in massage we have some scenes of bondage but after that we don't have more. In fifties is only caresses. You are just the opposite of very good site the LezLove they make only sex with out of love and YOU MAKE JUST LOVE WITH OUT OF SEX. Increase scenes of sex and you site will be the best. Good 2008 and best regards.
- A. (member)


14 January 08

I have just signed up recently and I am very impressed with the videos so far I do enjoy a good slow seduction and a good story before and after the seduction it's always nice to see a woman coax another and more fun when a woman young and shy and has never been with a woman before. Keep up the good work I will be watching more videos in the future.
- J. D. (member)

22 January 08

For what it's worth, has some very hot stuff in this genre.
- N. ( Forum)

23 January 08

In twilightwomen I watched a very hot video…
- V. ( Forum)

At the beginning of 2008, a few of our clips were discussed on the Lezlove Video forum.

26 January 08

This is from a series of clips called, "Secret" with Gena and Tosha which can be downloaded at There are ten clips in all. It's not really vintage nor "older/younger", although one girl might be slightly older. The clips are very slow moving, but highly erotic. There is almost no audible dialogue and the first scene begins with one of the women (I don't know which is Tosha and which is Gena) fully clothed who lies on her bed and starts to play with herself through her long dress (cute button down the front number, always liked that type for the easy access). Her friend comes in and there is a long period where they mostly gaze into one another's eyes before the girl who came in starts tenderly, and gently caressing her. Both appear as if they just got out of the shower and got dressed. She places her hand on the hand of the girl lying down, and there is camera focus on their hands gently caressing, then her ear, and so on. She eventually fingers her to orgasm. Then her partner goes down on her. They are never totally nude throughout the whole scene which adds to the eroticism. You get the feeling (a warm one), that they are really making love, not just having sex.

I have seen these two in an another series together at Twilight Women, and there is visible chemistry between the two. On a whim, I re-joined this site after a couple of years. Almost all of the vids have a "vintage" tone to them, and I would say they are for the most part highly erotic, not always hard core, but charged with a good amount of sub/dom type of play, spanking in some and very little dialogue. I don't think dialogue is necessary to express desire and longing if the actresses are really into it. There is a lot of subtlety to the scenes, and they are slow moving. Photography is not always the best, and the camera movements and positioning not always to my liking, but the women all seem turned on and very into one another in almost all the scenes. Non-recurring 30 day subscription is $30.
- N. ( Forum)

28 January 08

Lesbian/bi erotica is just about my favorite visual and literate type of material. Over the years many good sites have come and gone and far too often the ones that survive are those that are designed "by men, for men". They are usually more pornographic than erotic. I might suggest that you check out a site called "". It is a pay site and contains videos only, but they are highly erotic and focus more on pursuit and capture than the sex act itself. Good luck in your quest!
- L. (Literotica Discussion Board)

No comment….. Wonderful!!!! It's the only thing I can say! It's the first time I have found a web site so SEXY! Please don't stop…..;) Thanks for the idea!
- G. (member)

7 February 08

Though they're not known for this particular fetish, has at least one movie that is all about the legs. It's the second movie of the Reclaiming Mara trilogy (Reclaiming Mara Part 2). Almost the whole movie is Cindy kissing, licking, caressing Mara's bare legs. There is some trade off with Mara paying attention to Cindy's bare legs. Towards the end of the movie, they get into a great scissor trib position which is very hot. Mara is naked throughout the movie, but Cindy stays mostly clothed, which somehow adds sexy element to the situation. Some of the lustful looks on Cindy's face as she completely devours Mara's legs are perfect.
- W. ( Forum)

A lesbian blog site reposted a twilightwomen clip from YouTube. A reader commented on the clip.

That kissing scene was hot!!! Is that from I was subscribed at one point, their videos are very artistic and emphasize the drama, like there is one called Ana's Seduction, this secretary goes in to get a massage, and for the first 10 minutes it is just a platonic massage, and just when you start to wonder why you're watching, the massager starts to get more bold, and the secretary starts to enjoy it more than one would expect, and it starts to get REALLY hot...I don't want to give away too much but let's just say that the message therepist gets a little rough with the secretary...WOAH it is hot. anyway, the girl on top with her hair pulled back in this video looks like the secretary on :) plus the room looks a lot like one of the rooms they use on that site :)
- B. (

8 February 08

I recently joined TW again after a couple of years. They have some great, erotic, and seductive material. I just wish they would improve their camera work and also make some full length videos. They Cindy and Mara scenes you described along with the others with Cindy and Mara are good examples of TW's stuff, and all of the women at TW surely are into women. I think TW is getting more attention these days on this board. They need greater exposure.
- N. ( Forum)

Just before Valentine's Day 2008, a French blog,, wrote about the site.

12 February 08

L’internet rose est comme n’importe quel autre business, il y a les grosses machines à côté desquelles essaient de se faire une place des sites plus “indé” qui recèlent parfois de véritables bijoux. Dans ce registre voici, un site aussi mystérieux que simple (limite amateur question web-design…) au contenu vraiment unique.

Twilight Women vous propose de télécharger des vidéos, que dis-je, de véritables petits films, sur le thème du trouble et de l’attirance de femmes pour d’autres femmes. Le sous titre du site “séduction et vaine résistance” (”séduction and hopeless resistance“) est à prendre au pied de la lettre.

Cependant, à la différence de tas d’autres sites estampillés “première expérience lesbienne” (…), vous ne verrez pas ici de bimbos assises sur un canapé qui se retrouverons en pleine léchouille après deux lignes de faux dialogues. Les films de Twilight Women, interprétés par de vrais amateurs, feraient plus dans le style art et essai. Ils sont contemplatifs, pleins de visages, de regards, de respirations… Les situations qu’ils mettent en scène laissent à chaque fois passer un désir, ou le trouble du désir, d’une manière incroyablement palpable et sensuelle.

J’ai été abonné à ce site il y a quelques années, et je suis incapable de vous parler de l’évolution de son contenu depuis. Je peux juste vous dire qu’il contient quelques dizaines d’heures de films lesbiens, soft et hard, exclusifs et vraiment originaux. Mentions spéciales à la Séance de massage, qui se transforme en une étonnante séance de domination entre deux femmes, et au film Sauna, qui vous montrera un manège à trois aussi excitant que vaporeux…

Les connaisseurs, ainsi que les personnes à la recherche d’un érotisme (ou d’un porno…) différent, feraient bien d’aller découvrir ce surprenant site (abonnemnt à 30$).

20 February 08

This site is what I have been looking for. I am 40 and looked a lot of sites and porn but never really getting what I was looking for. Just acting pro fakes. Nothing more erotic than 2 people truly making love. Please don't change much just more of it. Please don't do what others do and try for close ups and fake positions. Keep them coming can't wait for more. Very pleased.
- T. (member)

23 February 08

Your site is a giant leap into erotic online artistic excellence. I am on the other team so to speak but your efforts are excellent. Keep on keeping on!
- G. G. (member)

In March of 2008, expanded their listing of

March 08

Twilight Women is a highly original and profoundly erotic website that contains feature length videos of women exploring their deepest lesbian desires. Seduction, slow and irresistible is a key theme. Much of this material derives its inspiration from the Lesbian Pulp Fiction of the 1950's and 60's - especially the works of Ann Bannon, author of such masterpieces of the genre as "Women in The Shadows", "Odd Girl Out" and "Journey To A Woman". And it is another web site where the lovely Zille Defeu of CyDy fame is to be seen! Zille's former lover Alexi also features..

4 March 08

Just joined. Liked the shame concept. Will write later after watching.
- A. (member)

Hello, I just joined your site and LOVE IT! I love the style and mood you present with the models. Some great pairings too! Adding more Older/younger pairings would be great. Thanks!
- H. (member)

28 March 08 - for me, this site is really the (well-kept secret) pinnacle of enjoyment for watching women have sex with other women. The thing that stands out is that the women on this site look like women you went to college with or might know. The emphasis is on seduction and conflict in the *storylines* which I also appreciate. Hot in these movies is not the same as hot anywhere else. It's not for everyone, but it is special and unique.
- W. ( Forum)

29 March 08

I don't know how I found Twilight Women the first time, but when I did, I knew it something special. There's very little dialogue, but the intensity of the passion between the women is so amazing to watch as the explore one another's bodies with their hands, lips, and most excitingly their eyes. I think you could say they penetrate each other with their eyes as much as their fingers and tongues.
- N. ( Forum)

31 March 08

You are fantastic…the massage strips are so erotic…WOW…Any more? I cannot even begin to tell you…
- K. (newsgroups)

1 April 08

Those of us who have seen other TW videos know they have always had excellent GG product. This posting is no exception.
- L. (newsgroups)

9 April 08

With regards to the general content, I'm very impressed. I'd love to see the girls wear more satin clothes, nothing feels as nice to stroke as a lady in silky satin! Thanks.
- D. H. (member)

16 April 08

Thank you and keep up the splendid work.
- J. B. (member)

17 April 08

May I express my pleasant surprise at your prompt and courteous assistance in this matter, and my delight at your kind and personal assistance in this trivial matter, but I guess that is what one should expect from a site of your caliber. I imagine that for y'all, this site is as much a labor of love as a business proposition, because that is what comes through in your films, so the warm personal touch in dealing with your customers should not be surprising.

May I further say that this ol' farm boy finds your efforts lovely, touching, and terribly erotic on those long winter nights after the cows have been put to bed. Please pass along my best regards to all your lovely actresses and technical personnel for their marvelous efforts on behalf of we, your loyal viewing public. Keep rocking.
- J. B. (member)

20 April 08

I love the first scenes of lesbian Vampire, please continue updating them! Your entire site relly rocks!!!
- A. (member)

22 April 08

Is this for lesbians.
- D.

1 May 08

My wife (bisexual) asked me to ask you for a favor. We both fell in love with Ann Ampar while watching a clip from the newsgroups. She loves most erotic video however claims it is mainly for men. I agree. We joined TW to see more of Ann but she has asked if you can direct us to the scenes that are a little more expicit. Your work is fabulous however our taste needs some graphic content. If it is your intent not to be graphic, please don't feel that we are being critical. Your work is wonderful!
- B. (member)

6 May 08

Ciao siete brave.
- S.

8 May 08

Thank you very much for your help. Now everything ok! My best greetings from Rome, Italy. Ciao.
- W. (member)

I love your site...wish you could go a bit higher res...maybe you could make these available for a reasonable price on DVD in high res?

This is the only site that seems natural (Abby Winters is decent, but no story and Viv Thomas does some decent story movies, but the price tags are very expensive and they aren't as natural as your stories).

I think some dialogue (not too much please!) would greatly enhance your movies, but they are still excellent. Of course, I am an amateur, so I guarantee you're doing better than I would.
- B. (member)

14 May 08

You have a great site. My suggestion to make it even better is to add older / overweight models to your site.
- M. (member)

20 May 08

I'm enjoying a lot with your site, it's so fine and very very erotic (not porno). Compliments to you all. Ciao ciao from the Eternal City, my wonderful ROMA.
- W. (member)

22 May 08

Some friends and I, all of whom have enjoyed surfing the net for its erotic sites and content for years, have an observation that you might find interesting. Performers on your site obviously enjoy what they are doing, smiling, laughing, and otherwise letting their enjoyment of what their hormones create as sexual pleasure show with little pretense. Performers on most other sites are so serious that even the eventual smile is usually a pretense. This is particularly true of gay men's sites where they are so serious that it seems to be taboo to smile, relax, and act like they enjoy what they are doing. The pleasure you provide to viewers, at least in our case, is directly proportional to the pleasure your performers show in having fun with their sexuality. They do that quite well, better than anyone else we know of! We hope it continues.
- R. H. (member)

4 June 08

Great site. My only request is that you include some interracial clips, films to round out your selection.
- P. V. (member)

I can honestly say that you gals really know how what you're doing in the "arousal arts" department. I've been carousing the web since I was 18 and I can say your website is one of the top 3 in terms of adult entertainment in my book. I particularly like the kissing scenes since many guys like me as well as plenty of the ladies who are into that thing too can tell when a kiss is too awkward or when the models/actresses aren't comfortable with each other or when the direction is forced. I'm also enjoying the bar scenes of the lesbian vampire movie too. What I love about it is not only is there arousing action (kissing, flirting etc.) going on but a bar is a great scene for that type of film, and the voyeurism is top notch. Will we be seeing more film like that in the future? Keep up the great work ladies and I'll be sure to look forward to those weekly updates. A big fan.
- P. (member)

11 June 08

I'm not sure I (we) qualify as the "connoisseurs" you have called us, but we do like sensitive, exciting, fun sex in all of its varieties, including what you call "a few wonderful exceptions". I have two suggestions to offer for whatever they are worth. One is that you expand your range of locations and circumstances because it is likely to expand the imaginations, interests and enjoyment of your viewers. The other is a little more esoteric. Try to imagine someone looking at your work product ("pleasure product"?) 30-50 years from now and comparing it with other such endeavors both now and in years past. It's hard to imagine that the historical significance will be viewed on a par with developments in cancer research, to choose an extreme example, but I have a suspicion that your standing in the area of history that your work does occupy will be viewed as a major positive reflection of it, especially with your emphasis on the pleasure of specific types of erotica while avoiding the politically inspired rhetoric that frequently clouds its impact. Your influence during these years could be immense, just by simply doing what you do so well and avoiding the tendency others have to get carried away by their success. Take care.
- R. (member)

19 June 08

I am a fan I am also an artist, I've gone from doing acrylics to oils in the past year. I'm writing to you because I chose "Cathryn" as a face model for my latest painting (the painting needs a few finishing touches). I'd be curiouse to know what you all think of the painting, and if she has any comments. I'm available for commissions too. Thanks.
- C. (member)

The artistic aroma that dwells within, continues to fragrance my bedroom:) take that last comment for what you will:) but I'm really enjoying the website and it's terrific storytelling. One thing I despise about conventional porn and even some fetish websites that try to go that direction is that when they tell a story (or try to) it's done within mere minutes and there's virtually nothing to get you "in the mood". Sure there may be some foreplay (which I enjoy with my girl) but ultimately I find the rush into the sex to be a little annoying at times. I love how the story is really where the center of the film is at, and the love making is seen as a bonus not so much the meat of the film. I mentioned last time about the bar scenes and how much I'm enjoying them. In the first few scenes of "Lesbian Vampires scene 1" there's a lot of smoking going on. I consider that one of my BIG fetishes (I love feminine brands like Virginia Slims) and while I don't smoke I do enjoy women who do. I know it's probably impossible to film scenes like that in bar settings now since most of those places may have gone smoke free? Do you have any plans to incorporate some of that in future films? What I don't like about a lot of the Smoking Fetish sites I frequent is the lack of story and build up. I think if anybody can do a smoking fetish film and do it right it would be you. What do you think? Thanks for reading my e-mail.
- P. (member)

20 June 08

Rachel has got to be the most beautiful woman I've ever seen! Keep her coming!
- J. (member)

24 June 08

Your site seems absolutely wonderful. I am a bit of an admirer.
- R. (member)

26 June 08

I'd just like to compliment you all for your site. It really is different from the others out there. I'm a fan of Anais Nin and Twilightwomen is more along those lines.
- C. (member)

27 June 08

Thanks for letting me know what you think of letting me know what I think of your work:) I really do appreciate it when we see somebody who not only takes the time and showcases well thought out stories but also has the erotic twists and themes yours do. The biggest problem I'd say with "conventional porn" is the fact that it's so bland. Sure who doesn't get off to watching two women do it but when you're trying to throw a really stupid scenario at me and expect me to believe that the "story" is "real" then you're insulting my intelligence. That may sound snooty but hell, I actually expect my "whacking material" to have some standards LOL
- P. (member)

30 June 08

Yours is the only really interesting site I've seen. Drama is more interesting than.. well.. you know. Thanks.
- F.

2 July 08

I am back after a brief break! I am so glad that I am back. Your videos have taken a new boost and they are more erotic than ever before...thank you. Ann and Robin, the best pair and a winning combination. Their passion for each other is expressed so finely and erotically in your videos..Thanks...Keep the good work going...Of course, I would love to see more often postings than once a week..:)
- T. (member)

12 July 08

Many thanks for your clear guidance - al is now satisfactory and I can enjoy the site. Many thanks again.
- N. (member)

14 July 08

Genius comes in all forms, seduction is the key, I have never been so turned on by your films, the journey to climax is the ultimate orgasm trip something my 40 yr old body has never experienced "BRAVO".
- J. (member)

15 July 08

Thank you. These movies are great. Please continue to move in this direction. Looking forward to more.
- S. (member)

27 July 08

I think your site is awesome and do very well, however, I would like to see more anal play, I have yet to see any at all, and Also, some pee erotica would be nice to see. Also,..more fingering instead of rubbing.
- A. D. (member)

30 July 08

We need to se some anal!!!!!!!!
It's another erogenous zone, and nobody is addressing it!!!!!!!!!!
- A. D. (member)

1 August 08

I just got done watching "sheets". I don't know who was operating the camera, but he/she did a lousy job. As soon as Monica entered the picture, the camera should have gone to her and stayed on her. (she's NEW!!!!) Even when she was going down on Tiffany, the camera wasn't on her until the end. What's up with that shit?
- A. D. (member)

4 August 08

Is it possible to post some comments on this wonderful website?
- A. (member)

Any chance of reading biographies of all the ladies? Are they all lesbians actually? Some obviously are. I would love to read about their background.
Let me say these are the hottest lesbian videos I have ever seen. In many scenes,.......if it's all acting......they sure have me fooled. Ann and Marra are priceless!!!!!! Marra is so petite and has the body of a young teenager. YUM!!! I love Cindy also. She is so raunchy nice!!!!!! Still waiting for something...anything anal. They act as if it's a forbidden zone or something. Sure would spice up many of the scenes.
- A. D. (member)

25 August 08

Just to say thank you for dressing the girls in some satin costumes. I'm really hoping that I will see more girls being stroked in satin clothes (in the roleplay sequence it's the nasty nylon being stroked...oh well, maybe they'll swap over). I'd love to see satin blouses, chinese satin cheongsam dresses and maybe even a black pvc mac in future vids. Many thanks.
- D. (member)

17 September 08

I think your ideas are fantastic! To be honest, my wife and I rarely watch porn these days as it has become just as you described it. I am intrigued by your ideas and have an interest in your videos. Cheers, and good luck, I hope your venture goes splendidly, and that you enjoy your venture.
- J. (

16 October 08

In the dungeon series some onscreen tying would have been nice. It is always interesting to see the process not only the results.
- L. (member)

28 November 08

I love your site. I think it is one of the most erotic I have ever seen. I used to be a member but I left because of the quality of the downloads. I am considering joining again. I would like to know if you have improved the quality of your clips as most people have high speed internet access now. Thank you.
- J. K. (member)

15 December 08

Great site. Very beautiful women. Nice change from the usual adult entertainment that show women in a more demeaning way. Keep up the good work.
- D. (member)

28 December 08

When was the Lesbian Seduction series filmed? Are Anne and Robin still working in the business? I really enjoy the work of both actresses. They have an excellent chemistry and play off of one another exceptionally well. Little Anne is a prolific kisser. She can kiss more in a five minute clip than anyone I've seen. She's so hot. Keep up the good work.
- G. (member)


19 February 09

I have enjoyed your clips for nearly a year, perhaps more. Very high quality. Very erotic. Regret to say that the clips for several months have been much less so. I support your site but have found myself pretty disappointed of late. Hope things improve as I don't want to "unsubscribe". Hope the economics of the day are not a downer! And BTW I appreciated a reply a good while ago when I sent a note (laudatory) then.
- G. G. (member)

23 February 09

I am downloading quite heavily right now... am headed into the hospital within a few days, and I'll be able to take the pc, but no cable... so am stocking up on some "viewing pleasures"... great for recovery... lol. ALSO, very important !!!... you have a wonderful site, and from some of the videos I've scanned... quite delightful, artistic, and YES, quite a cut above the rest. Makes me wish I were involved with your operation - Regards, and thank you.
- R. (member)

25 February 09

Your reply is very kind. You have a very special site. As I am sure you know and are told. Yours was the first continuing site that seemed interested in quality -- with Abby Winters right in there!!
- G.G. (member)

U should add tickling.
- D.

