This is a world of guilty pleasure,
of lust and shame, temptation
and desire, submissive women
who need control.

These are not women from pornoland.

This is not the San Fernando Valley.

This is the dark, forbidden
shadowland of twilightwomen.

The content within this site was designed for the connoisseur of erotica.

In this Internet age especially, we can capture the depiction of virtually everything sexual. And every subject has been taken to extremes. We think that's great, but it is not our intention to be in competition with all that. From the very beginning our projects tried to focus on two ideas that we would like to see come back into erotica that seem to us almost completely non-existent in current fare, no matter how well done otherwise.

One is character development, the slow evolution from one state of mind to another
that is believable and real.

The second is the depiction of sexual activity of whatever nature as worrisome
behavior that is conflicted, full of guilt and shame.

In a word, drama. We have tried to inject this drama into our films.

Warning: The content of this site is not intended for Gen X or Y viewers.

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