26 February 09

The one thing I noticed on these pages and in 2 films was the failure to appreciate (or the lack of interest in establishing) an increasing passive mood tone almost matching the normal "stepped technique" as produced in good writing by the use of excellent
"rising complications."

The mood ("re-establishing the passive mood is better") should be colored by silence, early dawn light or late pre-midnight darkness, in order to compel all principals to react according to man's earliest memories of dreadful threats that await him and his kind once they moved far from the dying fire.

Every scene can be silent and open upon a darkened set. Broad movements from those on the bed can be OK. Like girls and many older women who desire to have their lovers slowly and with seeming excessive but inevitable cunning on their part, approach the other woman seemingly asleep, and effect the beginning of stepped-yielding in both of the actresses in spite of herself or both not desiring this outcome. Thus another "struggle" begins as the dominant one fights for control and the passive woman yields only in stepped benchmarks. All of this combined increases the strength of the plot structure and makes for the most erotic and sensual scene without pushing the logic to far afield. Emotions at this time in the best movies oscillate between each other and are different. Viewers must be readily able to appreciate scenes led by the VERY passive women.

When finally aroused to action-- sexual or otherwise--the final call could be the most passive character's decision to murder the woman or even larger group who either trivialized or exaggerated her passiveness and the plot slipped into bathos. But some terrific films I saw were done in near darkness and one could barely see the passive woman's slow but growing interest in the seduction the other woman was employing to conquer her.
- H.B.

24 April 09

I just want to say how brilliant these twilight women are. I'm browsing through your site and watching the video clips. These women are just sooooo sexy! This is wonderful, keep up this brilliant job. I also have to add my admiration for Ann Ampar and Robin Joy. Ann's craving for Robin is so sexy and beautiful and it's so real. More of these beautiful ladies please!
- B. (

25 April 09

Hi, Thank you! Your information was very useful. Now, everything is going right. I am really delighted by your videos. Best regards.
- A. S. (member)

28 April 09

Sorry for the mistake, but I won't be renewing. All the new vids are quite a letdown. I'm not particularly a fan of how you drag out scenes doing nothing, but mostly want annoys me is there's no kninky stuff. In the lastest scene Cindy mentioning to Monigue about peeing, but I've never seen anything like that at any time.
- A. D. (member)

5 May 09

I am a 65-year-old male who is a big fan of lesbian erotica, and who is wondering if you guys at Twilight Women will ever start producing DVDs that I and others so inclined can buy rather than downloading your stuff on my computer. I am very low-tech and would prefer to watch your seemingly excellent productions via DVD. Any chance of this ever happening? Even if the answer is no, I would appreciate a reply. Thanks.
- J. G. (member)

A wonderful post! I love TW. Many thanks!
W. (newsgroups)

13 May 09

Thank you so much for replying -- oftentimes companies give you opportunities to write, but the emails seem to end up in a black hole. And that's great news that eventually Twilight Women will be producing DVDs. Put me on the list!!!
- J. G. (member)

23 May 09

Destinazione paradiso.
- J.

29 May 09 as I've mentioned here before has some promising shoots. There's not a lot of dialogue, barely any in fact, but for me the erotic buildup is very hot. Not for everyone, as I understand, but worth a try.
- N. ( Forum)

11 June 09

I like your website. I am woman in love with another woman, and I work with massage.
- H.

13 June 09

Your videos are very well done and very erotic... love to watch them...but the downloading is very spoils the enjoyment of the video...are there dvds available to purchase? Thank you.
- E. M. (member)

21 July 09

I like yours sensual videos. Kiss.
- O. (

J'adore cette sensualité ...
- O. (

22 July 09

Bonjour, Bravo pour les nouvelles mises en ligne, sur le site et sur cet espace. Bisous les filles.
-M. (

23 July 09

Caresses, baiser soft, quelle sensualité ...
- O. (

26 July 09

And a story between two women in boxing gloves and nothing else? For example: two annoing lovers meet and casually play boxing in a sitting room after had sex. I like a lot your films.
- G.

2 August 09

Lovely sweet scene!!!!!!!!
- C. (

3 August 09

Hi, great site, real great. Now gotta cancel subscription tho. Please advise...thx ladies.
- H. M. (member)

15 August 09

Hi, I wanted to tell you that I very much like the way Ann expresses her lust, when Robin is playing with her. Ann very often wears highheeled brown pumps and I wonder, if she is into highheels. I would like to watch a video, where Ann wears a short dress and nylons with a garter belt. I would prefer highheeled kneehigh leather boots, no hooker boots but the expensive ones that rich women wear on the street. It would be great, if Ann is undressed slowly by Robin "against her will" - since Ann seems to prefer slappings in the face that would round up the scene. Could you please give me an answer about that idea? Best regards and keep on making sensitive films - Thank you!
- H. (member)

30 August 09

Fantastic clip erotic .. 10/10. Keep up the great work
- C. (

7 September 09

Très très beau ! J'adore les films de cette série avec de vrai lesbiennes amoureuses!
- D. (

15 September 09

Yes please.
- A.S.

16 September 09

Hi, First of all: amazing site. Thanks. Finally, any chance that all videos can be made available in higher resolutions? Thanks.
- K. (member)

17 September 09

I am only a man, but me feels strongly the passion which emanates from your videos!
- D. (

21 September 09

What you're doing seems amazing. I'm a huge fan of Jess Franco, and his airy, erotic character studies are some of his strongest films. One of the only films I've seen that catches that spirit is William Hellfire's "Devils' Bloody Playthings" which is a masterpiece of erotic cruelty. Really well acted too. I plan on checking out your website when I get home (I'm at work now) but I hope I'll be able to buy a DVD there.

I'm always excited to see unique, homemade films. It's probably obvious, but the barrage of "well-produced" films, music and TV really sicken me more than ever. Everything is "just so" all the time. There's been so much money and school bleeding through the artistic process that people don't even know a good thing when they see it anymore, they just want to see something that caters to EXACT, pre-conceived notions that they've been conditioned to accept as "quality".

Oh yeah, ever see "Teenage Tupelo"? by John Michael McCarthy? Another great film.
- M. (

2 October 09

Love your concept.
- M. (member)

7 October 09

Soft sweet Love & Kisses !!!!!!! thanks
- C. (

The "Love & Kisses" serie is that we waited and hoped ! Oh thanks !
- M. (

13 October 09

Twilight Women is a site with a style all its own. This is a key point they make right from the get-go on the guest tour. It's a lesbian niche site that has an amateur feel to it in terms of the sites layout and actual shoots. Guests can browse around the site previewing the content and the models page so that can be helpful. They're pretty strong in their convictions regarding what the site is about and who it is geared towards. They even have a note that the content is not meant for Gen X or Y viewers. I got a chuckle out of that but I get their point that what's featured here has a different feel than some surfers are accustomed to.

The Pros:
* Exclusive, Creative & Stylish Lesbian Movie Episodes.

Without a doubt the type of content featured here along with the exclusivity are the main selling points of Twilight Women. They do a nice job of producing lesbian movies that meet their stated philosophy. There is a nice mix of plots and set-ups to go along with the kissing and full on sex.

* Sizable Collection of Videos, Years of Archives.

Twilight Women focuses just on video content and forego pictures which is totally fine and actually a positive in my view. The total amount of content is very nice for a site of this kind and they have archives going back to 2005.

* Weekly Updates, Log of Recent Additions on Home Page.

The site's home page has a recent list of additions plus all of the episodes in the collection are date-stamped so its viewers know when an item was added to the site. The general update pace is once per week which is about what I expected.

* Other Good Stuff:
* Clear file size information is posted for each movie segment.
* Length information is posted for the episodes as a whole and the clip segments.
* Main billing method is a non-recurring charge with a secondary recurring option.
* Download speed is pretty fast.

The Cons:
* Average Video Quality/Specs, Clip Segments Only.

With exclusivity and originality as the key selling points the main trade off you're going to have to make here is on the content quality and options. The videos are in MPEG clip segments only without any full-movie files. On average the clips are around 5 minutes long and with these lengthy episodes that makes for a lot of downloading to get a full shoot.

* Confusing Design, No Details on the 'Performers' Page.

The graphics and text are pretty basic here although since this is an amateur style collection that's not my main issue here. It took me a while to figures out where the movies were housed. Eventually I found the sections namely Selected Scenes, Lesbian Seduction, House of Shame, Beyond Twilight). The performers page doesn't link through to the model appearances nor is there info on the ladies.

* Minor Negatives:
* Could use more written summaries of the shoots.
* Small number of total models.

Bottom Line:
The stylish lesbian movies really stand out but the vid formatting & site design are weaknesses.

With sites that feature amateur style content you usually expect more personality in exchange for things like lesser content quality. Twilight Women is a true example of that as they have personality and originality in spades but the infrastructure holds them back. For instance having to download many clip segments to get one episode detracts a bit from how easy it is to enjoy the content. The same goes for the video quality and site design/navigation. So overall they have fun content but could do a better job presenting it to members.

19 October 09

Your work is very enticing. The dominance theme is clearly present in several of the videos.
- D.

23 October 09

It seems very authentic. They seem to really be enjoying what they're doing as against purely acting the part.
- A. D. (member)

25 October 09

You are doing a great job with this series. keep up the good work.
I. (

29 October 09

Thank you for taking the time to answer my email and my questions.  Your email was more than I expected.  Getting to know some of your subscribers on a personal basis like that is very haeartwarming, and lets me know that there are still REAL people out there that you can talk to and converse with either in rea person or by email.  Well, thanks again for your time and best of luck in the future.
- A. D. (member)

5 November 09

The woman in red is so hot! Omg, look at her long sexy legs! Mmmmmm...
- S. (

6 November 09

This kiss is a masterpiece!
- D. (

7 November 09

Merci pour ces magnifiques clips glamours et érotiques .... 1000 kiss
- O. (

12 November 09

I could resist letting You know how fantastic the Vampires series are. I love the denouement very much. Congratulations. You are doing a super job. P-S. In fact I love all the series.
- J. T. (member)

15 November 09

Envie de caresser ces jambes à la peau de porcelaine, de les couvrir de baisers... mmmmmm...
- S. (

Mmmm...on ne peut être assis près de ces jambes ,sans avoir envis de les caresser!... Merci de réaliser mes fantasmes.
- D. (

17 November 09

I want to say thank you because you both answer to me in french (what is unusual) and believe me. So what can i say? Merci beaucoup! I will suscribe again and again! But if i use the opportunity that i am speaking to your team to make a request. Please more dialogue, especially between Cindy and mara. Their sadomasochistic relationship permit it. Anyway your work is excellent!
- S. (member)

19 November 09

Il serait indécent et impolis d'être assis à côté de ces superbes jambes sans les caresser!
- D. (

24 November 09

Needless to say that I can't wait for "wednesdays" to enjoy the update in the Vampire series. I just love it. I do love the other series also.
- J. T. (member)

25 November 09

I'm not too fond of the vampire videos.  There isn't any sex, least not yet.
- A. D. (member)

Twilight Women is a strictly videos only site that basically features lesbian women, but from there on, it falls out of general categories, for it is fresh and uniquely represented in their use of 30+ year old women who regard lesbian sex as more than just sex. The site brings to mind lesbian romance, where the goal is to pleasure each other without the frantic urgency of "straight" sex. There are plots and setups in their videos, and even though there is tons of sex involved, there is always the softest "glow" between the women portrayed.

They reveal lesbian erotica as more of the entrance to a dark shadowland and very forbidden act fraught with shame, guilt and conflicts, rather than just a sex act. There is real drama in their depictions too, even though the tense erotica builds and builds, through character development that radiates through the presentations. Each of their videos features the softest of touches -- caresses that allow the sense of what is going on to build to an almost breaking point and finally even a soft dnouement of the scene. Though it's a word that has been used to excess, one always has the feeling that the women being portrayed are totally uninhibited in their nakedness.

When the women kiss, you tend to want to hold your breath, almost afraid that you are about to shatter the moment. It is absolutely totally rare to actually be able to see emotions in porn usually. Many feel that to introduce emotions into it takes away from it. I feel that this site is just totally contrary to that thought. When a couple, be they straight or lesbians, get together it's not usually just a base act composed entirely of a hard mating ritual, but emotions that in reality ebb and flow during the lovemaking. It's called lovemaking for a reason, and not just as a means of avoiding the term fucking. Each time they have a lovemaking session, they seduce each other using tender means, soft touches, and pleasure inducing caresses.

There is a massage and sauna movie that will drive you positively up the wall with desire as the women touch each other softly and slowly, the caresses getting bolder, the kisses harder as their bodies slip and slide against each other from the massage oils used. And there's another that uses BDSM as the base of the story line. By movement only, one can immediately ascertain who is the Domme, and who is the submissive. They are both so hot that one can feel the heat through each second the movie plays. One can in fact thoroughly feel the Dominance of the one over the other. The hopeless resistance of the submissive will make your heart pound.

Part of what makes this site so credible too, is the age bracket of the amateur lesbians. Very few teens can grasp the knowledge that they are indeed lesbians in real life. Many find the lifestyle after they have been married to a male and even have had children. That's the reality of it. By using women who are in the 25 to 35-age bracket, they've been able to capture more reality with the site. On the sensuous side of the site, there are times when spanking is called for, as is the use of various toys. Again, I stress that the amateurs in the films are basically uninhibited.

With their archives going back to 2005, you will find approximately 651 video clips, which are offered in Mpeg format. This represents 66 hours of video! Most of the clips last approximately 8 minutes each. The site updates once a week, ordinarily on Wednesday nights, with about 12 new video clips per month. Their videos are 100 exclusive. Also, there are no full movie files, thus it will take you a long time to download a complete movie. There are thumbnails for each of the clips for you to select, but otherwise no pictures.

In conclusion, if you are tired of the same kind of lesbian porn that everyone else is putting out and you want something slower and more sensitive, this is the site that you've been searching for. It is artistically created and sensuousness is its goal at all times. The way that the women touch each other, and even look at one another, is totally different and more adequately reflects the way that "real" lesbian sex is participated in. Each clip is fresh and unique. There are absolutely no picture sets to be had, but the clips are so rich and deep that you won't even miss them!

30 November 09

I am a recent subscriber and I am enthralled by what you do.

You purvey the best erotica I ve ever seen. You have seized on denial as a vital element to passion, and you explore it beautifully. It s as if you re taking modern freedoms and pouring them through Victorian filters where repression and frustration distill sexual essences while adding rare and precious tang to the brew. You re playing with liquid fire. I am intoxicated.

I have written verse inspired by twilightwomen. I plan to write more. If you are interested in seeing some of it, please let me know.
- R. B. (member)

6 December 09

I do want to tell you that Ann Ampar is my personal favorite.  She's so Beautiful and I Love the way she moves in bed and kisses.
- D. (

7 December 09

Without getting too in-depth / inapprppriate regarding the twilightwomen content - it was a mind twisting sensual assault! What an unbelievably cool, unique and downright sexy collection of videos. The performances are astounding, and when Ann is touched the viewer can feel it as if it were their own body. I've never seen erotic video with that quality before - incredible work! I also simply LOVE the sets/tone of all the videos.
- M. (member)

10 December 09 produces erotica of rare taste, sensitivity and passion. I’ve looked at much more smut than I care to admit, and I have never seen anything that moved me the way your stuff does. I admire and salute everyone involved in creating it.
- R. (member)

11 December 09

I've been a member of your site off-and-on for a few years now; mainly when you have anything new featuring cindy. I think she's great and I would like to see much, much more of her work.
- F. (member)

12 December 09

These days Div’s work has a firm hold on my imagination and I am glad and grateful for it. I thank him and you and crew and actors for the inspiration.

I have much more I would like to share with you and anyone else who cares to read it. I hope you and Div appreciate blank verse, a sample of which I have attached to this e-mail. I will set it up briefly before I close.

“The Massage” was the first thing I saw from twilight women. I don’t exaggerate when I say that my eyeballs were seared by the experience.

At the risk of cliché, I have always felt that female sexuality was rich in colors and textures that go unseen and unfelt for want of exploration. I have also supposed that women are far better equipped than men to undertake that journey.

They bring to their amorous revels a patience and a playfulness that tends to be sadly absent in the love men make behind closed doors and especially in front of video cameras. Further, a woman may be guided by a surer sense of taste and tempo as to what pleases another woman ? and as to what best tantalizes and teases forward volcanic desire in the denial and frustration of release.  

It’s one thing to suppose such things and quite another to see my hunches proven out in the flesh by women who delight and torment one another as gloriously as twilight women do. Words are weak tea to bring to this bacchanal, but one keeps coming to mind: venery.

Webster’s gives two definitions: “the act or practice of hunting” and “the pursuit of or indulgence in sexual pleasure.” The former stems from the Old French “vener,” to hunt; the latter from the Latin “vener-” or “venus,” meaning sexual desire.

And it is from venery that we get venerate: “to regard with reverential respect or with admiring deference” or “to honor (as an icon or a relic) with a ritual act of devotion.”

It is from the confluence of these definitions that we get to twilight women: In the spirit of Venus ? a goddess and not a god of love ? the likes of Cindy and Mara and Robin and Ann and Katja and Rachel boldly practice the art of hunting and capturing one another with reverential respect and ritual acts of devotion that honor, celebrate and render holy their indulgence in transcendent sexual pleasure.

Venery indeed ? or in other words, if twilight women don’t spin your head, consider it unspinnable.

- R. Black (member)

13 December 09

These are the most erotic videos I have ever seen - guys who want to learn how to really please a woman can learn a lot from the slow build up and teasing that place among these women. As for me I have had at least 7 intense orgasms watching and wishing I could participate. I get to the point where I can't stand the teasing any longer, but then I can always return for another round. Ann is especially provocative - drives me crazy.
- J. (member)

14 December 09

Something occurred to me that made me appreciate twilight women from a different angle, so to speak. It’s this: Div For’e teases his audience the same way his actors tease one another for his camera.

Pornography always hurries; viewers internalize the conventions of the form, and they expect the action to get explicit post haste. They further expect that intensity will build in terms of progressive boldness, defined by the things performers do for (or against) one another with hands or mouths or naughty bits or toys.

Div For’e violates those conventions by allowing his actors to act on whim, to do the kinds of things at the sort of pace that inspired lovers might do and use behind closed doors, not for cameras.

Viewers might become frustrated by actors who kiss one another for 10 minutes in a relatively chaste manner, or make love by sucking toes and masturbating. The tension and the power in this work is in the sensing that at least one of the actors may be comparably frustrated by the limits of the exchange. The drama is clearly in the delay, both for the actors and the voyeurs.

He further disrupts rhythm by giving us vignettes in which the actors suddenly dive headlong into one another, such as the brief “Dresses” sequence. But those clips seem to be a startlement and a diversion; the defining theme for twilight women is that passion gains power as the impassioned choose or are compelled to wait. So it goes for Div For’e’s delicious on-screen submissives ? and so it goes for the unseen, unfulfilled (and undelicious) submissives who sit and watch and wait and suffer exquisitely alongside the likes of Ann and Mara.

(The director’s choices might also reflect a savvy assessment of a form in need of reaction to itself. In the mad profusion of Internet smut over the last 15 years, producers fell over themselves going to rude extremes in pursuit of audiences careening through hunger to satiety and boredom. My new favorite chef knows enough to serve up finer fare in smaller portions, and to sometimes dawdle between courses. Discriminating patrons will savor every bite. At times, they may even go away slightly hungry ? but if they are anything like me, they will thoroughly appreciate the refinements that make for a far more enjoyable experience, and they will discover a loss of appetite for stuff of middling quality.

(If they are anything like me, they will find they can hardly wait to see what Div For’e is cooking up next.)

- R. B. (member)

15 December 09

That is so sensual and erotic! I love how they rub each other and snuggle together! The camera captures them both so well! I would lick the sweat and cocoa butter off of every square inch of both of their bodies! Beautiful! I must see every video in this series!
- K. (member)

16 December 09

My tribute to the smartest, hottest most addictive smut I've ever seen:
Hurry Sundown
In praise of twilightwomen

They are not models, these twilight women I’ve fallen in love with.

They are mostly in their twenties and more than attractive, but their beauty is of a piece and at peace with authenticity: you will see asymmetrical breasts, imperfect hips and the occasional stretch mark among the actors featured at, an inspired Web site dedicated to all-female erotica.

Nor are twilight women inclined to forsake passion’s appetizers in their eagerness to get to the genital entrée. They yearn, and we see them spurned; they plead, and are denied; they beg, and are sometimes accommodated and sometimes not, and sometimes not in the manner they were begging for.

As often as not, the viewer is captivated not by the ecstatic congress of the flesh that seems almost always imminent, but by the nuclear flash and roil of passions that arc and spark and set the screen to burning between an unsmiling woman in a parlor chair and the deliquescent plaything at her feet.

These two will be giving one another the Aphrodite eye, but they won’t be making small talk. Twilight women seldom speak on camera an inspired approach by director Div For’e that relieves her of the thankless chore of inventing dialogue that in all forms of video smut is invariably poor support to the action.

It also frees her talent from the burden of basic competence as speaking actors. Thus unencumbered, they let their eyes do the talking. And these eyes have it: they supplicate and smolder, calculate and almost cry, roll back in wanton torment and in general serve as abundant fissile fuel for the Sapphic chain reactions that transfix me in this heady realm of “seduction and hopeless resistance.”

They are an elegant aggregate of sex maniacs, these twilight women I’ve fallen for. They wear minimal makeup. Their hairdos are tasteful and appear expensive. Gazes meant to seem thoughtful actually do. This looks like a crowd with GPAs they could brag about if they were not so delightfully busy discovering far more compelling things to occupy their time and yours.

It is the brilliant exploration of frustration as libidinal propellant that sets apart from any Web site I’ve ever seen. Bondage and discipline is central to the on-screen relationship between two showcase performers, the sultry, stern Robin Joy and the deliciously tremulous Ann Ampar. Cuffs, whips and other toys come between this formidable tandem, among other women herein but unlike a lot of other bdsm fare, does not fetishize the tools of the trade, and more often than not dispenses with them entirely.

Div For’e makes sex crackle by presenting it as a clash of wills. The dominant female is in control of hers, and she manipulates the will of her supplicants by withholding the approval and the warmth those supplicants photogenically pine for.

There is no harm in enforcing lascivious authority with a pommel horse and a set of thumbscrews not to the viewer anyway. But there is something substantial to be said for erotica that revels in games of mind and spirit, that shows you minds and spirits at work and play as both instruments and objects of discomfort and pain, tension and thwarted release. For’e moves her camera judiciously, not often. She edits carefully, not constantly. Her lens locks onto the actors’ faces as emotions pour forth in glorious effusion before they come together to kiss before Robin steps back to give her lovely captive a sharp smack on the ass with her tawse.

And it is a plus for this devotee that production values are at times less than stellar. You may see the line of a woman’s back disintegrate in the hot bounce of light off white bedroom walls, or catch the shadow of the camera operator in motion around a bed. These chance imperfections add texture to an experience the viewer senses is intensely felt by all parties involved in the creation of these utterly honest films. They also point in an endearing way to the humanity of twilight women, which is always in ample evidence in the sensitivity and tenderness with which the brave souls on screen are treated.

This is not the comparatively cool, hard-surfaced, baroquely edgy all-girl fetish erotica of the gifted, fearless Maria Beatty. Twilight women make plenty of love that is thoroughly vanilla once the delicate dance of “please” and “no” is suspended.

In that dance and in the long, slow, sweet, hot, musky, dusky, patient, passionate, playful, desperate, shameless, blameless, eye-popping, heart-bending, life-affirming sex that follows these twilight marvels come across less like Maria Beatty’s West Village lifestyle daredevils than some of the women most of us may know, love and/or be. They might be grade school teachers. or account executives, or personal trainers who opened the green door and turned themselves loose on the mother of all lesbian sexual benders, at which they invited you in for a peek.

It might be some subtle resonance of accessibility and recognition that gives its distinctive allure. Drama is of course more intensely felt when we identify with its characters. It is a delight to identify with people as free and as fearless as these, so-called ordinary women crossing one normative boundary after another in pursuit of pleasure and forms of self-discovery. It is a delight and an education and if other fields of learning were half as much fun, I’d have half a dozen doctorates by now.

Speaking of doctorates, female sexual dynamism is basic to the cultural tension between the modern wild West and the antiquarian misogyny of fundamentalist Islam. That’s a topic for a different thesis, but all devotees of top-shelf smut should subscribe forthwith to and rejoice in their good fortune in finding themselves on the lively side of that Velvet Curtain the side where women are free to be as freaky as they want to be, where they sometimes do so with great grace and panache in front of cameras, and where you and I are welcome to watch.

- E. (

20 December 09

Something about Twilight Women enthralled me since I first joined. I have a continuing membership. I think your words said it beautifully Eidetix.

As Aristide said it is not the site to join if you want to see every pimple on their butts or for that matter gynecology exams. But if you are into what Eidetrix said so eloquently you will see why I am soooooo in love with Ann Ampar. Cindy is my runner-up.

It is just a different experience. Every week it is the first site I go to and then go back to after I have done my usual lurking and checking my other two sites. The drama and real passion totally turn me on and make it a continuing experience, like I want to see what happens next, can't wait for next weeks update.
- M. (

I've now watched two scenes, one a four-way from the "selected scenes" section, and the other the "friends" scene from "house of seduction."

I have yet to hear a word spoken between the performers! Is that typical?

The "selected scene" had no context - it opens while sex is underway. This series is snipped from productions in the works, so that's understandable.

The "Friends" was very nice - two freinds in cute jammies in bed are looking at lesbian photo album, giggling and pointing, and one starts gently coming on the other, who resists. Eventually the comer-onner starts to masturbate, her now-self conscious friend keeps paging through the book for a while, but eventually plays with the other's tits and they have sex.

It's a very nice scene - slow to build, very realistic in that regard. The sex is good though it contains a few choppy cuts.

But the video quality really is a problem. We are not even talking basic VCR recording quality. I don't need to see every pimple or a gyn exam, but this is positively muddy. That's probably a deal-breaker for me long term, which is too bad - I like the site, and love the girls - some really wonderful mature, full-bodied lovelies here.
- A. (

25 December 09

Needless to say how found I am surfing the twilightwomen site, I love every part of it. I very seldom can wait for the weekly update. Congratulations, one more time . You are doing a super job.
- J. (member)

28 December 09

On the "Is it real?" thread I said, "TW is perhaps the most real lesbian sex I've ever seen on a screen."

I've now watched a three-hour scene that captures one uninterrupted sex-session between two women. I've never seen anything like this, and it's something that I've often longed for, because I've wanted "real" in every sense of the word. This is it.

Let me expand on that: The good scenes on GFF, SV, Triangle, Bellezza, AW, Viv, etc. are "real" in that the girls genuinely share pleasure, have orgasms, and all that. But they are still essentially contrived performances - professional porn actors brought together to have sex of a certain duration during which they must perform a certain variety of required sex acts. If the girls feel like just making out for 20 minutes, that's out. If they want to change the pace after an orgasm, spending six-seven minutes just caressing and kissing, can't do it.

The three-hour scene I watched was "The Visit," per BravoCharlie's recommendation, and it contains both those things, and much more.

Having experienced this, I'm now curious about how the standard "contrived" 40 minute scenes will appear to me. Rushed, for one thing. Or it may be that after getting my fill of "real in every sense" (not there yet) I may be happy to return to the "contrived" mainstay. Both remain to be seen.

My reservations about the video quality remain - better definition would be a major improvement - but now are balanced by appreciation of what I just described.
- A. (


5 January 10

If it's been a while, you may not be aware that TW redesigned their site some years back and the entire site is completely open.

Meaning there is no password-protected area of the site - anyone can see *everything* they'd be getting if they joined. Only the video downloads themselves require a password to begin downloading. But every movie, clip, clip size & length is right there for all to see. And at this point there's tons of it.

I actually really appreciate how transparent they are about content compared to most sites...hope that helps.

Re: Ann Ampar in Bruised Bottom.....oh so naughty, oh so elegant and bewitching. augh. She is balm to my new year's malaise....
- B.C. (

13 January 10

Thanks for getting back to me. I did take the time to read over your site. I was well aware that your material invests more time in charachter development than most porn does.
However, you're ill-advised to continue to leave up the highly-offensive
"Warning: The content of this site is not intended for Gen X or Y viewers."
You are deliberately angering and alienating a huge market share, just to satisfy an immature, shallow, and inaccurate prejudice.  You come across as callow and bitchy with this statement.
I belong to Generation X, and I prefer content that comes across as authenticly passionate, such as the Abby Winters Girl/Girl material. I am also male, and white, which I suppose also makes me a second-class citizen in your eyes? 
- E.

25 January 10

J'adore c'est très sensuel!!!
- T. (

26 January 10

It is beautiful.
- N. B.

31 January 10

J'adore cette hyper douceur...
- L. (

7 February 10

Whoa! This site seams to be my cup of tea. I have seen some short segments only, and it looks hot! Real natural women having real sex.
Just a question. Does any of there works include analplay of any kind?
-D. (

11 February 10

Sorry it took a while but as promised - one of my favorite kissing scenes:

Ann and Robin in Lazy Afternoon from twilightwomen. Had to do a little trimming and compressing to get it under the 4 MB limit but here it is.

Ann and Robin always come through for me when they get into a deep, extended kiss.

What do others think and does anyone have anything in a similar sort of vein? (Please say yes!)

- S.G. (

Pretty nice clip, S.G. It's very erotic. I prefer kissing to be a little more agressive (and of course messy) but this type can be very nice, too, when there's good chemistry...which there is. I also like the fact that one girl is on top of the other.
- R. (

16 February 10

Cheers, saint george. It's no secret that I love TW and Lazy Afternoon was one of their more memorable addition to some great kissing scenes, there is the infamous "head trib" scene where Ann gets off in a most unusual way. Sexy and rather perverse!
- B.C. (

17 February 10

Your site looks great. All you women are so hot.
- K.

27 February 10

I love Ann and Robin, they have the passion and heat of a thousand suns.
I would like to find the episode containing their passionate kissing in the car. Is that available? Twilight Women is THE BEST!!!!
- D. J. (member)

5 March 10

A bit late, but as promised -

From "Playing Roles", Robin gives Ann an unexpected surprise while paying some quality attention to her hindquarters.

Dykaren - hope you like it!

For all other interested parties - this movie has some great scenes I'd sort of forgotten about. In one, Ann is laying on the couch with her head in Robin's lap. She eventually begins masturbating and gets so worked up that she manages to wriggle around into a position where she is laying on Robin's lap with her legs spread and up on Robin's shoulders, as she puts on a little display for her lover. Hot.

I never tire of these girls and their somewhat perverse affair.
- B. C. (

21 March 10

I've too have become a fan of this site, notwithstanding the reservations I need not state again.
I can understand how people would be excited by the soft core vampire stuff and also how it might be fun to make. It's not my cup of tea and doesn't serve my needs though. I just hope the producers don't get distracted and forget their bread-and-butter slow-burn porn.
- A. (

29 March 10

Agreeing with you Aristide, they seem to know how to make the 'slow burn'. Their movies are just amazingly erotic.
Vampire has been a secret pleasure of mine since my youth. It no doubt had to do with all those forbidden urges and the resulting conflict which in retrospect was part of the enjoyment. Seeing those conflicts portrayed on the big screen was one of the most sexually exciting experiences of my youth. Well, maybe not. But it was certainly a sexual excitement that was right out in the open. I always wondered if those around me understood what they were watching.
- M. (

8 April 10

I like this site.
- D.

11 May 10

BravoCharlie, thanks for all the pics. I'm a Tosha fan. She's got the curves, she's got an insatiable sexual appetite and she gets an ethereal look in her eyes that makes me think she is not of this earth --- she is, in short, heavenly!
- G. (

J'adore la dernière : séduction et sensualité
- O. (

Thank you for this video full of passion!
- D. (

14 May 10

Sexy legs and feet tease and worship... I love it ! ! ! 5 stars!
- S. (

23 May 10

Je suis française et jaimerais beaucoup pourvoir regarder vos videos
- D.

26 May 10

Those videos r the best i have seen on here that turn me on that much.
- M. (

31 May 10

The HOS videos are superb, pure art. I hope you have many of them and of that type. Thanks ;)
- I. (

2 June 10

Hey can u please put up some more hos girlfriends videos those really turn me on thank you.
- M. (

Luv neck kissing
- M. (

3 June 10

Merci pour cet érotisme et cette sensualité
-O. (

10 June 10

Oh my goodness. I've seen some videos, but that was the best ever. Those girls should seriously consider mainstream acting. That was totally believable.
- T. (

16 June 10

Twilightwomen, "Rachel's Slave," when they're starting to act after a long time of lying on the bed listening to the other pair have sex through the wall, Rachel leaves a little smudgy ring of lip-prints around her partner's nipple. I'm not a lipstick fan but it was nice.
- A. (

18 June 10

Hi. You really have done a great job of capturing real women engaged with each other. There are few things greater. Would really like to find an "older woman" starting a massage with a younger, less experienced woman…and then they start making/eating out! Great show, jack.
- S. (

20 June 10

Hello. I am a mature, heterosexual man. I have seen a lot of erotic material over the years. I am moved to write you because I have never, ever seen anything as sensual and profoundly erotic as the massage sequence of your lesbian seduction series.
Director Div Foré and performers Ann Ampar and Robin Joy are to be heartily congratulated.

I've been asking myself why is it so much more effective and affecting than other lesbian seduction clips I have seen. And there seem to be several factors. The women involved are absolutely beautiful and sexy but they are real women. Both of them are like women I have known and loved. I have never known, and never would have loved had I known them, the San Fernando Valley sex dolls so prevelant in erotica these days.

But beyond their appearance, these women are completely convincing. I truly believe they are entirely into what they are doing.
In addition, there is the slow, tantalizing pacing and the absolutely intimate without ever being gynacological shooting.

I have far from exhausted the qualities of your work.

I have never written to the creators of erotica before. But I have never seen such caring, sensual, profoundly erotic cinematic art before. Nothing near. Thank you.
- Y. (member)

21 June 10

It's excellent that director Div For'e is getting some recognition for his deft touch with twlightwomen movies. Perhaps much of the drama, pacing and intensity that we're all longing for in our porn can only be accomplished with a firm hand and clear vision, as B.C. recently alluded to.

"Laura's Toys" is a great example. I was utterly bewitched by the sensual, bratty Rebecca Brooke in this movie. The lesbian encounters between Laura and her former sapphic lover Hanni, as well as the scenes where Laura introduces Anna to the pleasures of the female flesh are must-sees for all sapphic connoisseurs and fans of Sarno's sexploitation masterpieces.

It's a boon to us horndogs that Div For'e recognized something worth emulating and developing (bringing back?) in Sarno's style.
- B. (

30 June 10

Very niccccccceeeeeee.
- I. (

3 July 10

I am from India and I like it.
- M.

7 July 10

Thanks very much for your support it is much appreciated.
- S. (member)

8 July 10

Thanks for u remember me . & one think in i am profeshtionaly  photografer & 
i like this kind of sex.very slowly~gentaly. finaly I LOVE IT TOOOOOOOOOO  MUCH 
- M.

12 July 10

And speaking of twilightwomen and my love for sapphic-themed nostalgia from the 1950's:
One of my all-time favorites of theirs is the scene with Ann and Heather dressed up in pencil skirts, tight sweaters and heels, kissing and sliding hands along stockinged legs, underneath snug skirts.....yow!
...not to be missed... Div For'e must have fond 50's memories, as I do...
- G. (

18 July 10

"Slow Burn" is indeed lovely, bravocharlie, but you neglected to tell us that it is a lesbian-kissing-lover's paradise! It's a feast of sensual delights and Ann and Robin are lip-locked throughout. The slow, intimate and intense mood of this one reminded me of the previous "Love & Kisses", another favorite where the couch is used to great effect.

In this one, Ann and Robin flirt and touch, fully-dressed, on the couch until flirting turns to a kiss or two, which leads to more passionate kissing and hands straying up underneath dresses, cloth being pushed aside in haste...... I do love the impatient sense of half-clothed sex..... finally though, all the clothes come off for that full-body, skin-on-skin contact. This "Slow Burn" lit a fire in me, for sure!
- M. (

Bald is beautiful!

29 July 10

Love the videos, this is the best.  I would like to see some more bald girld.  For somne reason bald girls are beautiful thanx.
- R. (member)

1 August 10

It's the fifth time i submit to your web site and it wouldn't be the last. You are my favorit lesbian's erotic web site. All your video stories are amazing. Ann abd Robin are so naturally sexy! My best compliments also for the fetish scene like "Wet" inside Selected Scenes - really horny!!!!!!! I hope you will make other like those again!!!!
It is also really sexy the Lesbian Vampires - Scene five and six between Monique and Emily. Emily is so pretty!!!! 
Keep it up!!!! I'll be your fan again.
- C. (member)

9 August 10

I love this situations.
- C. (member)

13 August 10

I really enjoy the seduction of women in silk, slips/ nightgowns that the like.
- T. (member)

15 August 10

Saw a clip from 'massage". Liked the scene on the floor, sort of a teasing tribadism. Verry Hot.
- B.

27 August 10

Very beatifull
- J. (member)

7 September 10

- A. (member)

11 September 10

I love the look of your work. There's so much more anticipation and sexual energy. The ladies are so hot!
- N. (member)

27 September 10

Just by chance I ran into a movie from the wonderful first part of Robin Joy and Ann Ampar's fascinating movie Anna's Lesbian Seduction. This film clarly shows what you aim at and I truly admire your approach, the way it is being described on your site.  Thank you!

The part I saw showed indeed development of character. I admired Robin and Ann, not only the way they plaed, but also the way they shoed their deepest emotion. So, please could you pass on my thanks to them? I loved the way they played!!
- H.

29 September 10

- L. (member)

3 October 10

Me gustan las seducciones lesbicas
- R. (member)

16 October 10

I’m VERY interested in becoming a member of TW. todays lesbian movies are lacking the Erotic spark they once had and i can tell from reviewing TW that you have captured the true beauty of a womans flesh and combined it with a sensual Lust that only a true Lesbian Seductress can accomplish. your women are truly beautiful from ther natural pubic hair,puffed/swollen nipples,long togues, exploring fingers/hands/toys and there true attraction to Lesbian desires.
- B.

A good problem to have…

17 October 10

Someone at Girlfriends Films forum recommended your site so I checked saturday and found a lot to like. I've signed on but now I have a big problem. There is so much great looking content I don't know where to start. I finally decided to view House of Shame Part 6 mostly because Toni is so sweet & sexy. Then maybe Ann & Heather scene because I love the kissing and foreplay.
- R. (member)

14 November 10

I love...
- I. (member)

29 December 2010

Hello there. I am brand new to your website. I came to your site because of a partial video played on regarding the video "Slip". It is a great video.
- W. (member)

At the end of 2010, we hear from a dating coach.

31 December 2010

I am extremely interested in your approach of erotic film making. I think most productions fail to explore character development hence your approach is both exciting and refreshing.

Also, as a dating coach I help people from all ages and walks of life to improve their confidence so they can live the love life and sex life that they want. Porn is sometimes discussed with my clients and it appears mainstream porn productions have put tremendous pressure on them as well as false expectations about the true nature of desire and seduction.
- J.


Rachel makes quite an impression.

3 January 11

I normally do not hang out on these sites but twilightwomen caught my attention and now I am hooked. You have a great website. Look forward to more in the future.  Can you answer a question for me? Do you know if these women are really lesbians or just acting like they are, or a combination of both? Being a lesbian myself, some seem very real to me or they are fooling me. I am hooked on the character "Rachel". She is "WOW"!  I can not take my eyes off of her. She is great. Thanks for answering my questions. Keep up the good work and have a great week.
- W. (member)

5 January 11

Please tell "Rachel" she has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. She is gorgeous. Though I know her scenes with Katja are very steamy and I say this with true sincerity, she does not have to take her clothes off for me at all. She doesn't have to do a thing.  I am thoroughly satisfied with those soft beautiful eyes, face, and smile. She also has the coolest tattoo I have ever seen. The wings of a bird on her shoulders is very creative and artistic. I have never been into porn stars at all or have taken a liking to anyone in the industry. I normally do not hang out on those sites. This is even the very first site I have ever joined in my entire life. Thanks for listening. I know you are busy and I will leave you to do what you do best. Take care.
- W. (member)

15 January 11

I saw part of one of your films and was surprised how different the sphere and how tender.  This is how one should interpret erotic but rarely it is found.
- H.

1 February 11

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy your erotic vampire movies. The latest clips have been especially great. I hope you continue to produce this content. Thanks.
- I.

8 February 11

Me gustaria ver mas a menudo mas series de esta  formidable para mi personalmente esta web no es tan morbosa muy bien por su ilustracion y presentacion grasias
- F.

15 February 11

Hi there, I have been a member of the site twice now and I have to say it is definately up there with some of the best lesbian sites out there. I love the feel and atmosphere you guys create with your work. It really is beautiful.
Just love your work guys and will definately be subscribing again soon.
-H. (member)

18 February 11

Your site is exellent. Very well done and the site wotks great.

25 February 11

Spannung pur.
- R.

4 March 11

I really like your content--it is genuinely different than the vast majority of erotica or shall we say 'non erotica' out there.
- E.

8 March 11

Robin and Anna have real chemistry.
- E.

15 March 11

Interesting site enjoyed my visit. i enjoyed this site compared to some of
the other sites i have visited.  thank-you
- B.

22 March 11

This is a videos wonderfull :))
- K.

25 March 11

I love Ann
- B.

We have an excellent track record of helping customers quickly resolve technical issues.  
People seem to appreciate the personal customer service and tech support.


25 March 11

Thank you soooooooo much for the explaination.  Yes everything is working correctly.  I am sorry for the confusion on my end.  Thank you also for the courtesy of the extended days.  Very professional in customer care relations.
- M. (member)

29 March 11

I have to say, absolutely fantastically erotic and brilliantly made, without any silly gimmicks and ridiculous acting. Both girls have a very obvious chemistry which keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat and in constant arousal!
- L. (member)

7 April 11

Many thanks for the quick reaction. I think I solved the problem, it is indeed our poor internet performance for which the provider apologized. Sorry to both you for this. Kind regards.
- R. (member)

20 April 11

I like your comments about character development, and the depiction of sexual activity as 'full of guilt and shame'. That's vastly more erotic and exciting to the 'connoisseur of erotica' (that's me all over!), than any amount of the ubiquitous, crude, lewd, boring porn that passes for erotica in some circles. 
- J. (member)

11 May 11

One of my favorite TW videos is  ‘LS –Depraved Desires’, especially episodes 12 and 13. Ann is beautifully made-up and dressed in a black body stocking stretched tight, her firm, shapely buttocks fully exposed. Suspenders, stockings and stilettos, frilly white bonnet and apron, complete the picture.

She eagerly submits to Robin's whip, thrusting her buttocks provocatively, inviting stroke after stroke, and the next rush of painful pleasure. Highly erotic!

Robin is a natural Domme / Mistress, and also very attractive. Although she looks OK in the red bra and matching panties she’s wearing, she’dlook much sexier, dressed like the women in the attached photos. In red, if she prefers.
- J. (member)

Some people rave about the unique style of camera work in our movies. Others… not so much.

28 May 11

I found the beginning of Lesbian Seduction on and I thought it was very erotic.  I immediately came to your site to see more and purchased a membership (very rare, i'm very picky).  After the purchase I was very disappointed.  The full video of the massage scene was very good, except the cinematography was lacking a bit.  After that it got worse.  No plot, no dialogue to determine what was happening, EXTREMELY long scenes of people knees or standing around. The erotic aspect was lost due to the bad cinematography, I would see a reaction to something but not know what happened.  You need a camera man that knows how to film.

I've watched about 4 hours of video, actually I watch 2 and skimmed the rest.  I feel cheated.  The premise your basing your videos off of is awesome, but the execution is horrible and not worth my $30.
- F. (member)

14 June 11

Thank you for replying, I had feared that you would get so much junk that I would not get an answer. How about a list of links to the .avi 640X480 films.

For what it is worth, off the top of my head without looking to confirm, my favourites are Sauna, Oil, Sunbathing, Girlfriends in no particular order.

I don’t normally like the S&M stuff but I must admit I also like some of the ones with Ann being whiped, I think because she seems to enjoy it and the wiping is done with sensitivity. I imagine that at worst it stings without really hurting! Most S&M stuff really makes me shudder! In that respect I am not really keen on the Dungeon ones, but each to their own!
- C. (member)

23 June 11

Es una pagina genial.
- A.

23 June 11

I am very touched by your reply, not only bro of the information included, but also for the direct and considerate thoughts about both my questions and my comments. Of course I am delighted by the promptness of your reply.
- I. (member)

1 July 11

Thanks again. I’ll remember your good service.
- J. (member)

14 July 11

A very elegant eroticism permeate many stories, due to the splendid, natural and exceptional sensuality of Ann. She IS your site! Monique also is very expressive as Laurel and Rose unfortunately disappeared.

Too cold Robin, almost always performing a monotonous endless repetition of acts with a vacant, absent minded attitude. Sometimes, however, when awake, she became great.

The most lamentable example of a very good story irreparably impaired by the lack of emotional participation is House of S.-the enigmatic look of Cindy and Mara, fascinating in the introductive parts cannot remain during the moments of hot love! Very poor also the body language: Mara stiff like a frozen fish swaying on a Cindy wooden sphinx produce a burst into laughter instead of erotic tension.

Same laughter during the coarse and fake use of the strap-on by Robin and also during the butchery moments in Vampires: too much blood (blood??) and those fangs! What a deviation from the elegant eroticism and from the belivability.

Anyway, my criticism is oriented towards an improving of a site of high quality, precious during the actual pornographic tsunami.
Thank you.
- G. (member)

Maggie from The Best porn gives us our second TBP review.

16 July 11

Twilight Women invites you into "a world of guilty pleasure, of lust and shame, temptation and desire, submissive women who need control." My first thought when I saw the site title was the Twilight series of novels, the teen romance books that have also rocked the world of many a middle-aged woman. Sure enough, Twilight Women features lesbian vampires, along with lesbian slave scenes and other darker lesbian intrigues.

The Pros:

* Unique niche with exclusive content.

It's not often we get the chance to enjoy lesbian erotica with a darker feel to it. The models here are seductive and controlling and interested in exploring all sides of sexuality, including peeing, massages, and blood orgies. There's also kissing and undressing and more typical girl-girl activities, but it's always with a more mysterious look to the action. These are very sexy scenes that you won't find anywhere else.

* Great-sized collection!

I was really impressed with just how many scenes Twilight Women has online. The site has been around for 5.5 years, so they've had time to grow into a really large site. There are currently 725 clips online. While each clip is short, at just 5 minutes, the sheer number of them impressed me!

Other Good Stuff:

* Videos downloads came very quickly! I was really impressed with these speeds of 6.2mbps with a download manager and 1.7mbps without. There was no waiting for these scenes.

* Each video has clear file size and scene length info posted. Files are also titles in such a way that saving and storing the videos is easy.

* Three clips are added weekly, keeping the site growing at a great pace.

The Cons:

* Design and navigation could be improved.

I'm not a fan of the layout of the site. It's hard to find where one series ends and another begins. The performer page is minimally useful, as it doesn't actually link to the performers' scenes. The graphics are almost non-existent, so the look of the site is also quite basic. I'd love to see a redesign.

* Average quality video.

The scenes look OK but they could certainly be sharper. The sizes are all 320 x 240 and 640 x 480. When you enlarge them at all you lose clarity and sharpness. On some of the scenes, the coloring is way off. There's a lot of room for improvement in terms of quality.

Minor Negatives:
* Videos are only available in one format, either avi or mpeg, for downloading. There's no streaming option either.

* Very little information is provided for the scenes or performers. This surprised me! I was expecting more text, more scene descriptions, and biographies for the performers.

* There are no photos here. This is a video-only site.

Bottom Line:
The dark lesbian action is hot but the site could be much more advanced.

Twilight Women is a site built around a fantastic idea that will interest both male and female visitors. It's a unique set of scenes that I completely enjoyed. However, the site itself needs work. The entire structure of it could be improved with many more user tools added. I also felt the design and text left the site lacking personality, a shame for a site with such an original theme! All in all, I would recommend looking past these issues and enjoying the wildly erotic lesbian scenes on Twilight Women.

26 July 11

Thank you for your quick reply and all your advises. Best regards.
- Y. (member)

Short and to the point.

6 August 11

I want a sexy girl who will cool my ass.
- R.

8 August 11

Having seen your 'Les Massage' I am most interested in your terms for joining, and the period of time a subscription gives.
I have found it most refreshingly erotic and a joy to watch.
- W.

11 August 11

Actually i would congratulate u guys about these great scenes, its perfect, but we need more action ( hardcore ) , deep licking and fingering. Anna, Robin, i love u.
- C.

14 August 11

Thank you for the detailed report.  Just found it.  I will review it later in the day.  For the 'nonce let me say that wobbily or not I have found a way into the site and have seen some of the clips!  "Delicious" happens to be my word for above excellence, and these are delicious.  I am having some issues navigating the site, so I will read your note later in the day, and after some contining practice I will get back to you with the hope that at least I can ask intelligent questions.
 What a delight!
- I. (member)

16 August 11

I rarely join a site like this but frankly i was impressed with your professionalism and lesbian/reluctance is an area of particular interest.  
- S. (member)

18 August 11

I couldn't be more impressed with your email... and frankly, you. 
Your honesty is so refreshing and you are clearly a very impressive person to have taken such care in your reply to me, a customer.  in all honesty i thought i would be able to stream and silly as it might sound had no clue this would not be possible.  upon the realization this wasn't possible my first instinct was feeling like i had taken a trip back in time and frustration.  

In all my years online i have only signed up with two sites - AEBN and yours.  i hope you take it as a very high compliment that i felt secure enough and could tell you are a person of high standards and after the email you sent, i can see i wasn't wrong. 

I wish you the best, and i thank you again for some of the finest customer service i have seen in some time.
- S. (member)

Sometimes feedback, sometimes a proposition!

29 August 11

Anyone up for a threesome?
- M.

2 September 11

Thank you. Yes, I have been in and I love your site.  I have never seen anything better!
- S.

Everything is working fine now, thank you very much for your assistance!
- J. (member)


We have friends all over the world.

8 September 11

grand merci pour votre réponse,madame.

en fait j'ai trouvé toutes ces séquences aprés avoir visité Beyond twilight.

j'avais été enchantée par la vision du massage de anna par robin,trouvé sur un  site gratuit.j'ai donc acheté 30 jours chez vous pour voir la suite.

j'adore anna & son erotisme à recevoir fessée & martinet.j'aime moins les autres clips.rien de grave à cela,le premier compensant tres largement le second.

je reviendrais avec plaisir,pour voir la suite des aventures de anna & robin.

à la place de monique,j'aurais invité émily à me faire un petit striptease bien érotique,arrivée chez moi.

bien à vous,madame,gros bisous à mes 2 petites préférées.
- M. (member)

16 September 11

Well my first month sub has expired, and I am still trolling the downloads.  Your's are so different from the "usual suspects" that one needs more than one viewing to begin to break the surface and delve deeper. 
- I. (member)

23 September 11

You make excruciatingly erotic works.  Thumbs up.
- D. (member)

From time to time someone strenuously objects to our tongue-in-cheek “gen x warning”. Apparently we hit a nerve.

7 October 11

I’v seen a few clips from your site on x hamster just recently. highly erotic i must say.  so i decided to check out your site and was taken back by your disclaimer at the bottom of your homepage. this site is not intended for gen x's or y's. what does that mean? im a 37 year old women gen x. are you assuming im not mature enough to enjoy real lesbian erotica. do you have to be sixty and a grad ma to register for your site. i took a look at some of your models, some barely look 18. if you want my money you have to explain.
- J.

31 October 11

Enfin du vrai érotisme !
- M.

I friended your page on facebook, and I checked out the four short samples you mentioned on lesbian erotica connoisseur. I like what I see...
I'll be back in a week or so to join up.
- A.

17 November 11

Tell me please, can download the full scene Emily & Monique in Lesbian Vampires - Scene Six??? Emily just beautiful!!
Please!!! Please!!!
- L.


5 January 12

Thank u! I will let you know. I really appreciate the time u took to write this email.
- I. (member)

10 January 12

I've just been able to see the LS and HOS episodes.  It's wonderful. Erotic and intrigue and sexual tension.  Please continue the series.  The imagination and settings are so erotic.
- J. (member)

7 February 12

Sono un vostro estimatore . Ho visto il vostro sito e alcune vostre produzioni parziali . E' una meraviglia il vostro erotismo che sapete comunicare con intensità. Ammiro molto Robin e Ann.
- O.

20 February 12

I'm a new subscriber and, to be honest, don't know where to start in praising the work I find here.  Ann and Robin are absolutely gorgeous together, as are the Vampire clips.  My personal favorite is "Monique's Story" parts five through seven.  Seven actually commands my attention, particularly clips 8 and 20.  The hunger in Emily is positively palpable, and I dearly hope you'll bring that character back.

"Collar" is another personal favorite.  The interplay between Alexi and Zille leaves me breathless and fascinated.  Will there be any additional pieces with them?  Would desperate and abject begging help bring them back?

Again, I find the work presented here amazing.  If I have any gripe its that its sometimes hard to make out what is being said between the performers, but that’s a small issue. Cheers.
-J. (member)

It butters many parsnips, as the British might say.

21 February 12

Wow. I confess I didn’t expect such a quick response. Thank you there.
I'm now quite curious as to how planned out are these stories.  If I had to guess, I'd think its all improvised (action and dialogue-wise), with just the general scene described beforehand.  The director's work puts me in mind of Zalman King's various series (Red Shoe Diaries,, etc.), although there's a far greater focus with these, both visually and emotionally.

I have to say, beautiful as Ann and Robin are (and Ann does physical/psychic suffering beautfiully), its "Monique's Story" that's commanding my attention.  If I had to pinpoint why, its Emily.  Terrible as it sounds, her decline (I can't describe it any other way) into virtual slavery to Kathy and Monique is impossible to resist watching.  Her literally stumbling into scene in part 7/clip 8 both has my mouth watering and cringing in horror; I'm presuming this is method acting on her part, because I'm really convinced she's really ready to die under the vampire's fangs.  The fact she's looks simultaneously disorientated, disheveled, drunken, and utterly desperate (not to mention clad in a way that's twice as arousing as if she were nude)...well, it butters many parsnips, as the British might say.   

Frankly, I've yet to see another vampire-centered story that is so powerfully arousing and unsettling.  Probably the only thing that would shock me at this point is if you had them putting a collar on Emily and dp her in a dungeon.

Speaking of which, and if I might descend a little further, there's one thing I've noticed that also makes your work stand out: the near-lack of the use of stap-ons or other toys for penetration.  They're there, but their use is more the exception than the rule, and that just makes all the more overwhelming when they are used.  Its not cliched or gratuitous, for which I'm grateful as there's too much of that around already.  Watching Robin use her bare hands to spank and (ahem) manipulate Ann into submission...well, it makes it hard to stand up whenever those scenes come to mind (which happens at the oddest moments).  The chemistry between them is hard to deny and very, *very* convincing. 
Again, my thanks for the brilliant work offered.  I look forward to whatever comes next. 
- J. (member)

26 February 12

I like this web
- L.

12 April 12

Hi, i am a new member to your site, and love it!!
- K. (member)

13 April 12

I find this site very interesting. The samples I’ve seen on Dailymotion I enjoyed very much especially the “Whip” playlist.
- B.

18 April 12

I went ahead and joined Twilightwomen – great site and excellent work.
- C. (member)

Sometimes we inspire quite a wrathful response.

26 April 12

Your films are not erotic art they are just crap. It’s like watching paint dry! And nobody can even act!!
- D. (member)

Where is the fucking SEX !!!!! I hate this site, I want my money back. You all look and act like zombies . This is not erotic at all. Its just SHIT !!!
- A. (member)

You also have a fucking foot fetish!!! Your models are not enjoying themselves really at all, none of them really cum!! its passionate less, self-absorbed ( by the director ) tripe. I have many bi sexual girlfriends which if I show them this they will run a mil.  its proper crap. you don t have a clue about erotica at all !! So angry for subscribing.
- A. (member)

The wrath tends to die down considerably once people feel they’re actually communicating with a person.
Adventures in customer service!

27 April 12

Thank you for getting back to me with these clips. I have only now watched " House of Shame " 1 + 2 and I am now happy that what I thought your site offered actually does ! Ie: real lesbian / bi sexual women being as natural as they can sexually with a somewhat unique photography style.

I do not still understand why you create these long, monotonous stories to get to the point of “action" ….  As there is no real build up, no actual acting and hardly any dialogue and seems to me, a pornographic (and a film buff) cognisor just padding .... Which is also so poorly done it hurts the senses to watch.

I will eventually look at all the other clips you have recommended. and I now expect to be intrigued and impressed, as I was initially expecting, by your own description of the site, on the site. Best regards.
- A. (member)

Nuff said.

28 April 12

I have now compiled a list of 24 clips from your site which I do find “erotic” (please see attached) I have no energy to trawl through all 70 hrs. so I’m going to leave it there. Life is too short. Based on this I do believe I have received value for money, however it was hard going.
Thank you again for your recomendations, and goodbye.
PS. Obviously I will not be renewing my subscription

One last thing: I am no pervert, I Love women, had sex with around 350. Thus far, me and two girls, maybe around 20 times, swinging parties and fetish clubs,  been there and done that, and lastly in this month alone have had 19 dates with women!!!
And more want to know me ….. I know SEX, I know Erotica. Nuff Said.
- A. (member)

4 May 12

Many thanks Laura, your actresses are fantastic and the movies are top quality.  Please continue your excellent work.
- A. (member)

Spencer from The Best Porn gave his take on the site in our third TBP review.
There were a number of inaccuracies but eventually we were able to get TBP
to correct (almost) all of them.

8 May 12

Twilight Women is up for review today, and fans of the movie/book series by the same name can head elsewhere. There's nothing to do with vampires here, but everything to do with girl on girl sex. They take a different look at lesbian sex, and attempt to interject a different emotion into their porn. They focus on non-mainstream actresses, and also on feelings of guilt, shame, and other similar conflicting feelings. It looks like they shoot all their own material from what I can tell. $30 a month gets you in the door, which is a little high for a single site.

The Pros:
* Unique lesbian content.

Fans of commercialized lesbian porn you can find on most sites these days should probably look elsewhere. They have the basics here, but aim to interject some darker subject matter into their scenes. First, there's actual character development here and not straight gonzo porn. From there, lots of forbidden areas are explored, from domination and guilt, to peeing and vampires.

Other Good Stuff:
* Updates still seem to come in pretty regularly here with at least something new posted weekly.

* The download speeds came in very quick here. They maxed out my connection speed using both a download manager, and a standard browser download, which is impressive.

* Of course, all of the content here is all exclusive. It's expected these days, but worthy of a note here.

The Cons:
* Navigation is pretty bad.

Wow, getting around this site is pretty terrible unfortunately :( It looks like it was designed several years ago and never updated. It's very plain, there are too many different sections that don't even make a ton of sense to me at times. Plus, many scenes have different parts to them, adding to the confusion.

* Quality isn't great.

The videos here definitely came in smaller and more compressed than what we're used to these days. I liken it to watching a VHS video compared to a DVD, let alone a Blu-ray or similar at this point. They could use a pretty big bump in quality to keep up with their competition.

* Download options need work; scenes split up into clips.

First, all the scenes are split up into a ton of downloads in the form of small clips. They come in one file type (MPG), one quality level, and lots and lots of downloads. They have started adding a 1gb full-scene AVI option, but it's very limited at this time. It looks like most older scenes don't have it, as I only saw it sporadically.

Minor Negatives:
* While they have videos, there are no photo galleries here at all, which may disappoint some.

Bottom Line:
The scenes are definitely unique, but the site itself is pretty far behind the times.

Twilight Women comes through in terms of content, in my opinion. The scenes are interesting, unique, and different from the norm. Plus, there's a decent amount to see, and the site is still growing today. However, the site is so far behind what we're used to that it's tough to even use at times. Navigation, quality, and options are all severely lacking. If they could do a refresh of the site to bring it up to date, things would be pretty great here. As it stands, I think it'll work for real fans of what they're doing, but casual users will probably find it too cumbersome.

25 May 12

Hi, just a thank-you note for your wonderful site. It's the very best i've ever come across. It's in a class by itself.
- B.

14 July 12

I absolutely loved the last vampire series, "The Feed." Any plans to continue it anytime soon?
- T.

17 July 12

Thought I had died and gone to heaven.   The threesome with Ana on her back, being sucked and whipped at the same time!!  Fabulous.  Just fabulous.
- I. (member)

What sheer joy!
- I. (member)

18 July 12

There may be “better” figures than Ana, but I can’t imagine where they are. 
-I. (member)

21 July 12

Watched 2 Mara & Tiffanys. I had to hold back from watching more. There are other things to do in a day, but none as delightful.
-I. (member)

24 July 12

I saw so beautiful lesbian love and because I am bi-sexual, I am very interested to see Your beautiful films about love between women!!
- M.

6 August 12

You know that I really prefer lesbian porn, including the very searching for it.  Twilight is in a whole different zone for me.  It leaves “mechanics” behind (no pun, please ) and allows, for me, the anticipation and intimacy I seem to need and enjoy.  Is it any wonder my favorite word is “delicious?”
- I. (member)

14 August 12

Of course there are some delicious lesbian erotic sites; some very appealing.  Still, even with less hardcore on TW your images convey to me far more than the mechanics of obtaining an orgasm; they draw me in.  No other way to explain it.
- I. (member)

21 August 12

Thanks for your clear and prompt reply. It's sincerely appreciated.

And, my primary hope is that any future message from me will contain only appreciative praise or creative suggestion! For, while being a very much discerning viewer and appreciator of video erotica, I perceptively and empirically believe "twilight women" is going to meet and/or exceed my standards.

Nonetheless, to be honest, I truly want to know...

How open and receptive to constructive criticism is "twilight women"?
- A.

23 August 12

Thanks for your swift reply. In the meantime I’d remembered my info. doh! Thanks again.
- C. (member)

24 August 12

Finally figured it out and am able to download any time I wish. Thank you for your patience and help and also the extension of my subscription is greatly appreciated.
- J. (member)

6 September 12

Love you site, love Robin Joy! When are you going to add more videos of her????? Would love to see here do something in nature like a romp in the woods with Ann!  Thanks keep up the great work!
- D. (member)

Vanessa provided the fourth voice – and the highest score - from The Best Porn in her review.

4 September 12

For Twilight Women it all boils down to "drama". This is not your every day fetish website with generic content trying to cater to a large crowd or the extremes. It's a "world" created of "guilty pleasure, of lust and shame, temptation and desire, submissive women who need control". For Twilight Women character development is important, which is why the 24 performers featured here are so key to the sites goal for true erotic material. Currently there are 2 story lines, or "series" going on: Lesbian Seduction and House of Shame, the former staring Ann Ampar and Robin Joy. House of Shame offers a bit more hardcore and a larger cast. $30 bucks per month is what it costs to be a member which gives access to the current archive of about 840 videos and new updates are added weekly.

The Pros:
* Unique Lesbian Content.

Twilight Women is much more than a simple lesbian site, it's a erotic story-line lesbian themed site offering 2 select series, one called Lesbian Seduction which features 2 main models, Ann and Robin with hundreds of lengthy episodes that date back to 2005. You'll find everything from erotic massages to dungeon scenes, roll playing, lazy afternoons, whips, and more.

The second series is a bit more hardcore in nature and features a larger cast, basically the remaining models featured on the site. It's called House of Shame and offers a bit more sexual action.

Finally there is a section of the site called Beyond Twilight that features scenes and movies developed from footage shot for director, Div For'e's other projects; more of a lesbian vampire saga based in San Francisco 1950's era - very cool!

A lot of these videos are super lengthy, and thus large files. I wasn't able to get through as many scenes as I would have liked due to time, but I can tell you this is some very cool, well-done, erotic stuff and you won't be disappointed with the content.

Other Good Stuff:
* The member's area pages are the same as the tour so it's easy to get a good idea of whats offered. New updates appear to be added weekly.

* Download speeds were fairly quick, which is good considering how large some of these files are.

* Most scenes offer AVI full length downloads as well as a series of 5 minute MPG clips.

* Lengthy scenes info is given with the blog and the "archive" link offers access to the older scenes.

The Cons:
* Getting Around Takes Getting Used To.

Take a look at the tour and you'll get an idea of what to expect. The good news is that each series is listed separately and new updates can be found on the updates page along with the blog and a link to the blog/scene archives is at the end of the page. It does take some getting used to though, and the overall set-up and aesthetics aren't the best. But if I really had to complain about something it would be the lack of model info on the model page, as well as the inability to click on a model to see all of their scenes.

* Some Scenes Don't Offer Full-Length Downloads.

While many of the scenes do offer a full-length download option there are also many that don't. The view such a series/saga in 5 minute clips is a bit of a pain.

Minor Negatives:
* While the quality here isn't bad and, to some extent, is the intended style of the director, there is some room for improvement still. Bitrate speeds these days hover around 1500k-2300k (640x480) and I think improving the quality a bit wouldn't necessarily jeopardize the intent of the director.

* No model bios or information about the girls listed on the performers page.

* No images are offered to go along with the shoots.

* No in-browser streaming offered for the videos.

Bottom Line:
Unique in its idea, execution and material. Definitely worth a look!

I love this site for what it is and I think users will, too. This is not your run-of-the-mill lesbian site, amateur site or even pornsite. It's so much more! Great character development, story-lines and production brings together some very erotic and moving, not to mention exciting lesbian, domination and submission material. I would have loved a true model index with bio info and links to the girls scenes. It's also a bit difficult to make it through the archives. To be more clear, there are more than 800 video clips here, not scenes, as many of the scenes can be broken down into as many as 10 or more clips. Overall, though, this is a really cool site, unique in its idea, execution and material; definitely a look for fans in need of something different.

10 September 12

I just wanted to say to you and all your performers BRAVO! I came upon your site by pure accident. I am not into the whole porno scene for the obvious reasons, their all the same and if i want to see bad acting, Fake breast and no story lines i can go to any strip joint. The first performers that i came across was Kathy and Monique. It was a clip that was on daily motion website. When i watched the clip at first i thought it was bit odd but it was like looking at an abstract painting. You have to watch it for a while and follow it to see what the artist is truly trying to display. Of course i went to the sight right away and checked out the website. It took me a week or two to get the courage to become a member. In conclusion all of your performers are true artist. I read the comments about very few words being spoken well if you have true artist you do not need words to know what they are trying to say and you definetly have that in all your performers. Kathy was one of my favorites tho, because i loved her eyes. But of course you cannot beat Robin Joy or Ann Ampar either. It was nice going on facebook to all of your sites and seeing the people behind the films. I wish there was more on Kathy and Monique and the other performers. Thank you for being unique. Again Bravo!
-K. (member)

I stumbled onto one of your clips that is on the internet named "Lesbian makeout on floor and bed – 6 min”. This clip was remarkable, it was real and so hot! It took a couple Google searches to track down and subscribe to your site in hope of finding the entire scene. While disappointed I didn’t find that particular movie, the content on your site is wonderfully different, the reality of the acting is as if this is your life and recording it is secondary. I'm guessing the clip (floor and bed) was a warmup or scrap for "Duet" with Rachel and Katja which was also really good but seemed like round 2, the F & B was much hotter but ended as they got to the bed, such passion between these 2!
- M. (member)

13 September 12

You had responded to an email that i had sent and i just had to write back a response. Your whole organization there just continues to amaze me. I never expected a response from the email i sent you. I know that alot is to promote the website. Thank you for that. Between the unique organization that you have and the actual compassion and passion that your show i just have to say again BRAVO!!
- K. (member)

17 September 12

Hi.  I love the site and the films.  
- A. (member)

25 September 12

I love what I have seen and want to see more
- T.

14 October 12

Thank you so much for making this videos. It is an immeasurable pleasure to witness such a beautiful and erotic thing.
- S.

7 November 12

I like your movie.
- M.

9 December 12

I love watching ladies get seduce.
- K.

Hmm, that’s not exactly what we said.

27 December 12

Um, I’m concerned about the age limit on your website. You state that Gen X and Y’ers are not welcome. I was born in ’78. That that make me too young? I saw the video, "Cindy's Bed 12" on and I think that was about the most honest video of cunnilingus I've ever seen. That's exactly how I do it. Anyway, I support you guys and your artistic vision. I wish I could join your site for free, but I can’t, so I won’t.
- M.



6 January 13

Eurêka, j'ai pu me connecter hier. Je vais en profiter et vous tenir au courant . Merci pour votre geste commercial , c'est très fair –play
-F. (Member)

The first review of 2013 came from (re)Search my Trash and we love the way Mike Haberfelner put it when he said, "What could have been a run-of-the-mill lesbian sex scene in the hands of any other director, becomes a sort of sexual drama when Div For'e puts his mind to it."

7 January 13

House of Shame - Sunbathing
USA 2008
produced by twilightwomen
directed by Div For'e
starring Mara, Tiffany
House of Shame

Both mistresses of the titular "House of Shame" are out for the time being, so Mara seizes to go sunbathing in the nude in the house's garden - and it doesn't take long before Tiffany comes out as well, takes off her clothes and lies down next to her. Now normally, of the two submissives, Tiffany is the more, ummm, sexually active/aggressive, but this time it's Mara who takes the initiative, first trying to seduce her by encouraging her to rub lotion on her back (and some other parts of her body), then bringing a squirt gun into the mix ... but it takes quite a while - which was probably Tiffany's scheme all along - before Tiffany gives in and fingers Mara to orgasm ...

What could have been a run-of-the-mill lesbian sex scene in the hands of any other director, becomes a sort of sexual drama when Div For'e puts his mind to it. Here, the two performers become characters (even if they have next to no dialogue), and their sexual shenanigans become an actual plot. All of this is helped by a deliberate slow pace, camerawork that is carefully laid out and interested in not only the girls' genitalia but also their body language, facial expressions and positions to one another, and by the fact that the girls are really into the story and seem to be into one another.
Now if all of this sounds too brain-heavy to you, it's still two naked girls doing naughty things on a blanket, and the camera really doesn't shy away from any of their action - but it goes miles beyond the sleaze you'd expect from a scene like this.
Recommended - and pretty hot, actually!

If this has made you curious, you can download this movie from

- Mike Haberfelner (

8 January 13

I very recently subscribed to your sight and so far, I am very much impressed.
- R (Member)

26 January 13

Hej! Tack för ditt trevliga svar jag är gärna på er lista.Tack på förhand.
- J.

4 February 13

Thank you Laura and all the best.
- T.

18 February 13

I LOVE everything i have seen of yours on other sites but would like to actually contribute my $ to your great work and have access to it at my home.
- M.

It's so satisfying to hear back from members who we've helped with resolving a technical issue. On to enjoying the videos!

19 February 13

Thank you Laura for your help. I have now been successful
- D.

A thought-provoking point of view from a returning member.

Would it be fair to say that the primary purpose of porn, (call it what you may)is to achieve an orgasm?
For me erotica in various forms serves other purposes and needs which I choose to call "climate." Still, all roads lead to Rome.
- M. (Member)

21 February 13

I am going to buy another month.
Looking forward to going back on site.
- M. (Member)

22 February 13

1st dl. bare-back hand spanking. Perfect choice. I am not into hard bdsm, and I really don't like (or care much) for men hurting women although hand spanking has worked for me, i.e a Shadow Lane with Butch Simms and two women. Of course, yours is divine. In my head I want to be both women, but preferably the one over the lap.
Love your site.
- M. (Member)

24 February 13

The photos are divine. Hand spanking is a gem. And Anna still reigns supreme. It is all in her eyes, don't you agree?
- M. (Member)

26 February 13

Hi Laura. Thanks - I would love to be put on your customer contact list! Have a good day!
- M. (Member)

Hmm, Cindy has been on that vacation a long time, hasn't she? When will she return to the House of Shame? Only Div For'e knows for sure. (Rest assured, she will return.)

28 February 13

Hey, it's my yearly "Where are the Cindy clips?" email. Hope to see some new stuff that includes and focuses on her this year!
- M. (Member)

Thank you, yet again.
I have printed it out for my old fashion real desk, and will file as well.
You are a gem. I know I have said that before but I love repeating it.
- M. (Member)

1 March 13

Fucking love lesbian masasge movie Ann ampar and robin joy full of lust damn need more of the two fucking hot as hell release videos in mp4 formats on mobile sites
- O. (Member)

Sometimes praise and criticism go hand in hand. We always love passionate reactions to the movies.

6 March 13

I am in love with Mrs. Ampar! She is a lovely lady and a very fine actress. If only, she didnt have that monstrous, tatoo! I hope that it is removable. A word for your scenario writer. The idea of a third party, participating in a game meant for two, it is apealing. The handling of the idea, however, it was rather unfortunate especially in the case of Marie. A word for Mr. For'e. You have moments of incredibly artistic result and others that it comes difficult to acknowledge as yours. Slow tempo can be very stimulating, as it increases the anticipation and intesifies the lust. Too slow a tempo, can kill both! Also, the domination-submission scenes could and should be more realistic and the punishment scenes, spanking or whiping, why not? two bits harsher! After all the story of "O" was released when? twenty? thirty year ago? I will finish my comment the way I began it. I an in love with Mrs. Ampar! She is an excellent actress and can do much more. She deserves much more. We deserve much more.
- N. (Member)

We get asked this so often we think twilightwomen must have a French soul. It's a lovely compliment.

twilightwomen is not french?? Thank
- O. (Member)

He is exactly that fearless.

8 March 13

A word, for Mr. For'e.
I believe that the word every film director fears most, is the word "boring".
Are you that, fearless? Speed up Man!
" &#928;&#945;&#957; &#956;&#941;&#964;&#961;&#959;&#957; &#940;&#961;&#953;&#963;&#964;&#959;&#957;" as we Greeks used to say, thousands of Years, ago!
- N. (Member)

Over seven years after our launch, Rabbits Reviews gives us their first review. They couldn't resist mentioning a certain unrelated romance movie franchise that first came out several years after us.

29 March 13

No, this is not a celebrity site that focuses on the actresses from the vampire movie franchise. It's not even one of the countless porn parodies the series has had. Instead, Twilight Women focuses on lesbian porn meant for erotic connoisseurs.

Not every scene on TwilightWomen focuses on Lezdom, but many do. While the productions are clearly low-budget and the models are unknown, the performances are golden and the setups are perfect for giving you that "porn with a plot" vibe without being plot-heavy at all.

The design made me wonder if the site had gone decades without updating, but it's really just plain and reminiscent of old-school programming, as well as loaded with tons of ads and links at the bottom of the page. You can mostly ignore the landing page, though, because the top of it has the sections you really need. The content is divided into four areas: selected scenes, Lesbian Seduction, House of Shame and Beyond Twilight.

There are 66 movies and almost all of them come with both clips and a full-length version. Those that are only available as clips can be found in the first section. The second section is a series of vids that follow each other (like a TV show) in which a demure belle eventually gets seduced into life as a submissive.

The third section is another series, only this time it follows the kinky lesbian lives of a mother and daughter, their respective subs and any other hot babe who crosses their path. The final section is supposed to be dedicated to videos that never got finished, but aside from the oldest scene, it's nothing but a vampire-themed series called "Les Vampires."

The quality of every movie is good and the older scenes are being re-encoded in order to be viewable in larger screen sizes with slightly higher bit rates. There aren't any photo sets, but you do get screenshots with each movie, which run well over an hour.

There aren't any extras and updates are on the slow side. They occur every Wednesday evening, but it's random as to whether you're getting a series of clips or a full-length video. I'd say you'll average a full movie once a month, though. There's a model index, too.

Obviously, this site is far from being the Hollywood blockbuster of porn. However, if you like artsy independent films with a focus on lesbian Femdom, then you'll probably enjoy Twilight Women. It's got its foibles, but I highly recommend you give it a look.

* good-quality videos
* exclusive content
* lengthy movies

* no streaming option
* no bonus content
* slow update schedule


1 April 2013

House of Shame - Girlfriends
USA 2008
produced by twilightwomen
directed by Div For'e
starring Gena, Tosha
House of Shame

Gena has invited Tosha for a sleepover, and Tosha has brought a dirty book with her called Girlfriends and full of depictions of lesbian sex. Browsing the photos, it doesn't take Tosha long to totally get turned on. Gena's a little more hesitant, and at first doesn't really know how to handle her friend masturbating right next to her - but when Tosha gets topless at the latest, Gena can't hold back anymore, and the two are soon all over each other, eat each other out, spank each other, do the scissors ... well, you name it, they do it.

This introduction of two new characters into the House of Shame-series is probably not the most original film Div For'e has ever made - both the premise and the plotline are rather standard -, but he once again proves his expertise in turning the succession of titillation, foreplay and sex into an actual story including build-up and pay-off, and even though the two girls are not holding back in any way (the sex is definitely not faked), the whole thing is told not so much via sexual organs (as you'd expect from a film like this) but via gazes, positions (not only of the sexual kind), and sets and costumes and props - to put it another way, there's an atmosphere to this often amiss in other films of a similar ilk ... but that said, the girls are very hot too, and clearly into it - which is always a plus, right?

If this has made you curious, you can download this movie from

- Mike Haberfelner (

Bonjour Laura
pourrions nous echanger nos photos vous etes si belle
je suis lesbienne soumise obeir et etre au service d'une femme mon rêve j'ai 25a
oui j'aimerai avoir la liste des gens qui pourraient me vendre les DVD en attendant de vous lire et peut etre de vous voir en photo
Recevez mes plus cordiales pensées respectueuses
- O. (Member)

10 April 13

Thank you Laura Love you already and surely will enjoy and continue...
- P. (Member)

Obviously I am intrigued and as an insight to me women in love and lust especially kissing is the most erotic to me.
- P (Member)

13 April 13

Laura I guess we are kindred spirits here. It will probably take more than a month to view the films and well worth the investment. I will try once again to renew with CC bill or perhaps send you another money order for more than one month. I am enjoying the site and find Ann Ampar a very sympathetic vulnerable woman who is very sexy indeed. Love to kiss her myself. Love to meet you if I ever get out to CA again
- P. (Member)

On the heels of the Rabbits Reviews write-up, Porn Inspector followed suit, and got themselves very confused in the process. Therefore we must emphasize that no links on our site will ever, ever take you to WalMart! In fact, download links to our videos will only ever take you to... our videos. We take the security and integrity of our site extremely seriously. We asked them to remove the inaccurate information but our communication with Porn Inspector was unproductive as they seemed not to even fully understand what we were objecting to.

6 May 13

If you've wanted to venture into a lesbian interlude, with a twist of such reality it makes you see things from all arousing angles, it may live here.

Intro Promises:

It's a Twilight Women, shared from amateurs that offer an intro unlike others I've viewed before. It says little and yet reveals much, its common look to the world is a winning facet in this reviewer's opinion. They claim within membership you'll find a large amount of exclusive content, all videos through episodes and full scenes with freshness added weekly for constant contact.


There's almost an aura of darkness to the presentation of this site, the filming carries the look of a B classification movie you'd find during a late, late, middle of the night through the week showing. The lighting is good, that's not my point, it's in the filming and the characters alike, they have things laid out as if it's an ongoing soap opera of sorts, where the acting seems to play an important part in their rendition, not something I would have expected from an amateur installment. But, there's enough intrigue that grabs the moment you're logged in that will carry you through into wanting to see more.

Speaking of which, after utilizing my username and password for entry, it seemed as if nothing truly changed. It still carried linked commands of, "Login Here," leaving me to believe something had failed with my attempt to do so, but, that's not the case. After multiple attempts to add user information again, I decided to begin clicking on the routing measures for, Twilight Women and found I had gained entry, even though it was not noted as such, not even resembling as such.

Once I began my investigation, I found they have things broken into categories, such as, lesbian seduction, house of shame, beyond twilight, and selected scenes, so, I basically began at the beginning and worked my way through. They do, as stated within intro, have scenes that are listed with run times and their ability to download. I'm not finding an actual streaming choice, but I have located full scenes scattered throughout as well. However, within this aura of darkness, seduction, and, mystery this site seems to exude, an ounce of humor existed in trying to click on a full scene active link, and was taken to an offer of receiving a free Wal*Mart gift card, I'm not sure how that fits into the lesbian lust I'm in search of, but, we girls do like to shop!

They make it clear from the beginning they're in the process of altering their site, turning videos into a higher grade of viewing, even though I'm finding the ones with technical numbers that cater to dial up users, are actually pleasant to view. The leap they're taking in upgrade is still going to keep them on the low end of what most sites offer, as I found when downloading one that had been re-vamped for viewers, but, just like with the lower quality, it's still good. Do keep in mind, the episodes are broken down from full scenes, which there will be quite a few full length movies offered throughout, and some of those will go over 2 hours in play time.

They quote from intro there are over 800 videos, which equals approximately 80 hours of viewing time. I would take the viewing time more into consideration, because we aren't actually getting what, by the standards of our review format 800 videos, there are actually 800 installments that I counted, and from those, there will be 12+ episodes for each one, which does bring the count high, but in episode reality from their amateur, lesbian content.

Twilight Women is definitely unique, there is no doubt about it, and the offering of their story lines and the overall structure of how they've depicted the seduction of woman to woman romance enhances everything nicely in a storybook type of endeavor. There will be two females partaking in everything from nipple licking to oral vaginal sex as well, even though one particular area will hold only the illusion of the more hard side of softcore sex, giving an R rating, and nicely bringing it to member's attention. There is also going to be offered group sex in lesbian style, which you'll appreciate not only the full nudity, but the tender exploration behind the way their fingertips proceed to those nether regions. There is indeed a plot to their amateur porn, and with the differences this installment brings to my own repertoire of reviewed sites, it filters through to my senses as one of those things you can't take your eyes off of.


Twilight Women carries a difference that's more than noticeable from beginning to end, in the realm of presentation and content. It will be those differences that may make it the stand out site for those seeking membership into a softcore, lesbian installment. They're changing and updating, but keeping things simple. Sign up was a bit confusing, that's one issue they may want to resolve, as I mentioned in the body of my review.

Our previous high score from The Best Porn was bested by this fifth review written by Duke.

14 May 13

Twilight Women is a lesbian site with the tagline 'Seduction and Hopeless Resistance'. It's an exclusive and interesting collection of downloadable movies/films that really emphasize drama, storylines, and eroticism. With Twilight in the title you do have some vampire themes in play in some of the movie series. Some good background info is posted on the guest tour which will give you a feel for the type of movies and also the looks of the models. Billing is thru CCBill with straightforward monthly recurring and non-recurring.

The Pros:
* Unique Raw Erotic/Dramatic Style Lesbian Movies.

This is an exclusive collection of only movie content and Twilight Women emphasizes an amateur style that is the opposite of porn studio lipstick lesbian stuff. It's as much about with plots, eroticism, and the build-up as it is the lesbian sex. I like the group of models, there are about two dozen total, as they are cute and pretty ladies. The sex includes a lot of girl/girl and then some threesomes can be found as well. The Twilight vampire theme is evident in many movies however even aside from that this is very much a specialty lesbian collection. Full movies come in around 1-1.5hrs so they are fully developed shoots and then they also have some scenes that are more like 20-30 minutes.

* Long Running Site, Been Around for a Number of Years.

As a stand-alone site with such unique content it impresses me that the site has been around for so many years, since 2005. I remember seeing it back in the day and it still has the same style and appearance so they are sticking to their guns. So many sites in this business especially unique ones like this either disappear or go in-active so Twilight Women is a bit of an exception to that rule.

Other Good Stuff:
* Clear file size running time information is posted for each of the video downloads. The download speeds were above average for me. Full-movie files are around 1.0-1.5GB and they quicker than I was expecting.

* Update information is posted on the movies. They do have stuff ranging from recently released to movies from a number of years back so it's useful to have the dates posted.

* CCBill billing which should be familiar to most users. They have the same price for recurring and non-recurring monthly memberships.

The Cons:
* Average Quality/Options, Many Movies in Parts/Clips Only.

Video options have MPEG clip segments and then only some of the videos have full-movie AVI files. It is frustrating when only the clips are offered since you're looking at downloading up to 10 or more per movie. The quality/specs on this content are also just mediocre. No in-browser streaming or preview trailers are available, just the one download format in one level.

* Basic Design, Performers Index has No Links or Info.

I've been familiar with Twilight Women since back the time it was launched and they really haven't evolved the design or infrastructure much over the years. I find it difficult to get a read on the overall collection of movies, scenes, and series. There is a performer index but it doesn't link to any of the movies or have info about the models. The guest tour actually has a lot more info on the content then what's inside the member's area.

Minor Negatives:
* This is a little item but the the member comments page has the posts with the oldest posts first. You have to scroll down a long way to get to recent comments.

Bottom Line:
Interesting & stylish erotic lesbian movies that are unlike what most other lesbian sites offer.

With Twilight Women it's plain to see that content style and originality are what the site has to offer in spades. Surfers who enjoy this style content are likely to really dig the movies. The parts of the site that are lagging behind the times are the design and video options and quality. The fact that they have non-recurring billing for the same price as recurring is also a nice little item that you don't see from most paysites. That speaks a bit about how they are trying to provide a good product for a reasonable price.


15 May 13

thank you
- T. (member)

21 May 13

I want to ask and see where I could buy these wonderfu films.
That is my only question at this moment.
Thank you,
- J. (Member)

1 June 13

i am interested of
- K.

11 June 13

Well I am into the lesbian seduction, I watched the Sauna series last night
wow I was HOT thru the whole thing
I think I am in Luv with Anna and Robin
They make me hot, and so do their heels
Thanks for taking the time to write to me
YES I am enjoying these videos
I have lots to watch yet
- K. (Member)

We get questions from time to time about Selected Scenes. Those scenes should not be considered part of our permanent collection. They are segments of video pulled from shoots done mostly for our House of Shame series. They will eventually be edited more heavily and incorporated into full-length movies in one of our major series. Until then, they are best thought of as previews or sneak peeks of coming attractions!

1 July 13

Question: Are you finished with the Secret series or are there more episodes to come? Thanks
- A. (Member)

3 July 13

Well firstly,thanks for all your help to get me registered.
I will tell u my evaluation.
I watched all.
I watched a lot with my neighbors<they are lesbians.
We all Luved the first episode with Robin and Anna
Thatw as the doubt it was the best and only best
I told u I fell in Love with Robin and Anna
and both their shoes
But the rest of the videos di not come up to the standard of that first
There was some other good ones like the sauna.
The other video that has its own web site was also good.Forget the names.
But over all I liked them all that had Robin and Anna in
The big glasses and Anna's big eyes looking with adortaion at Robin was so good Looks very real.
Like Anna was really in luv with Robin>>>good
But I can see more actions in the Site of
I like the actions that show that one is really kissing and having oral sex with the women>These all do not show the only thing it shows is kissing and some nipple sucking
No Real Oral stuff.
Now My lesbian friends said the same thing all along
They would say LOOK there is no real actions.They Know. Over all I enjoyed all.but the most was Robin and Anna
Thanks again for your work to get me on.I thot after The Anna seduction,which to me was HOT
The rest did not add up
But I say again>I did enjoy all
But was not that excited watching as I was with Anna seduction
Thanks again
- K. (Member)

Oh also watching the videos with the lesbian friends was good
I could sure their heels for my pleasures
I get horny and need their shoes
Could not use Anna's or Robins only in my mind
Needed their shoes
OHHHHHHHH was soooooo good
- K. (Member)

15 July 13

Fucking lesbian vampires, hell yes. No time when pussy is not going to taste good. If I cannot join in,I hope I can watch.
- K. (

19 July 13

Thanks Laura - I wanted to let let you know I really enjoyed your site.
-B. (Member)


Thanks for all your help in my being able to join
I did ENJOY the time of my short membership
But as I told u,I think there is more explicit sex on other sites and they are free
I really liked Robin and Anna
That series was sooooo good
I did enjoy all
BUT after seeing the first and thinking wow and more should be better
I was a little disappointed
But I still did enjoy them
Seeing the way Anna looked at Robin was done so well that it really appeared that they were in luv.
I like women's I loved Anna and Robins heels
Thanks again.My lesbian frieds do let me enjoy their shoes while we watch some x rated stuff together.I really enjoy that......MMMMMMM I am KINKY
Best wishes to you
- K. (Member)

I love it. Wish i could watch in person. :)
- F. (

29 July 13

Mmm. Thank you.
- M. (

We are delighted to announce that our Performers index now allows you to search movies by performer!

2 August 13

There are 2 pictures just above the list of videos from House of Shame. What videos are these pictures from?
Would also be good to have a search option where one can search based on models and preformers
- C. (Member)

A major highlight of the year was when world-renowned Jess Franco historian and writer, Robert Monell reviewed our newest movie Night Pickup.

9 August 13

NIGHT PICKUP (2013) Div For'e

Recently discovered the work of director Div For e' who contributes erotic shorts, series and features to Div is a real artist in that he filters eroticism through his own personal sensibility, which engages the imagination through imagery, suggestion, sound and an almost minimalistic mise en scene.

It's an impressionistic approach to eroticism rather than a literal one. And it's actually erotic. By that I mean it engages it activiates the erotic imagination. What I found erotic about it (and what turns one person on is always subjective) is the public location, a laundromat, and how the silent play of glances achieves an intimacy in that space. Just the whir of the machines heard. There's an invisible, animal magnetism to those furtive glances which is very erotic.

His work recalls the vintage erotica of Joe Sarno (cf SIN IN THE SUBURBS) and Doris Wishman (BAD GIRLS GO TO HELL), two of my own personal favorite erotic filmmakers.

His new in process work for his LES VAMPIRES series involves a silent seduction which occurs in a laundromat. The loaded glances, the way the women are dressed, the neutral colors, the public setting, the furtive artistry here is rather amazing. More on this series in the future.

- Robert Monell (

i like 100% lessbian massage.coz im sex very hot lessbian women.
-A. (Member)

26 August 13

House of Shame - Descent
USA 2013
produced by twilightwomen
directed by Div For'e
starring Cathryn, Mara, Tiffany
House of Shame

Mara and Tiffany, the love slaves of Cindy and her daughter Rachel, respectively, make the best of the absence of their mistresses and invite Cathryn over to not only Cindy's house but also into her bed. And while Tiffany takes a bath, Mara proceeds to seduce Cathryn - and Cathryn proves very responsive, too. But when they're almost at it, Mara gets up and decides to have a bath with Tiffany instead - but sees to it that Cathryn can watch, as she and Tiffany put on quite a show ... in other words, they have sex in the bathtub. but Cathryn isn't a shy one either, and soon enough she sits by the tub and tries to seduce Tiffany - much to Mara's dismay, actually. But of course, all of this only leads to a threesome in a pleasantly crowded shower ...

Descent once again shows director Div For'e doing what he does best: Sure, objectively speaking, the whole thing is an extended explicit lesbian sex scene - and there'd be nothing wrong with that of course. But as pretty much always in his movies, Div For'e handles the whole thing not only with elegance but also uses the very sexual relations between the women as his story, told in a series of gestures, gazes, even hesitating vs jumping right into action, and so instead of left alone with the mechanics of sex, you are told an actual story (which of course makes more sense when seen within the context of the House of Shame-series) - and hey, if all this sounds to brain-heavy, the girls are still pretty hot, and pretty into what they're doing for sure ...

If this has made you curious, you can download this movie from

- Mike Haberfelner (

Love your blog and now following you. Keep up the beautiful work.
- T. (

We produce and release brand new full-length movies on the site every year - don't miss them!

9 September 13

I have dipped into your website over the last few years from time to time and join up every so often just to catch up on downloads.
On the plus side, I am pleased that you have used some shiny satin garments (dress, nightie, top) in a couple of your shots but am also disappointed that it is in only a couple of your videos. Does anyone really find cotton sexy? Honestly? Look, I know that isn't the point of your website, you aren't a clothing/material fetish site, but i'd like to see much more satin being worn when the girls are hugging, kissing and touching. A pvc raincoat would be nice too....I'm sure that I'm not alone in thinking this ;-)
On the downside, I notice that many of the "recent updates" to your site are in fact old updates just being recycled. This is disappointing. Are you going to be producing anything new? Some of your old updates are no longer on your site so no doubt they will be re-introduced in the coming months.
- D. (Member)

14 September 13

Hi Laura, I finally got a chance to re-download all of the parts and now they all play through. I really appreciate your help, and the nice reply that you sent. I'll make sure to give detailed explanations if I have any more issues. As for your offer, I'm sure you guys are hard at work converting the clips to full movies. I did really enjoy the whole of Moniques Story, so if you needed a place to start there, that would be my choice. I realize there are 7 parts, and certainly don't expect all 7 right away, but maybe part 1? Anyway, thanks very much for your help.
- M. (Member)

Interesting take on the site from Czech reviewer at Porn Paysites despite some inaccuracies.

26 September 13

Twilight Women Full Review

About site:
Exclusive site with lots of soft lesbian porn, erotic beautiful in dark colors with a vampire atmosphere. In some, the simple story as it emphasizes its uniqueness.

Free tour:
Freetour promises a lot of videos and weekly updates . Moreover page looks exactly the same as in the memberzone , except inactive links to download videos. Completeness can be fully assessed .

Amount of Content:
The site is only present in the downloadable VIDEO format . Number of sets in the area is 800 , but it is short videos 5 to 15 minutes each. A total of about 80 full movies . The whole site is divided into four thematic parts is SELECTED SCENES, LESBIAN SEDUCTION, HOUSE OF SHAME and BEYOND TWILIGHT

Content Quality:
Exclusive content can be seen - video shot with a hint of cinematic style . To see - a must download yourself , no streaming video , and preview screenshots are also absent . The quality of the clips is poor - MPEG (1500kb / s, 320x240) AVI (2000kb / s, 640x480) Participation in the shooting were 24 models , their photo posted in the relevant section . Unfortunately , any other information about the models available.

Updates occur with surprising regularity - once a week, and add 3 or 5-10 minute video , or 1 hour movie

The design and navigation of the site have not changed for 7 years, since its launch. Of course, all out of date and does not look modern and dull. Comfort interface absent in principle.

I have not found any bonuses except links to other sites.

Conclusions - if you are a connoisseur of art, film, light porn, sign up faster. The kind you will not find on any tubes or on other sites.


A wonderful compliment.

27 September 13

Of al the lesbian sites I have visited, this stands head and shoulders above them all. This is the most realistic, most tantalising site which my partner and I enjoy watching.
I have never subscribed to a site until now, but your site is what we would consider value for money.
My partner and I are of Indian origin and lesbianism is totally unacceptable. hence, our migration to Sydney Australia.
Our heartiest thanks.
- R. (Member)

30 September 13

My goodness I love your blog. Why do I love it? It's the real beautiful women you use. No glamour or glitz here. Just beautiful women who love women. Keep it up!
- T. (

We were so busy expanding the House of Shame series the past two years that some of our Lesbian Seduction fans started missing their favorite couple. Fortunately, we can promise a lot of Ann and Robin in the coming year.

3 October 13

Week after week, every Thursday I hope to see Ann & Robin's saga back.
It takes more than 2 years without a update. Sincerely, I'm sad. I really miss those two.
Cathryn, Mara and Tiffany last saga on House of Shame is pretty good, although I like much more when Tiffany is the dominant.
Please, tell me Ann & Robin will be back someday. It's hard to see they on Facebook, promoting TwilightWomen, and not on they are due to be.
-D. (Member)

4 October 13

You're the best. Classy as always!
"...and best, is that there is definitely more Ann and Robin coming up."
What more can I expect, besides Ann and Robin themselves. For now, your words made me happy.
I enjoy so much had an answer at that lenght. I'm flattened.
Of course, I'm not the only one who consider the Ann and Robin's saga the major part of twilightwomen brand, althouth is smaller in scope the other two series. It's comforting to know that I share a kind of common sense with many people.
Certainly I like HOS as well, so I felt even happier when you said Tiffany will be more dominant.
Please, tell the diretor to bring Monique back to LS, or even Christine or Jennifer, those beautiful actresses from Beyond Twilight, a series that I definitely don't like, I'm not fond of Vampire thing, and that blood, I'm sorry.
If more actresses could be brought LS, new plots could be developed, eventually a new arc could be built within that saga.
Please, tell the director to create situations where the Ann and Robin could display the contrast between their bodies. There's only one, but terrific shower scene on LS. Please more! I know that I'm not being creative at this point, but I'm being honest. Those two ladies turn me on.
I wish you, the director, the casts all the best.
- D. (Member)

11 October 13

hi i love youuuuuu
- M. (Member)

13 October 13

I'm sorry, I am just here to ask a question. I am a music video director and a video archivist and I am blown away by the look of your videos. Just beautiful. Two questions: What are you using to shoot and are these contemporary videos are old videos? I am pretty sure they are new, but I am amazed on how you were able to get the early 90's video look with your talent as well!
- L. (Member)

15 October 13

House of Shame - Empty House
USA 2012
produced by twilightwomen
directed by Div For'e
starring Mara, Tiffany
House of Shame

A direct continuation of After the Dance: After Cathryn has left, Mara and Tiffany, the sex slaves of the house of shame, take advantage of being left alone by their mistresses to play some more with one another - and this time, Mara, usually the more submissive one, takes the lead, tying up naked Tiffany and caressing her with her feet first, then she makes Tiffany eat her out - before she unties her and they have sex in various positions, first using their fingers and tongues, then a double-headed dildo, and both climax repeatedly. Finally, Mara whips Tiffany before letting her do the same.

For a newcomer to the House of Shame-series, this probably looks like little more than close to two hours of nonstop lovemaking, as the girls are naked in this one pretty much throughout, there is close to nothing in terms of narrative sequences, heck there is even little in terms of foreplay, the girls just go at it - again and again. And that's alright, because the girls are hot, really seem to enjoy themselves, and the camerawork, in all its occasional shakiness, is definitely interesting and elegant (without being glossy) enough to keep audiences interested.

For those familiar with the series though, this is also an interesting character study - with hardly a word being muttered or much non-sexual action taking place: Via sexual positions, facial expressions and simple gestures, paired with camerawork that doesn't focus on genitalia (though there's plenty of that, too), this film explores the shift of Mara into a more dominant position in her relationship with Tiffany, sees her taking command more and more. And all of this makes Empty House a rather fascinating and interesting entry into the series.
But character study or simple sex scene, among all else, this movie is one of the hottest of the House of Shame-series.

If this has made you at all curious, you can download this movie from

- Mike Haberfelner (

18 October 13

You have an incredible site. I was wondering if there would be any more work from Terri. She was fantastic in Cindys Video Girls 2.
Thanks for a great site.
- E. (Member)

22 October 13

Thank you for the very informative response and your time.
- J. (Member)

25 October 13

- G.

31 October 13

I've noticed that only Ann and Robin among TW cast have last names.
It's just a remark...
What about they adress some message to their fans, I don't know where, Youtube our something.
We've have barely heard their voices along these years. Let us hear them a little.
- B. (Member)

1 November 13

I only recently joined your site and am very impressed with the content. One question though; would we see more of Monique in your upcoming updates?
- A. (Member)

I really like your sensual depiction of women's sexuality - such a great thing! Kisses xxx
- G. (

5 November 13

Thank you so much!
- L. (Member)

6 November 13

Thanks for your response. Less than an hour after I sent my second e-mail to you I received my confirmation from CCbill. As you noticed, I was able to access the site and download files. Again, thank you for your personal reply. Keep up the great work!
- E. (Member)

8 November 13

Hello you girls do you threesome too I can joint you if you not too far from me :)
- F. (

It never hurts to ask.

9 November 13

Is it possible For a trial send me a full movie of ann ampar and robin joy before I pay for the full package
- M.

The newest movie in our Les Vampires series, Night Pickup, received a lot of attention this year!

10 November 13

Les Vampires - Night Pickup
USA 2013
produced by twilightwomen
directed by Div For'e
starring Angel, Carmella
Les Vampires

In all honesty, the evening didn't hold much promise for Angel - just a night at the laundromat. So when she spots a lovely woman, Carmella, checking her out, she plays along and returns her longing gazes. And when a guy tries to pick up Carmella, that only incites Angel's interest - even if without any afterthought. Later, Carmella invites Angel back to her home, and at first she's even hesitant - but then again, why not?
It's only when she's at Carmella's place that Angel realizes she's under the other woman's spell. She wants to leave, tries so numerous times, once even with the help of a friend with hers, but just can't - and that's even despite the fact that Carmella seems to enjoy insulting her ... oh, and she desperately wants to drink Angel's blood, too, because you know, Carmella's a vampire. Eventually, Angel gives in ... and enjoys their exchange of blood more than she would have expected ...
First and foremost, director Div For'e is known for his unusual erotic features, many of them quite explicit in approach - but while Night Pickup is sexually charged for sure, there is no actual nudity in it ... and yet, the movie, an extended depiction of a seduction, brings its point across quite beautifully (and steamily so), as it's a film of gazes (from coy to longing and everything in between, of poses and positions, of small gestures and facial expressions, that's as unusual but at the same time comprehensible that it's probably closer to the French nouvelle vague than anything else. Plus, in its open-ended narrative it certainly leaves one longing for more.
Definitely recommended!
If this has made you at all curious, you can download this movie from

- Mike Haberfelner (

13 November 13

My question is, if I joint your club by paying 30 dollars, I shall get an excess for a month if don't happen to watch much of your movies as I am a frequent traveller on a business. How, would you resolve my issue.
My second question is that your free sites for short time are banned here can you help to give a limited excess in order get a better choice, because I have recently found your site. Regards
- M.

Aroused and perplexed, a most uncommon mix.

16 November 13

What I've seen of your content is erotic, elegant, intense, passionate. I love it, but as I watch I keep asking myself the same question "when was this filmed?". It looks as if it was filmed at least 20 years ago and yet, new content continues to appear, from either a secret vault or indeed brand new productions. I am aroused and perplexed, a most uncommon mix.
- O. (

In case anyone else is wondering about this, we shoot and own all of our own content.

20 November 13

Hi. I was wondering if you shoot all your own content, or if you contract any of it out. Thx!
- A. (Member)

21 November 13

Great! Thanks for the info, Laura.
What primary regions are your performers from? They're fantastic!
- O. (Member)

You're a lady!
Thanks so much for your truly kindness..
- B. (Member)

27 November 13

Thanks so much for the response and info
- O. (Member)

2 December 13

I am very fond of your fine work. I would like to join. However for reasons of privacy, I am unable to use a credit card or check. Is there a way that I can join using a money order or cash?
Thank you
- H.

This is awesome.
- A. (

4 December 13

I thankyou for the explanation,,yes I see what you mean,,everything is fine now!!,,,actually fine before apparently :),,thankyou again!
- R. (Member)

5 December 13

message: ok...i'm sure i'm not the only freaky girl to come here because of the vampire stories. I'm tired of being forced to choose team edward or team jacob for my vampire fantasies when what i really want is a team jessica or team lorelei. So when i found twilight women i was really excited. I've only watched a few so far and i am in love with the characters you created. I have a couple of questions. The sound quality is poor. I miss most of the dialog. I know it is mainly visual, but a few of the lines are really sexy, and important to the plot. Especially the ones having to do with when girls realize they are going to die as kathy's victim. Is there any way to get a written transcript of the dialog? Or any other suggestion?
Your characters are so real, they are easy to identify with. Keep up the good work.
Any more vampire stuff coming?
- L. (Member)

19 December 13

I am delighted at your continuing success, and I will explore your new avenues. I truly wish I could be more open/candid, but that is just not the way it is for me. My loss. Wish you happy healthy holidays. Special, if "distant" hi to Ann.
- M. (Member)

A perfect way to end the year!

30 December 13

Thank you once again for your blog. Your blog actually made a fantasy of mine come true. So thanks again. Happy New Years!
- T. (


What better way to start out the year than with this recognition from Jess Franco historian and filmmaker, Robert Monell? High praise indeed.

14 January 14

Your films are First Class, High Quality Erotica: unique, imaginative and playful in the way they build up the suspense and anxiety inherent in seduction. Div For'e is a visual genius. Your performers are transcendent. These are instant classics and among the best erotic films I have seen.
- Robert Monell (

1 February 14

me encanta lo que hacen
-J. (Member)

The prolific Mike Haberfelner continues reviewing our film catalog with Absent Mistress. "One simply can't deny that this one is extremely hot."

4 February 14

House of Shame - Absent Mistress
USA 2013
produced by twilightwomen
directed by Div For'e
starring Cathryn, Mara, Tiffany
House of Shame

A direct sequel to Sunbathing: Somehow, Mara and Tiffany, the love slaves of the House of Shame, regarded their little adventure in the garden as a one-off thing ... well, that is until they meet again and simply can't keep their hands off one another. And that's not too bad even (matter of fact, not bad at all), until Cathryn catches them red-handed. Cathryn is of course quick to identify Tiffany as the dominant part of the relationship (and it's open to the audience whether they agree or not), so she strips Tiffany to her shirt that's cut to have her bare breasts pop out at the slightest commotion anyways and then spanks her for a bit before telling Mara to satisfy Tiffany orally - which ultimately results in a win-win-win situation.

Maybe not the most interesting House of Shame-movie on a pure narrative or stylistic level, one simply can't deny that this one is extremely hot - and "hot" going beyond just showing female genitalia or just girls going at it, but - as you'd expect from filmmaker Div For'e actually - a storyline (as simple as it might be) based on the relations the girls have with one another in the larger context, but carried the sex the film depicts. This is all supported by a subtle approach that goes beyond just showing the sexual action on screen - but then again, the film does show a trio of women really into it - so yeah, whatever you want to say about this, it's pretty hot!

If this has made you at all curious, you can download this movie from

- Mike Haberfelner (

Have you visited us on tumblr?

18 February 14

Very sensuous. Love your content. Keep up the good work. Love it. Thanks for sharing.
L. (

25 February 14

how did you make this so sexy and hot ?
- T. (

24 March 14

Great job that you do. your model are so nice.I'm a great french fan
Should you agree, i send you some scenario?
- G. (Member)

25 March 14

House of Shame - End of a Long Day
USA 2013
produced by twilightwomen
directed by Div For'e
starring Cathryn, Mara, Tiffany
House of Shame

After a long day of debauchery, Mara and Tiffany, the two sex slaves of the titular House of Shame, take their new friend Cathryn to their mistress's bedroom for ... well, some more fun.
At first, it's only Tiffany, the more outgoing of the two, who has sex with Cathryn, while Mara politely sits by, fingering herself, but then Cathryn treats Mara to cunnilingus and ultimately shags her with a strap-on. At the end of the day, the three ladies fall asleep in the nure hugging one another as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

If you know the work of Div For'e, you might notice that this is not the most narrative of his films - not in itself at least, as it is the climax (in more sense than one) of a chapter in the House of Shame-saga, and it does make lots of sense in the bigger picture. That said, it's still a very hot piece of lesbian porn that can also be utterly enjoyed on its own terms, as the girils really seem to be into it, go at it, and seriously, they're at their hottest in this one!
Of course, definitely not for everybody, but if you're at least to a degree into this kind of thing, watch it, you won't regret it!

If this has made you curious, you can download this movie from

- Mike Haberfelner (

31 March 14

yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hot

1 April14

Is it possible to buy your videos in DVD format? If so, I will buy them all. You make videos that no one else makes. Extremely erotic and never crude. Thanks
- J. (Member)

"The sexual tension between your women is just exquisite!" In April, we received this email from a new fan and soon-to-be member of the site which began a lively correspondence. We appreciated and could relate to his enthusiasm and frustration and were very complimented by his support.

11 April 14

I have been a fan of Lesbian erotica for the past 45 years and even though I am a man, I have become somewhat of an expert on the subject. As you know, the mainstream SHIT coming out of the San Fernando valley is just terrible. It seems like every production company makes the same male oriented cookie cutter videos. They seem to think we all want to see crude hard core sex. Ramming, cramming, and shoving is all we get from these bozos. And it seems like there some kind of "code" that says the women will NEVER do certain things, such as full frontal body contact, nipple to nipple touching or full body embracing. Another thing is that when the women kiss, they, WITHOUT FAIL, grab each other's faces and, unlike your videos, they never throw their arms around each other in a real passionate embrace. Quick and unimaginative seduction scenarios coupled with crude, passionless sex is all I could find until I found Twilight Women. You show what the others will not, and that is some real chemistry, passion, and love between your women. What I really like,and what you do perfectly, is a build up before the sex. The sexual tension between your women is just exquisite! You are not in a hurry to consummate the sex, unlike the other idiots who produce these movies. They all seem to start with two women facing each other on a bed, and in 30 seconds the girls are ramming and cramming a dildo. Just terrible stuff! Thank you so much for daring to be different. I would, however, like to see you show more scenes of women GENTLY brushing their nipples together. Not grabbing their breasts and shoving them into contact, but a gentle nipple to nipple touch during an embrace. And show it! This is something no one else would ever do and if you feature this, you will get a positive response, guaranteed. There is a demand for this as there is for missionary position tribidism. Girl Candy Films And Nica Noelle are the only ones who break the code and feature missionary tribbing, and they do it very well. Scissoring may be good for the girls doing it, but the viewer gets nothing from it because we cannot see their pussies, hello! There is nothing more erotic than seeing two women making love in this position, even though it may not be best for them.
Thanks for hearing my rants about the state of the industry. Just keep up what you are doing. Viv Thomas and the idiots at Girlfriend Films could take a lesson from Twilight Women. Hurry up with the DVDs.
- J. (Member)

Thanks to all our fans who have patiently awaited the return of Cindy, mistress of the House of Shame. 2020 seems like a safe promise!

23 April 14

Just going through my old mail cleaning up and I came across this from 2012-01-11. Two years ago and still no new Cindy stuff on the site (just re-release of existing material). Boo !!! Would LOVE to get the whole Seduction film with Cindy and Katja. Will we be seeing that before 2020? ;)
- F. (Member)

30 April 14

When i bought my membership i opted for the one time payment. I love your movies so much i want to have uninterupted access. How do i change to automatic recurring billing? Your site is just what i have been looking for. Thanks for daring to break the mold of the mainstream SHIT!
- J. (Member)

1 May 14

Wow...Very Hot!
- J. (

Boots was the first in a series of films from our Lesbian Seduction series that we released this year. For many fans, the return of Ann Ampar was a celebrated event.

4 May 14

Lesbian Seduction - Boots
USA 2014
produced by twilightwomen
directed by Div For'e
starring Ann Ampar, Hannah
Lesbian Seduction

Ann (Ampar) and Hannah seem to be really into each other from shot 1, making out on a sofa first and gradually rolling off onto the icebear rug. Hannah takes the lead in this for early on, so Ann is naked (safe for her boots) in no time at all, and Hannah manages to get orgasm after orgasm out of her. Eventually though, Ann is happy to lick Hannah to climax as well ...

Now granted, this is not one of the more narratively accomplished episodes of the Lesbian Seduction-series - even if you know the series, you might have problems on how to properly place it -, but it's a movie full of passion: One can't deny that the two girls in this video are really into what they're doing, and the direction and camerawork do their best to capture this passion in the performers' facial expressions and body language rather than endless zooms on their boobs and genitalia - though don't worry, you get to see everything. And even if the sex is only softcore in depiction in this one, it comes across as very real in more ways than one. Oh, and to say one word about the title, the boots really fit the (naked) girls, too.
Very sensual, really!!!

If this has made you curious, you can download this movie from

- Mike Haberfelner (

The "rules of engagement" - we know them all too well. We enjoyed this email immensely. We couldn't have said it better ourselves - and we tried on our About Us page!

5 May 14

I have written many notes to production companies with comments, complaints, or suggestions as to how they could make better movies. You are the only one who has responded, and I thank you for doing so. I decided to bite the bullet and download your video clips instead of waiting for a DVD, and it has been a wonderful experience! I am so happy to have found a site that does not take its orders from some producer in the San Fernando Valley. I have visited adult video stores in [many cities] thinking I might finally be free from those complete fucking idiots, known hereafter as CFIs, in SoCal who make such awful movies. Incredibly, all I could find on the shelves was the same mainstream shit from California I have been enduring for the past 4 plus decades! This is what makes Twilightwomen such a breath of fresh air! It is just unbelievable that some CFI dictates every little move in the making of a Lesbian film, forcing producers and directors to obey what I call "the rules of engagement." Only you and Nica Noelle at Girl Candy Films dare to violate those rules by show things like missionary tribidism, which Nica does very well, or full frontal embraces, which you do very well. Here are some of the things that just rankle the viewer that, for the most part, you don't do.

For example, as I mentioned before, when the girls kiss, they must grab each others faces and never, ever throw their arms around each other in a full frontal embrace. And the latest craze among the CFIs it the short, choppy kiss that ends with a loud smacking sound. Smack!, smack!, smack! That takes the eroticism right out of the scene. girlfriend films, not capitalized out of disrespect, is big on this as is filly films, viv thomas, et al. In fact, no one does kissing like Twilightwomen! I have never seen two women kiss like Ann and Robin! They are my favorites as they seem to be so in love in your films. What chemistry! But they probably hate each other off the set. I sure hope not.

One other thing is that if the girls kiss and smear their lipstick on each other's face, the CFIs immediately stop the action, call in the makeup artist, and clean their faces. You are the only ones who allow the women to smear lipstick and continue on with the scene. You obviously know that smeared lipstick is highly erotic!! I give you get an "A" for this. And speaking of lipstick, having one woman suck another woman's nipples leaving smeared lipstick on her nipples is very erotic and something no one else would dare to do, (hint, hint.)

Another thing that just gets me is that the video camera person seems to have strict orders on how to film a scene. One of my favorites things is seeing two women gently rub their pussies together in the missionary position. Girlfriend films actually does this a lot, but the viewer, the chump who paid $35 for their DVD, almost never gets to see this up close and personal. When the girls are doing this very erotic act in say, a 10 minute scene, girlfriend films will show sides of their faces or the tops of their heads for 9 minutes and 57 seconds, and their pussies for maybe 3 seconds. And that 3 seconds must be shot at the obligatory 45 degree angle and never from directly behind. Why do they do this? It's almost as if they have orders to never lose sight of the women's faces or breasts. It does not cost any more to show their pussies together from directly behind and for more than 3 seconds. I notice that even your videographer loves the 45 degree angle from behind shot.

And, as we have discussed, the girls should never, ever allow their nipples to touch, and if they accidental violate this rule, the video camera operator will immediately shift the camera to the sides of their faces so that we don't get to enjoy this very erotic act. Am I the only one who thinks nipples on nipples is highly erotic? Has this never occurred to producers, even you? What does it cost to show this? When one woman is lying on top of another woman, why can't they lay so that they are nipple to nipple, or at least breast to breast? A very simple thing to arrange, but even you don't do this very often.

Thanks for letting me sound off. I hope you will take what I have said as being constructive and not as bitching. I would now like to suggest some ways you can improve your products.
Since Twilightwomen is obviously not under the heavy yoke of "the rules of engagement", you have a tremendous opportunity to show even more of what no other company dares to show. And if you break out of the mold further than you already have, your viewers will really enjoy it. Here is what I believe is highly erotic that no other company does. My first suggestion is that you create an entirely new genre of films that features a different take on Lesbian love. Maybe this genre could feature different scenarios for seductions and different settings, such as a Lesbian bar, an all female gym, a spa (as you did in "Sauna"), or an apartment with 3 or 4 roommates. Feature missionary tribbing and nipple to nipple scenes, as no one else does both.

Well, after this rant you will probably think I am some kind of lunatic, but this is what happens when you spend 45 years watching the same old shit over and over. Thanks for hearing me out and hopefully, what I have said will lead to even better movies from Twilightwomen. I am really excited about my new membership with your company and being able to communicate directly with those in charge of production. I am also looking forward to a long and enjoyable relationship with you and Twilightwomen. And keep sticking your finger in the eye of the mainstream idiots by daring to violate their rules of engagement!
- J. (Member)

12 May 14

Love it!
- T. (

We think everyone deserves seduction and hopeless resistance.

16 May 14

OMG... Do I deserve???
- D. (

23 May 14

Lesbian Seduction - Anna's Place
USA 2014
produced by twilightwomen
directed by Div For'e
starring Ann Ampar, Robin Joy
Lesbian Seduction

Robin (Robin Joy) and Anna (Ann Ampar) meet at Anna's place for a bit of innocent sunbathing in her garden (in the nude, naturally), and for a time it's really just that, two naked woman lieing in the sun ... but with the erotic tension in the air and both of them being naked anyways, the girls just cannot keep their hands from themselves first, and one another soon...

Before too long they are too much into each other to do it in Anna's garden, so they move to the inside, where Robin, after having a very sensuous shower on her own, jumps into the whirlpool with Anna, whom she, after quite a bit of making out, pleasures with a plastic baseball bat (handle first, in case you wondered). Anna very obviously enjoys every second of it ...

Like all the films of the Lesbian Seduction-series, this one is of course about just that, lesbian seduction - and like the best of them (actually most of them), this is not just about showing about girls copulating non-stop with endless zooms on their genitals and an emphasis on penetration (actually, no on-screen penetration here, the film's strictly softcore but all the hotter), rather it is a deliberately slow-paced piece about the act of seduction as such, with the girls rolling around in the open at first until they can no longer deny themselves the pleasure of the flesh - and that's done via stylish photography, clever editing, and two very hot girls who actually seem to understand the concept of the film and can act out their emotions - but also lose themselves in the moment shoult the occasion arise.
A very sensual flick, really!!!

If this has made you curious, you can download this movie from

- Mike Haberfelner (

Some think we should push the envelope even further.

28 May 14

Laura; Thanks for your response. I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say. You can do so much more of what the others refuse to do, but only if you have the desire to step out a little more from the main stream. I am thinking about writing another note to you as I have a million ideas! Ha!
- J. (Member)

29 May 14

Laura; Thank you for taking the time to not only respond to my e-note, but to address most of the points I made. It is nice to know your company is not too big to listen to its loyal customers. In your letter, you mentioned dialog. Yours are the first movies I have ever watched where there is an almost complete lack of dialog and I must say, I LIKE it! Your girls communicate with touching and with their eyes and that is so hot! Just another way that you are way different from the others. Another thing I appreciate that you don't do that just drives me nuts with the other companies, is what you referred to as circus sex. The CFIs will have a scene lasting say, 5 minutes, yet the girls change position 8 or 9 times in that 5 minutes, and the scene ends with no one having an orgasm. Thanks for breaking that mold and letting the girls make love how they would do it if no one was watching.

Thanks for hearing me out. The above thoughts and visions reflect the frustration of watching Lesbian erotica for the past 45 years, most of it bad, and not seeing any real erotica. Best wishes and I look forward to a long and enjoyable relationship with your company. I have attached a couple of scenes from other movies. The first one comes from a 1975, R rated French film called "Emilienne". That is where you have to go to see two women gently press their nipples together, and the second from a Nica Noelle Girl Candy film. Maybe some day I will see scenes like these in your movies, hint hint!!
- J. (Member)

Sometimes the teasing is just too much to handle.

30 May 14

I think the chemistry between Robin and Anne is mind blowing, haven't seen that hot a couple under any other banner, really wish there would be one scene in which they got explicit like some of the other series (HOS, for example)... Sometimes the teasing is just too much to handle :)
- D. (Member)

31 May 14

Ann lick her pussy oh yeah.
- L. (

This new member was looking for something very specific, which is not uncommon. In this case, it was a verbal seduction set-up. Our correspondence gave us the opportunity to distinguish between the kind of seduction and build-up that characterizes twilightwomen films and the particular and specific "set-up" model that Girlfriends Films relies on at the beginning of movies (and usually for a few moments at the start of each scene or vignette). The context for the sexual relationships and encounters in our movies tend to be psychological and emotional rather than situational. As reviewer Mike Haberfelner has noted many times, a twilightwomen seduction is not only quite lengthy but relies very little on any dialog and heavily on eye contact, facial expressions and body language. In this case, it was not a good match for the new customer. Different strokes!

12 June 14




- P. (Member)

14 June 14

Thank you for quick and edifying response. We shall start the process based on you suggestions and hopefully we will come up with a few chapters that we will want to download.
You folks are a class act and I appreciate your efforts... for sure
thank you
- P. (Member)

20 June 14

Very hot.
- I. (

7 July 14

Hi, I just wanted to tell you again, that Ann Ampar and Robin Joy are my favourite actresses. Some time ago, I suggested a scene, in which Ann is dressed in an elegant outfit including her stayup stockings and, especially, elegant high heeled kneehigh leather boots. Robin forces Ann to disrobe slowly, opening her blouse button by button. If she stops for too long, there might be a face slapping. This is both humiliating and exciting for Ann. In the end, Ann is standing there in only her slip, stockings and kneehigh oots. Robin watches her smiling for a while. Then she steps up to Ann and kisses her passionately on the mouth, while slowly pulling down Ann´s slip. Ann looks gorgeous in her stockings and boots and Robin can´t resist caressing her nipples and her back and buttocks. Then Ann has to spread her legs and Robin puts her hand between Ann´s legs and begins to caress her until Ann is moaning out loud. Is this a scenario you might like to realise ? Thank you for answering. Thank you for the inspiring clips - Greetings
- C. (Member)

15 July 14

I love your blog too. Your photos are so intimate and REAL!!!! I haven't visited for a while... Later tonight or tomorrow I will be back to share many of your posts with my followers. Thanks for all the inspiration you provide.
- S. (

All of the content on the site is dated so it's easy to see what's been added since your last visit!

25 July 14

Haven't been with you for a while. I guess I miss you. Every now and then I see one scene from the early Ana massage film.
How new are your current films? Silly question, I guess.
Really just wanted to say Hi.
- M.

9 August 14

Nice! You're stuff looks like it's right up my alley. Gorgeous women and sexy lesbian scenarios ... my favorite!
- B. (

25 August 14

your site are very well
- E.

29 August 14

Hi Ladies. I'm still loving your site!!! I will be signing up on your other site to download some of your videos. Thanks again for the endless inspiration you provide!!!
- S. (

30 August 14

- M.

The only way to see twilightwomen videos is to join the site and download them. There are several options for joining and we are happy to answer any questions.

6 September 14

how can i see video
- R.

22 September 14

This is how cake should always be enjoyed.
- O. (

We get questions from time to time about Selected Scenes. Unlike movies in the Lesbian Seduction, House of Shame and Les Vampires series, Selected Scenes are not part of our permanent collection. They are rotated on and off the site periodically and if they are not visible on the Selected Scenes index page, they are not currently available for download. Please enjoy their "limited runs"!

23 September 14

Hello !
I've registered at Twilight Women and I just love it : for a very low price, I have access to the most beautiful love scenes I ever saw in a vid, I can't thank you enough for that.

I have a question : I have downloaded all the vid currently available, but there is one I can't find : this is the one where Rachel is taking two blonde women at the same time.

The picture of it appears at the bottom of this page

Thank you again for those wonderful movies,
- D. (Member)

28 September 14

Where, if possible, can I find older selected scene videos, going back prior to the ones on the site at present.
Found somewhere, forget where now, one with Cindy and Tosha I liked.
Along the same lines, anything available not present on the site today would be of interest.
Thank you
- F. (Member)

A popular sentiment.

1 October 14

Ann!!!! :)
- G. (

6 November 14

so erotic
- M. (

8 December 14

Hello i am a great fan as i wrote on my previous messages. I like so much your work and particulary the little stories with Ann and Robin.
They re so sensual and erotics but may be they could be more explicite.
i dream to see them a little bit more explicit and show us more of their intimity.
i hope
- S. (Member)

"Tender Intensity" has a very nice ring to it.

10 December 14

I've been trying to identify what qualities in your pictures I find so alluring, so attractive, so captivating. I think I have identified one of them... Intense Tenderness. Does that make sense? or is it Tender Intensity, yeah I think that's it... Tender Intensity. Thank the ladies in your photos for sharing their beauty and their obvious love for one another
- S. (

11 December 14

another message from french fan.i am very impress by your work and your site.As i wrote last time i have a little preferences for ann and robin.
But all your models appears as beautiful women
when will you post on another story with ann?
I m so nercois to wait
- S. (Member)

20 December 14

Watched two brief video clips of the Massage video by doing an Internet search. I have never seen such a sensual and erotic massage before. I noted the sincerity and intensity of the two women. Beautifully done ....thank you for sharing. I am a straight male but enjoy watching the tenderness and interaction of these women. It gets me turned-on. I had watched the massage clips without knowing of your intent to portray genuine erotica. But after visiting your website I fully understand. I will be joining to enjoy the full production, as well as, other videos. The women appear to be beautiful French Canadian women? They have an incredible bond. Such a production would be close to impossible to duplicate. Thank you for being a site that does not offer pornography.
- M.

27 December 14

- A.


As usual, reviewer Mike Haberfelner has the chops to not only pen a steamy review but situate the movie within the context of the series storyline. No wonder we love to see a new review from him!

11 January 15

Lesbian Seduction – Reward
USA 2014
produced by twilightwomen
directed by Div For'e
starring Ann Ampar, Robin Joy
Lesbian Seduction

Because Ann (Ampar) has been a good girl lately, her mistress Robin (Joy) rewards her with a spiked collar ... complete with a leash. Now Ann's in heat, and while she rolls around the rug in the nude, Robin carresses, kisses, but also spanks her and pinches her nipples, but she stays clear of Ann's private zone to give her the release she seems to desperately yearn for, forcing Ann to eventually masturbate to get herself off. Then Robin, always one to top herself, brings a brush into the mix, first carressing Ann with that, then giving her a jolly good beating, before finally dry-humping her and then giving her oral release. Ann still in her orgasmic throes, Robin gives her a good belting. And then it's Ann's turn to pleasure Robin, orally…

Like most Lesbian Seduction-movies, Reward is more than just another sex flick - now sure, it's got all the ingredients, two hot girls, naked most of the time, making out, really into it, and certainly not holding back ... but there's much more to this, it's pretty much an extended (almost 100 minutes) sex scene that's actually carried by a story about the mistress-slave relationship in a BDSM relationship, told not so much via tits and pussies as via gestures, facial expressions, positions of the girls to one another and whatnot - in other words, a very ambitious and artsy approach to sex as such ... and it works very well, too, as everybody in this one seems to be on the same page - and heck, despite everything, this one's really hot, just in a different way from what you might be used to if not familiar with the series.

If this has made you curious, you can download this movie from
- Mike Haberfelner (

Either way, enjoy!

21 January 15

This might have just made my day, or later tonight.
- O. (

29 January 15

Thanks for the submissions. Love your page. Looks like you have a great time making your content. Keep it up!
- A. (

25 February 15

That. Looks. Delicious.
- O. (

2 March 15

- A.

5 March 15

Love the site!!
- L. (Member)

29 March 15

Very nice
- G. (Member)

Please don’t hesitate to write to us with any questions about your membership or how the site works. We’re happy to help you.

31 March 15

Many thanks for your e mail and I apologise for not responding sooner but I have been away from home.

I can get logged in now and am not really sure what I was doing wrong.  Your guidance got me in and I thank you.  I tested it out with the Massage film.  What an erotic film , perhaps the most erotic massage I have seen between 2 beautiful ladies.  I do like watching massage as I am qualified but not done many lately!  I also watched the Sauna and again a very erotic film.

Thank you again Laura for your help and for extending my membership.
- D. (Member)

8 April 15

Very erotic
- M. (

7 May 15

I have visited your website.I also watched your clips. You have elegant girls and beautiful mistresses.
- H.


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